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Controller Trade Weekend @ EB Games | Increased Trade Value - DualShock 3 from $23, DualShock 4 from $40


Targeted to EB World Members. Can't find it on their site so heres a screenshot of my email.
I'm only level 2, but we all know a friend on level 4 who can come through.

This weekend only EB are buying back old controllers to spend on anything in-store.

Xbox 360 Controller gets $18 + Level Bonus
PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller gets $23 + Level Bonus
Joy-Con Controller gets $35 + Level Bonus
Xbox One Controller gets $40 + Level Bonus
PS4 Dualshock 4 gets $40 + Level Bonus

Pretty good price for my old PS3 controllers just sitting here doing nothing for the past 5 years.

For those wondering trade credit can be recieved via gift card. Eb has a pretty chill trade policy. They charge refurb fee only If there's visible physical damage or you have sticky buttons. Anyway dropped in with 2x DS4 and 1x DS3… Cashed out $113.30. Probably hold off spending until the next controller sales

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  • Excellent. I'll trade in a few old controllers.

    I just got the same email, but with a level 4 bonus. The level bonus part is targeted, too.

    • I have an old 360 wired controller sitting around.

      What could I trade it with?

    • FYI:
      There is a $3 refurb charge on each controller (which imo is not very transparent), so the trade in price is effectively $3 less than the advertised price on each of them.

      • Only ever been charged 1 refurb fee and that's because the joystick had worn rubber which I had fully expected. Their test system is pretty chill.. They just look to see its genuine, have a good fondle of all the buttons and then you're good to go.

      • I didn't get charged a refurb fee. Got $48 for an Xbox One controller that was in good condition.

      • Just trade in 3 controllers and no refurb fee. I think it depends on the condition of the controller you trade in. Mine was all near new

    • +18 votes

      PRO-TIP: Your local Vinnies store, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and a microfibre cloth are your friend.

      I didn't have any old PlayStation or XBox controllers gathering dust. But a quick visit to Vinnies this morning allowed me to take my pick from 17 genuine XBox 360 wireless controllers, and nine genuine PS3 dual shock controllers in the glass cabinet. They were priced from $10 to $14ea. I selected the best 10 and purchased them (total $108). Vinnies staff were stoked with the sale. Charity FTW!

      Out to the car and each controller was given a wipe with an alcohol-moistened cloth. Lookin' good.

      Walked into EB Games. They accepted 9 of the 10 controllers. The tenth controller, an XBox 360 one which had the keyboard attachment, refused to power-up when I got there :-(

      Total trade-in value was $194.40 ($162 + 20% bonus). I used the credit to buy a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for $89 (asked them to price-match JB HiFi) and will ride the remaining store credit.

      Got home and dismantled the flaky 360 controller. Turns out one of the battery pack contact pins was bent. 2min fix.

      End game: 1 x new Switch Pro Controller; and 1 x used XBox 360 w/ chatpad attachment for $2.60 and about 25mins of time ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • oh didnt even know vinnies have controllers, i assume cash converters also work ? So they actually check each controller to see they work ?

        • mine didn't so it depends on the store

        • Yeah, always worth checking Vinnies and Salvos thrift shops. Many of the controllers are dropped-off with loose games after the original console gets stolen or carks it.

          Most Cash Converters stores also have controllers but, given they've outlaid money to acquire them, CC generally sell at a higher asking price.

          EB Games performed a cosmetic check, a wiggle of the sticks, a few button presses and powered each one up. That was it. No attempt to connect to a machine (wired or otherwise).

      • Yeah but you didn't take account the time wasted having to get to the stores and clean the controllers.

      • I respect your hustle

  • Hmm. This is good.
    I bought a controller at Christmas but haven't used it.. Don't think I will be either seeing as a new neighbour moved in with a ps4.

    This will get me some money back on it.

  • Is it for non-members or level 1 as well?

    • it's free to sign up, so i cant see why a new sign-up wouldnt get the same offer.

  • great deal, thanks for posting

  • can you trade it just for store credit? need to buy an item from zing.

  • Thanks andrgram! I've got a Dualshock 3 that can be traded in

  • What is the level 2 bonus - Anyone know?

  • I'm level 4, what's my bonus?

    I haven't got the email yet.

    I guess this is only for 1st party controllers too.

  • I have a custom painted DS4 controller, would they still take that too do you think?

    • It's better off asking them. If it's a custom one, they might give you less, since they'll have to find someone to buy it.

      • Yeah it's a pink coloured one. Might do that and ring them though… no way I will part with my Green Lantern one.

      • Are they planning to resell these? I figured it was something in them worth money to recycle like they do with phones.

  • My dark blue PS4 controller will randomly "lock up". It starts vibrating and loses response while the character in the game will be running in a single direction until it completely cuts out. Anyone else get this? It was a replacement for the PS4 controller that blew it's inards after I plugged into in to my Motorola turbo phone charger and don't know at the time that it was a real thing with nexus 6 chargers blowing up dual shocks. Tempted to swap it as the dual shock that came with my pro is problem free.

