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We have scouted these Jetstar sale fares to Honolulu from $457 return, flights are direct, discounted dates listed below.

All prices quoted are for return fares and include taxes. Luggage and meals are usually extra with Jetstar.

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Deals from Melbourne

28 Jul 2019 - 04 Aug 2019 - $457
06 Sep 2019 - 13 Sep 2019 - $463
20 Oct 2019 - 27 Oct 2019 - $463
04 Sep 2019 - 08 Sep 2019 - $471

Deals from Sydney

16 Aug 2019 - 27 Aug 2019 - $460
01 Sep 2019 - 15 Sep 2019 - $460
02 Sep 2019 - 15 Sep 2019 - $460
04 Sep 2019 - 11 Sep 2019 - $460
04 Sep 2019 - 12 Sep 2019 - $460
06 Sep 2019 - 18 Sep 2019 - $460
08 Sep 2019 - 11 Sep 2019 - $460
09 Sep 2019 - 13 Sep 2019 - $460
09 Sep 2019 - 17 Sep 2019 - $460
09 Sep 2019 - 18 Sep 2019 - $460
10 Jun 2019 - 17 Jun 2019 - $461
11 Jun 2019 - 20 Jun 2019 - $461
13 Jun 2019 - 20 Jun 2019 - $461

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    What's the best time to visit Hawaii?

    • +6 votes

      When there are cheap flights.


      Depends on the Island but overall its great all year round unless a big storm with a name rolls in. Most importantly i would say is avoid peak times when americans visit. We went in Sept 16 it was great.

    • +5 votes

      When the US government is fully funded so National Parks aren’t closed. e.g. Hanauma Bay or Volcanoes National Park.

    • +1 vote

      I went in Mid May and a few local guides said it was the best time to come. Perfect weather (25-28 everyday) and barely any rain.

      And it’s jist before their peak season in June when all the yanks go there

    • +1 vote

      The big surf on the North Shore comes in their Winter, our Summer, so all the surf competitions are between Nov - Feb… if that is on interest.


      December through March is the low season in terms of prices. I think it's the first week of May when graduations tend to happen, so it's quote busy then (I flew in to Honolulu when this was on, I've never seen an airport in such disarray in my life, anywhere in the world); I think it's late May they have 'Golden Week' in Japan(?) so you get a lot of Japanese tourists going to Hawaii since it's close to them for a holiday.


    Stupid question….I need to buy 1 way tickets at some stage to Hawaii. Over 12 months away. Often, return fares are cheaper than 1 way.

    If I buy return and just dont rock up for the return, what's the ramifications? Or can I ring and cancel the return leg and get partial credit?

    I am sailing back from Honolulu to Aus hence not needing the return leg.


      If you don't show up for your return flight, similar to missing a flight, you are generally on your own to rebook another flight. Not aware of any other penalties but perhaps check the fine print with the airline or travel agent?

      Not sure if cancelling a return leg would offer you any credits especially if the return trip is already cheaper than one way?


        I've heard if you cancel the return leg, sometimes eligible for partial credit. Just wondering if I get flagged somewhere as "potentially still in country" if I don't get back on the bb plane haha


      dibs on your return ticket!

    • +2 votes

      Trump will hunt you down


      No ramifications just stiff luck to you if you wanted to be on it. As long as your passport scans out of the country somehow or another then no problem. Often there is a FEE for cancelling your ticket which is absolutely ridiculous. Better off to just cop the loss of ticket price.

  • -1 vote

    Would u get any qantas points/status for these flighta. Also woukd u have access to qantas lounge of u are qantas gold?


      Probably best to ask Qantas frequent flyer support that one directly

    • +1 vote

      Not on their cheaper fare. You need to either purchase the Starter Plus fare or above to earn QFF points.

    • +1 vote

      You won’t get any of that, these will be the cheapest Jetstar fares.

      Flew to Hawaii in December and my QFF Platinum status meant squat anywhere but the Qantas First lounge. At a Jetstar counter, boarding or on the plane QF status doesn’t matter.

      If you’re Gold you’ll be able to use the Qantas Business lounge at both ends. The lounge in Honolulu is totally rubbish btw.


    Decent price but not the cheapest. Cheapest I have seen for 325 return. Can anyone share some tips to save a bit in hawaii?


    any one tips for places to say. And by tips i mean recent visit as opposed to google and tripadvisor places.

    Not looking to go over board with accomodation.

    • +2 votes

      I recommend booking accommodation through Airbnb rather than booking.com, Expedia etc. to save money. Accommodation can be very costly in Hawaii, especially Oahu.

      • +1 vote

        Didn't even consider airbnb. thanks for the tip. I'll sus it out.. :)


          Agreed. Airbnb is much more cost effective. Booking at a hotel incurs resort fees each day you stay on top of the nightly stay rate


      Just returned from a trip to Oahu. Stayed at a very nice private house that a relative booked through Tripadvisor Rentals at Kailua Beach. Unless you're going there to shop, I would recommend it over Waikiki - much quieter and more laid back vibe.


      I had a penthouse studio room. 1 queen bed and a couch that could be used as a bed. Small room, but top floor (level 40) with view of the ocean and the Friday night fireworks.
      Was next door to the supermarket and across the road from where all the tours did the pick ups
      Was around $1100 for 7 days

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