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Velocifire TKL78 Wired Backlit Mechanical Keyboard (Outemu Brown) US $23.99 + $12 Delivery (AU $49.99) @ Velocifire


Keyboard Basics:
-78 keys, Outemu Brown Switches (tactile, non-clicky switches)
-LED Illuminated Backlit

One Year Warranty
Shipping policy :

If you have any questions about our keyboards, please feel free to comment.

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  • How does the Outemu Brown Switches compare to Cherry Browns?

  • the price has gone up since i got mine last year, it was only 35 aud when i got mine

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      Keep in mind the AUD is cooked

    • Maybe you purchased it with a Amazon deal.

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    This is $49.99 on amazon so depending on the exchange rate might be cheaper there?

    • You'll get it way faster via Amazon too. 4-8 Days via Amazon vs 7-15 days via OP.

      • Of course!You can also purchase it from Because I just offer the deal as the website.

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        This time we can also send it to you from Australia warehouse.

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    I got this on Amazon Prime Day for $37.99, and I think that's about as much as I'd pay for this model. The right shift key is particularly irritating to use because it's a regular sized keycap.

    It's also a fairly thick keyboard with non adjustable grip feet.

    The switches are fine and they're good for both typing and gaming, and the keyboard is very compact, but that's pretty much where the good stuff ends.

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      Thanks for your feedback.

    • I bought it on prime day too. It's become my main keyboard (work and casual gaming), only complaint is the right shift key but I have gotten used to it. I find the height fine (big hands). If it's on sale again this year I'll probably buy a 2nd one to keep in the draw.

      • Thanks for your support!

  • I thought a TKL should have a full nav cluster, this is like some weird 78% hybrid.

  • This is not great for tose who type a lot. It has a small design where the home and end keys are moved, and it makes typing emails and documents painful. Also, as mentioned above, small shift key on rhs makes it hard to use.

    Keys are loud. Ok for its price.

    • I'm not sure how this is different to any other full-sized mechanical keyboard in regards to emails/document creation.

      It comes down to the individual/personal preference really, I've been using a computer for 15+ years and rarely use the RHS shift key.

    • This is the layout of my keyboard and I have less keys than the TKL. I don't have any trouble typing emails / documents up… I think you're projecting a bit on this point.

      • That's a nice looking keyboard.

        • It's not mine, but made from a company in Melbourne. It's a RAMA M65-A if you wanted to check it out. Fair warning, it's super expensive.

          • @pancaeks: Oh yeah I'm aware how expensive these things can get.

            • @smartazz104: Sometimes I don't know if I'm ashamed or proud that I have one.

              • @pancaeks: It's ok to splurge sometimes, especially for something like a keyboard that you might use for hours at a time :)

      • For clarity:
        I use 3 different keyboards, 2 full keyboards at my work places, but this is the one I use at home as I don't type a lot there, mainly gaming. Swapping between regular keyboards and this is a pain for me.

        RHS shift key is smaller and in a different position to std/tkl KB. Typing on this means you miss the rhs shift key and hit the arrow keys a lot when muscle memory kicks in for typing. RHS shift is used a lot by myself for quotes, punctuation etc. Makes a complete mess when I miss the smaller and oddly placed shift key.

        I also use the home and end keys a lot when formatting, and this requires you to use the FN key to get that ability. Becomes easier just to use the mouse to position the curser.

        I do not like typing on this smaller type of keyboard for work purposes (ie working from home)but then my job requires a lot of typing for communication.

        For gaming, or if it was your only keyboard so you were used to it, it is fine.

        Keys are nice enough and the colour of the led is good.

  • Shift key too small. Do not buy! (Unless you don't use shift???)

    • Well there's one on the left which I imagine the majority of people would use.

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