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[Hack] 'Cheesy Chicken, Bacon & Chorizo' Pizza for $14.95 (Counts as Traditional Pizza) @ Domino's


This works with "Traditional & Value Range only" vouchers!

The Cheesy Chicken, Bacon & Chorizo' Pizza normally priced at $17.35 and with this hack you're down to $14.95. This alone doesn't save you much but the real kicker is when you start using their online vouchers. Do you know how some offers only works with "Traditional & Value Range"? Sure you can choose some pizza from the Premium range, but they usually charge you extra for it. This hacks circumvents that.

This is another 'hack' along the lines what you can find here.

The hack is simple, just choose the Eight Meats pizza and do:

  • change base sauce from Barbeque to Pizza Sauce
  • add Fire Roasted Peppers
  • add Red Onion
  • remove Ham
  • remove Ground Beef
  • remove Italian Sausage
  • remove Pepperoni
  • remove Pork Sausage
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    Dont know if it works, but i am super impressed if you found this deal


    Thumbs up for effort

  • +8 votes

    So Domino's pricing is now variable depending on the toppings. It's true that you can change a traditional pizza and get basically a premium pizza but the amount of toppings is much less for a lot of toppings. Example: most pizzas get 50g bacon but if you put bacon on as an extra it's only 25g.

  • +4 votes

    Removing 5 meats, but adding red onion….hmmm

    Used to be able to delete red onion and add prawns. How the times have changed

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    I've been using the 8 meats pizza for ages for basically all my concoctions. A while back I did an 8 meats which I removed everything and added triple pepperoni. I also on a seperate order ordered a $5 pepperoni value range in a different name. The value range had significantly more pepperoni.

    I'd suspected for a while that they were screwing me on my triple pepperoni pizzas, but this proved it. Domino's is trash in any case, I only order from there because they do the creme fraiche base and I have a tomato allergy in the family.

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      Complain to them on facebook and they will likely give you a voucher for a free pizza and side. If they are screwing you that bad I think you deserve that.


    Please put a disclaimer at the top saying that it won't actually be the same toppings.

    Look at how the Hawaiian Pizza 'hack' ended up…
    Actual hacks get moved to forums and fixed by Domino's relatively quickly

    Although, if you can use codes (ie the $7.95 one that seems to always be around) that might be a deal to some.
    Me personally, I'd like the extra meat that I've paid for.