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Ryzen 3 2200G RX 570 4GB 120GB SSD 8GB DDR4 Gaming PC + 2 Free Games $474 + $29.99 Delivery @ eBay | $499 Delivered @ Techfast


Excellent price on this one & Its time to unleash your eBay 10% - 15% GC cards to make it even more cheaper.
Similar or slightly high config for AMD Ryzen 3 2200G is $1199 at pc case gear

If you do not have any discounted eBay voucher so it would be good to buy directly from site ($5 slightly cheaper)

This affordable TechFast desktop PC system features the AMD Ryzen 3 2200G as its fixed processor, with an AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB graphics card, 8GB 2400Mhz DDR4, a 120GB SSD, and a 550W power supply.

Redeem Free Games (Choice of ANY 2 Games only)

  • Resident Evil™ 2
  • Devil May Cry™ 5
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2

Original PUSH5 5% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • Shouldn't this be in the Computing section?

  • $479.20 for the same setup during the 20% off promo. Very similar to the 5% off price today.

    Price jacking at its finest? Or the parts dropping price in less than a month?

    • By looking at previous post..eBay Listing price has dropped from AU$599 to $499.
      Also, this one comes with 2 free games redemption too so its better deal compare to 20% off imo :-)

      • +1

        I’m hoping Techfast drops a 2080 again!

    • The current eBay price for this was $719. Component prices, and therefore many system prices have changed/increased but we have put this on sale for this weekend only. Couldn't really compare it to the $599 deal as prices have changed since then.

      • Do you have any plans for more singular components on ebay/own site?

  • +4

    When going directly to techfast instead of the ebay link it allows you to add the 2TB HDD (or the 1TB HDD for that matter) for no extra cost.

    • -1

      Thank you, that's an error and has been fixed.

  • +5

    I ordered a rx580 build 3 weeks ago which hasnt been shipped yet and was told I won't be receiving the free games?

    • +1

      When did they say your item would arrive? is it beyond that date? If it is… dont you think you should contact them?

    • Useless

    • +1

      Same… I ordered a gaming pc just before Christmas but still hasn't been shipped. They told me it will be shipped this week but no shipping info updated…

      • Hang in there. I was in touch with rep this week, they're aiming to ship mine next week. Maybe similar for yours too? The were a lot of orders just before Xmas, as you can imagine.

      • -1

        PM me and I'll get specifics for you. Same for everyone.

        • I've sent you a message on eBay, not able to PM you until tomorrow since it is a new account.

    • We just got codes from AMD after negotiating with them, but specifically for that deal only. I may have some wiggle room.

      • Check PM

  • +6

    Prices are really good, then I read all the messages about late shipping. Guys, ship on time and you'll get more customers.

    • +1

      Great deal if it's not urgent

      • +24

        Maybe they should rename the store TechSlow instead.

    • Seems to be fairly standard. Take a look at Linus Tech Tips videos, believe pretty much all of the PCs took about 20 days.

  • Might want to take out the free game boy, here's the Aussie retailer list from the AMD page.

    PC Case Gear

    • Tech Fast specifically say they're giving out codes in the eBay listing itself, so I'd say if they have the codes; they're participating…

      • +2

        Not in the entire promotion, negotiated for specific systems only.

    • +5

      Thought for a minute that we were getting a free Gameboy :(

  • 120GB in 2019

    • +2

      its a 500 dollar budget that includes a RX570, what are you expecting.

  • Would this be any good for editing videos taken by gopro hero 7 (1080 to 4k)?

    • +1


  • +1

    Has anyone bought a pc from these guys and received yet? Paid for mine 1 week before xmas and the status is still ready for pickup (from the warehouse).
    3 enquires already but all to no answer

    • +1

      Same… See the comments above, hopefully, it will be shipped next week

    • Believe shipping is typically 20 days. Note that they were closed the X-mas week, so don't consider that.

  • Unable to apply PUSH5 ..says "This code can't be applied to your order."

    • Its working. just tested.
      Check you account settings or address should be AU (Not UK, US ) - Just in case

      • Hi,

        My address is australia..but it's not working for me. Not sure why.

        • Hmm ok..similar issue happened to me when my ebay account suspension got removed & somehow my registered address was reflecting to US ( I never did ) regardless of AU delivery address.After updating registered address to AU again it went fine. :) If this is not the case then contact eBay support to fix :)

          • @Being Askhole: Thank you.. will try and have already contacted ebay. Thanks for the prompt reply. Cheers

  • Hi,

    Since ebay was not allowing me to add "PUSH5", I ordered through techfast website. What do I have to do to claim the 2 free games mentioned ?

    • We'll send the code with the system. Thanks!

  • hows the overall quality of this? is it value ?

    • +2

      The price for the raw specs is pretty good but the problem is its all dirt cheap components and if you want to upgrade later you'll regret it. You'll notice it cunningly does not tell you the exact models of the components.

      The usual achilles heel is the power supply. Never cheap out on a power supply when you'll be sticking big fat graphics cards in there. Almost guarantee its some piece of crap. You'll also get a crappy case but you might not care.

      Also you're getting the cheapest AMD Ryzen Proc - the 2200G - which has useless integrated graphics (given you're paying for a RX570 graphics card). For 50 bucks more if you were picking the parts you'd surely go a 1600X which drops the integrated graphics for 2 more cores and crucially, hyperthreading, meaning literally 12 threads vs 4 and a bit faster clock. 4 threads WILL bottleneck hard in high end AAA games in 2019.

      Finally Ryzen is notorious for needing fast RAM to maximise performance and again, you see where I'm going with this.

      Not critising the vendor as 500 dollars is a tight budget that you'd struggle to do better, but by going bottom of the barrel its a really suboptimal build that an extra 100 or 200 would completely fix (1600X proc, decent PSU, decent RAM)

      • but i think to get those upgrades the computer comes to 800+ excluding shipping. for 50 dollars you can get a 750w thermal intake psu and b350 mother board and i suppose you can upgrade the ram later

      • sounds good enough for my old man's internet browsing and YouTubing. XD

        • would cheap out more then, the RX570 is totally wasted. I was looking at it from a gaming perspective.

          • @bender000: The RX 570 would be creating unnecessary power draw. For you tubing and browsing the 2200G alone well more than enough

  • +1

    I sent PM about my two systems that was ordered 3 weeks ago :( check please Luke

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