What Do You Have for Breakfast?

If you pick up any health magazine, the discussions regarding Breakfast are extreme - from people criticizing cereals as being extremely unhealthy to people having a zero carb breakfast.

Sooo..what do you have for breakfast and why?

Let me start:

I have two Weetbix biscuits along with Milk, nuts (Pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds, Almonds sliced, Goji Berries), Blueberries, bit of honey, youghurt and a seasonal fruit cut into pieces.

I have been told that Weetbix are full of Carbs and nuts are fat blah blah but I don't care.

Reason: For my metabolism, it seems to keep me almost full till lunch or I might have a protein snack in between if I have an early Breakfast.

Plus it's easy I don't have to cook anything.


      • Both.

        There's a number of sources on this, but anything by dom D'agostino or Peter attia explains it well.

  • Weekdays:

    Handful of almonds, a banana or apple and a latte/long black.
    Sometimes may have some yoghurt instead of fruit.


    Oats with honey
    Couple of Weetbix
    Occasionally i may have toast and/or scrambled eggs and bacon.

  • I do intermittent fasting just because I'm lazy and hate cooking, will meal prep 2-3 days in advance for lunch and dinner, and snack on almonds, fruits (free at work and I stock them at home), muesli bars, cereal, chips.

    'Brunch' is usually 4 or so eggs (made into an omelette), and a protein shake.

  • I don't eat breakfast, not when I was a kid, not now. A cup of coffee for brekkie is about it. I have my lunch early 11-ish, so even on weekend I do the same and I don't feel like I miss breakfast.

  • Big ol smoothie. Banana, full cream milk, oats, LSA mix and protein powder. Fills me up until mid-morning.

  • 2-3 weetbix, soy milk or full cream, honey, walnuts, cranberries.

    tough days will do a double shot soy or full cream milk latte

    chill days will do hot or cold green tea for the full day

    just to let everyone know remember coffee contains cholesterol…..

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    1.5 cups of steel cut oats with a scoop of protien powder and long black coffee

    • +1

      Was it necessary to indicate the machine material used to cut your oats?
      Will your oats be different if they were cut with a titanium blade or obsidian blade?

      • +1

        I only eat oats cut by bonafide ninjas

      • My sister says the same thing. Its apparently "less processed"
        I dont get it either

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    As Sabretooth said….

    it's subjective, one person's healthy breakky may be disastrous to another person.

    Example, Tim Cahill has 7-8 Weetbix Biscuits with large bowl of milk….try doing that if you're an Office Worker and you'll have a trail of shit in your pants all the way to the toilet, not to mention the excess carbs bringing you a thick layer of fat before you can say "Weetbix".

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    I used to have all sorts of delicious street food (various noodles, sticky rice, sandwiches , banh mi, etc.) when I was overseas. Since migrating to Australia, my breakfast changed to just coffee and a piece of something (meat pie, sausage roll, banana bread, muesli bar etc.). Often coffee is free at work and bread/muesli from home ($1-2 a day).

    I guess it is time constraint and/or working culture that influenced how I eat my breakfast. Nevertheless, my weekend breakfast (late) is always a good bowl of Pho. (Vietnamese Beef Noodles - about $12). Most people of my age would probably go for smashed avocado or other overpriced breakfast ($20-30) on the weekends and I just don't get it. Definitely not a place to go for Ozbargainers.

    • Smashed avo at home is very cheap. Enjoy it there.

  • During the working week I IF, so I don't have any meals until about 11AM or sometimes lunch time. I leave my high carb meals before and after training on weekdays after work. On weekends I'll have a high carb (fast digesting carbs) meal such as Nutrigrain with fruit (bananas, mixed berries) and low fat milk or a protein shake blended with whey protein isolate, low fat milk, oats, banana, berries and high protein yoghurt such as chobani fit/yopro. That's a pre-workout meal for me in the mornings before I workout on weekends.

  • Just coffee… 3 or 4 espresso throughout the morning with no sugar

  • +1

    100g of home made yogurt, 50g of toasted oats/muesli, 10-15g honey

  • Espresso and a boiled egg

  • At the moment I'll fry up some basmati rice, mushrooms, garlic, 1 whole egg, 3-4 egg yolks, baby rocket and some sweet soy ketcupmanis sauce.

  • 2 eggs in fried loads of olive oil and smothered in a mountain of ground salt and cracked pepper and copious pinches of italian herbs, 1 tomato cut into quarters and fried in the same pan to soak up the excess oil, 1 slice of spelt sourdough toast with loads of butter, 1 cup of english breakfast tea with milk.

