Bosch SMS66MW01A White Freestanding Dishwasher $894.90 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


I've been looking for a new dishwasher and came across this highly rated German made Bosch dishwasher (Reviews at Most reviewers are impressed with how quiet it is and how well it cleans.

Selling for over $1000 at Harvey Norman, JB HiFi etc.

$942 at The Good Guys, ending today. Apply the PUSH5 code through their eBay store to bring it down below $900 (Click and Collect) and the cheapest historically that I have been able to find. Was just over $900 in a previous deal:

I'm picking mine up this afternoon!

Original PUSH5 5% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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    I would never buy anything from Good Guys ebay without the 20% off sale they have time to time. It always works out to be cheaper even if they price jack.

    This diswasher was release in 2017. I believe Bosch have newer models available which is why they have decreased in price. I think I saw a few at Harvey Norman and Domayne.

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    Seeing as dishwashing is mostly mechanical action and a mature device technologically speaking, there is no particular need to have the latest version.
    If anything two years is a good amount of time for any adjustments and revisions to be implemented with the model.


      I try to always make the time to comment that as a user of 4 years of tge bottom of the line Turkish made one (can be found under 600 at times) I domt see the need for anyone to go over that. Its a great dishwasher.


        You are talking about the roughly $600 basic Bosch model right?
        That one won the Choice award.

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          Yeah that one, i had one for 4.5 years and have a close relative that has had theirs for 5.5 now and it washes great even on the 30 min wash, is relatively quiet (compared to the f&P I have now), has a delay timer, and dries well even on the short wash (which the f&P sadly doesnt do either). The F&P is only just not worth upgrading from, but I can say for 600 bucks its crossed my many times. I ahve also had a teka, which was better, but still not up to the bottom bosch.

          In fact the only issue I have ever had with it is after a few years my glasses have become (not sure if this is the correct word) crazed? I think they may just be cheap glasses, nothing i do seems to fix it.



      Having just repaired my Bosch due to a rat eating the water outlet pipe (which requires a significant teardown to replace), I'm now aware of how STUPIDLY simple the components inside it are.

      There is no need for manufacturers to update this more than once every 5 years, if not 10 years! The only reason they are updated is to drive consumer spending by leveraging the "I must have the latest and greatest!" mentality. In truth, I feel that most changes are to move manufacturing centres and try to cut corners with thinner metal/plastic, worse components, etc. They update the internal basket layout a bit too.. but that's because they aren't nice enough to make a perfect layout right now (which they could do) - there are always things that just don't make sense with the layout and you simply learn to deal with it.

      FWIW: Bosch are great for determining which part is the one you need to buy and sending it to you (at a price). Although the staff are a bit clueless, I spoke to three of them, the system they have to locate parts seems to be good (actually, the bosch website is really good for this anyway).

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    It is old tech already compared with LG Quad wash.


    I have a very close relative of this one - S6, slightly diff buttons is all - and it doesn't dry plastics at all well. I really wish I'd paid more and got the Asko with the front door vent for letting the humid air escape at the end of the cycle.

    Oh well.

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      We have a dishlex with a front door vent. It's still rubbish at plastics. I always have to put them into dish tray on my kitchen bench and come back for them later.


        I had a Miele that pushed the door open a few cm and then the fan blew it out, and it worked a treat. Bur like all Miele stuff we've had, it was unreliable and cost a FORTUNE to repair, so we didn't and bought the Bosch instead for not much more than the Meile repair costs.