expired Commonwealth Bank special Term Deposit - TODAY only!


For today only, commonwealth bank offers a special term deposit at a higher rate. Here's what the staff told me:

Term deposit/interest rate:
3 months - 8.3%,
6 months - 8.4%,
1 year - 8.5%

Minimum of $5000 deposit. Not bad, really.

Commonwealth Bank

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    states differently:

    3 months 7.85%

    6 months 8.10%

    12 months 8.00%

    How would you get this deal?


      You're looking at the standard rates. This one I posted is a special one day only (today). One of the staff from Commbank called me this morning and informed me of these rates. I'm in WA not sure if they got same promotions in other states but it's worth calling your local branch.


    CBA is having a Blitz day to bring new business. It's available across Australia.


    Great rate - but for 1 day only - then what rate when you want to turn it over after the end of term - their usual 2% lower than anyone else rate???

    Sorry but as someone else indicated in another post bank of QLD are offering 8.45%


      At the end of the term just take out your money and roll over to a better term in maybe a diff bank. :)

      I was the one indicating that regarding bank of QLD.. but on the 3 months and 1 year term deposit, this one-day offer from CBA are better.


    Oh too late for me … looks like it's gone now.


    its gone now.

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