  • Half avacado, papaya, frozen mixed berries, nut mix, one scoop protein powder, museli and water blasted in Nutribullet + few coffees.

  • There will be skin fold testing at future OzBargain meetups.

  • It can vary.

    • Usually nothing, it'll be brunch as I would wake up late or have things to do, so skip it.

    • scrambled eggs mixed with cheese or mashed potato or cut and fried potato + fried tomato, etc, etc. Sometimes I add broccoli and mushrooms.

    • Uncle Toby's oats with milk.

    • Feta cheese and tomato roll.

  • Often skip breakfast, but when I don't it's usually Cornflakes and/or a banana. Lots of talk about cereal in general on this post, and mentions of a few in particular, but no one else has specifically said they eat Cornflakes… Am I the only one?

  • Often a bacon and egg toasted sandwich, but lately, usually two eggs on two slices of Vegemite toast, with plastic cheese melted in between.. delicious!!

  • +1

    2 boiled eggs and a black coffee. Quick and easy.

  • Nothing… Eating early at 5-6am, makes me feel nauseated…

  • A lot of flaming on everyone's breakfast but here it is OP:

    At the moment it is thick cut sourdough toast with vegemite, with half an avocado and a little cracked pepper. Eating this almost every day for the last 3 months.

    When I have little time, weetbix (I try to eat the wholemeal ones when on special) with milk and a teaspoon of raw sugar.

    The above options are always followed by coffee.

    Should be noted that I often am awake for 3 or so hours before I eat breakfast. Then follow up with lunch 3 to 4 hours max later.

  • Use my vitamix blender:

    1/4 cup traditional oats
    1/4 cup frozen raspberries
    half a banana
    1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
    1/8 teaspoon black pepper
    1/8 teaspoon cinnamon powder
    2 tablespoons of flax seeds
    handful of silverbeet/spinach
    dessert spoon of greek yoghurt
    1/2 cup water
    4 ice cubes

    Blend it up, drink with a glass smoothie straw.

  • $2.50 Maccas BLT

  • Lukewarm international roast followed by a cold donar kebab from the takeaway down the road topped off with a whiteox (no filter).

  • Since you asked, not weetbix with milk. It keeps me too regular and I don't have time for that.
    Nothing too milky as it can trigger the runs while I am commuting on the train.
    Can't have yoghurt either. I could be lactose intolerant but skim milk seems fine for me. Just not full cream milk.
    If honest, I normally don't even have time for breakfast before I leave the house!

  • I intermittent fast and eat nothing until noon.

  • Yawn!

  • I was getting stomach bloating regularly until I changed my breakfast habits.

    Previously I had toast with peanut butter.

    Now I have a bowl of soaked nuts with yoghurt and whatever random fruit is in season (currently apricots and berries).

    Surprisingly, this keeps me full for longer too.

    • I'm curious as to why you soak the nuts?

      • I find they get stuck in my throat if I don't!

  • Avocado (half) on toast, 3 boiled eggs, slice of smoked salmon, mixed berries, coffee.

  • +1

    i eat death threats for breakfast

  • Two whole grain bread slices. One with a full avocado mashed and another with peanut butter no sugar no oil added. Makes me feel strong until noon. I mix both and est like a sandwich

  • Normally just a double shot short black coffee

  • At the risk of sounding smug I have Cheerios, sprinkled with witch tit milk.

  • I don't eat breakfast.

  • +1

    I just scream until I'm no longer hungry

  • +1

    At my desk at work:

    • 1 x banana
    • Approx 400ml of choc milk
  • usually toast, and something bigger for lunch when i'm actually hungry. Then exercise.

  • Either Cornflakes (or some other cereal) and milk or Vegemite (or some other spread) on toast.

  • Black coffee, and two fried eggs with runny yolks, keeps me going until Lunch.

  • 3-4 boiled eggs

  • 2 boiled eggs, apple juices and banana…I'm following my Apknite My Diet Coach app, this is for my diet, I need to lose some fat though…

    • cut out the apple juice then, as it's mainly sugar
      have a whole apple instead which will give you fibre to keep you feeling full for longer

    • Hope that you means the homemade juices that you made your own. For my diet I use non-sugar homemade soybean milk, boiled egg and banana though.

  • sausage in a toasted long roll, no sauce as the sausage is from a butcher not mass produced from supermarkets; but they are still good thou for bangers & mash :)

  • Nothing.
    I have a glass of water with apple cider vinegar

    I don't eat anything before 1200hrs.

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