    • Username checks out.

    • +6 votes

      One of my pre-owned PS4 controllers started doing random stuff, after it had run out of warranty. After taking it apart to see if I could see anything obvious wrong with it, I cleaned all the pad contacts, put it all back together, It was still doing random stuff.
      The problem end up being my router was too close to the PS4 & interfering with the controller comms. frequency. So I moved the router & no more random stuff happening…go figure!

      • Thank you for your suggestion in relation to the router ja72. I will give that a try. At least you're constructive and not trolling me for my ridiculous username. I think the ozbargain community is a fairly decent one so it's good to see people actually answering legitimate questions with constructive answers. Thanks

        • Don't take it personally, I am sure it was just an attempt at humour by Ken!

        • No worries, at least give it a shot as it won't cost you any thing. If you can fix the problem then you won't have to buy another controller, so it sort of a bargain in a roundabout way

          I didn't read about this solution anywhere, so I just tried it on a hunch.

          Hopefully it will work for you too!

          Let us know how it goes…

          • @ja72: It makes sense. There are lots of devices competing for the same frequency. My original PS4 would give me so much grief if I enabled wifi on the PS4. Had to use Lan exclusively.

            • @FunbagsOfSatan: I just thought about this but if moving your router is too much of hassle, you should be able to change the 2.4Ghz wifi frequency channel in your router settings (I probably should have done this myself)

              In theory this would also move the wifi frequency away from the bluetooth frequency, if that is what your problem is.

              I did this once when I had troubles with an intermittent Philips Hue Switch, this also fixed that problem. Philips Hue don't operate on bluetooth however, it's the same principle.

              • @ja72: Also a good suggestion. I will try this. I have wifi analyser on my phone. It shows the competing channels. I have chosen a channel that's pretty wide, like 14. Bluetooth needs some work. I hope it's super powerful in the future versions. When I head into Sydney CBD my headphone drop in and out with all the competition for frequency.

                • @FunbagsOfSatan: It's easy enough to change a channel setting in your router but unfortunately, more often than not, it gets overlooked when having wifi issues.

                  There's an LG microwave at work that kills the bluetooth comms. dead to my AirPods within a 2 metre range when it's operating. It's super annoying when I'm trying block out the jiber jaber that goes on in our lunch room, lol!

                  Oh yeah, make sure the random stuff doesn't happen while your microwave is cooking!

    • Whoa, we're all getting trolled. It's like DDOS attack by angry ozbargainers who don't want a controller trade in Bargain. Or maybe it's EB head office? I feel sorry for the mods. They have to field people abusing the comment voting system for their own entertainment.

    • I down voted you. Anyone who attacks the Ken of Bargains must feel the wrath of the down vote.

  • Would this offer be available to all EB World members whether you received the email or not?

  • I have a xbox 360 controller with worn out joystick, a button that does not work and a battery pack that does not have any charge left. I wonder if they will accept this?

    • I'm in a similar position, have an Xbox One controller with a loose trigger button.

    • C'mon man… It's gonna get resold to some poor gamer, who's gonna go through all the hassle & disappointment.

      Please, do the right thing.

      • Lol @ the person who negged you.

        Some people have no morals…

        • What are you going on about? If some company wants to buy broken controllers off people then that's on them. It's up to them as a business to figure out what they should or shouldn't be buying and how to turn that into a profit. Whether that's through refurbishing or just straight up ripping off their customers. Once they've given you your money/credit, you're no longer involved in any way.

      • You know they refurbish them right?

      • What if there's a market for spare parts they're doing?

    • The battery pack is not an issue, and most joysticks on pre-owned controllers have noticeable ware.. but the button that doesn't work makes it untradeable. Unsure if the staff will notice if/when you trade it in, but you should feel guilty if you do.

    • I know EB don't have the best reputation for preowned, but surely they are testing and performing basic repairs and checks on the controllers? If not I'd be really worried..

      • Yep don't think you can put it on the person trading it in. EB are responsible as middlemen to perform basic repairs and checks on controllers.

  • What about my ds2?

    Or my OG controller?

  • Oh sweet as, looks like I'm getting NSMB Deluxe :D

  • What do they mean by level bonus? Is it that extra percentage you get towards trading things in? 10%? 15%?

    • Yeah, depending on how much you've spent with them you can level up. Levels 1 through 5. Giving added trade in bonuses.

  • I have dual shock 4 with the rubber pads worn through a bit. Still works. Would it be acceptable for trade?

  • Does anybody know if the deal with trading in an XB1 Original towards an XB1X is still a thing? I think maybe $349 for an original XB1, if I remember correctly.

  • OMG. I just tossed my ps3 and 4 controllers, thinking why would anyone bother!

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