expired 20% off 90x40cm Rubber Gaming Mouse Pad Mat $17.76 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Simonpen via Amazon AU


Been looking for high quality rubber gaming mouse pad in XXL size with a pretty good price?
5 star review product! Great value, high quality. Better than the mainstream gaming brands, cheaper too.

20% off sale for 1pc, saving $4.44
25% off sale for 2pc, saving $11.1

Our advantages:
★3MM thickness - Please do not compare our price with 2MM thickness mouse pad
★Natural rubber base - Please do not compare our price with cloth quality mouse pad
★Free Delivery with Prime/ $49 Spend
★Commit to get the parcel within one week,Amazon stock,local seller

More details:
★Spacious(More than enough ) to accommodate both keyboard and mouse
★Super Smooth for mouse,maintaining excellent SPEED and CONTROL during gaming.
★Non-slip,prevents mouse pad from sliding around
★Water Resistant Surface
★2 years' warranty

To get the discount, please fill in coupon number before submit order.

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