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Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones $350.76 Delivered @ Sydneytec eBay


Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones $350.76 Delivered @ Sydneytec Ebay

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  • Is this au stock and au warranty?

  • Thank you ozvictor
    bought one
    Need to fly to Europe soon and was waiting for the good price for Sony :)

  • Hmmmm….these or the Bose QC 35 IIs?
    Consensus is the Sonys sound better, but the Bose has better noise cancelling and is more comfortable?

    • WH-1000XM3 > QC35 > WH-1000XM2

      • Why?

        • I've tried all 3. Noise cancelling + sound + the new features on the WH-1000XM3 pushes it above QC35 for me, the only thing QC35 is better at is comfort (arguably). I just threw in the old Sony headphones in there for comparison as it's very similar to QC35 but not quite as comfortable. Just my opinion anyway.

          • @sunnyboys2: Yeah just looking at some of the youtube reviews and comments, it appears the M3's are the ones to get.

            What are the new features?

            • @datzed: USB C instead over micro-USB (charges quicker)
              Touch/gesture controls for ambient/noise cancelling mode instead of pressing a button
              Overall improved sound and noise cancelling over old model
              I'm still using the old WH1000XM2, the new features are nice haves but i can't justify replacing them just yet :)

              • @sunnyboys2: Thanks for the summary. The price of these M3's appear to be right on the lowest for a brand new black pair too. I'm just gonna do some youtube viewing tonight on reviews before I buy.

                The only negative things I can see are these appear to be bigger than the bose units, and also aren't as compactable like the bose ones are.

    • Wow that question took 20 minutes to appear, must be a slow day

  • Someone needs to throw up a sub $300 deal once and for all!

    • I'm surprised there hasn't been one yet, as the markup on these is insane. I don't think I'm really allowed to disclose what the cost price is for the major retailers but I can say they'd have no trouble selling them for under $300 every now and then.

  • $350? Pfft. Screw ebay and illegal activities ("20% off").

    The neg is because if it was 20% off, it'd be well cheaper than $350. Dodgy seller tactics are valid reason to neg according to the rules.

  • oh man.. i know this is not the best price but so tempting. i should wait right? help me to endure people!!

    • I'm tempted… but I've been reading about the comfort, not best to wear for long hours, which is my intention.

      Furthermore, the QC45 will be coming out sometime this year as well, so might be worth holding out for, or at least to get some cheaper QC35ii when they come out..

      But sigh… choices choices…

      • it happens all the time with techs i guess. u wait, something new comes along, old one get cheaper but there is always something that makes you want to get the new one which will be expensive so you wait again. it's an endless loop ;) I'm not sure how much QC45 would be but ain't gna be something like 300 ish so i would probably wait for a lil more for 1000xm3. another reason y i'm still thinking is that i tried both at jb hifi and i had comfort issue for both of them. qc35 headband kind of pressured my head noticeably too much and sony was kind of tight on side-wise which may probably cause sweating issue like all the people saying. sound for me was definitely sony so i'm more shifted to sony side tbh but it's the price that matters.

  • Why is it everytime these headphones come on here there is at least a post for $300 or under. If your've ever looked at these headphones you'll know by now that you will be waiting awhile. When the XM4s come out, most likely. Unless you are a commercial member of JBHI or GG little chance of getting it $300.

  • Unavailable in silver :(

  • Bought a pair, thanks ozvictor!

  • Can I price match at jb?

  • Finally bought a pair, thanks for keeping your eyes open.

  • Out of stock for now - if you have Ebay Plus, Allphones have it for the same price with the same code.
    I just ordered a pair :)


    • Damn, was just about to buy a pair today :(

      Now I have to wait till they go on special again

      • That link is good, POOLTIME code still applies on it and you can do a 30-day trial to save on postage - for the same end price. Just bought one myself. Due to arrive in two days time :)

        • Code only works if you're an ebay plus member. I've already had my 'free trial' ebay plus membership so I am no longer eligible for that.


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