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LG OLED55B8STB 55" OLED TV $1668 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Great price! Ebay quantity says more than 10 still available.

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  • I would not recommend buying from this seller. YMMV but based off my experience even at this price I'd avoid.

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      You can't be dropping bombs like that without some elaboration man

      • Ordered a Samsung Q6 65", after 2 weeks they had not updated the order or sent any comms despite a few messages. Finally came back and said they oversold and would have it sent by the end of the week. Next day marked as sent, provided an invalid tracking number. A week passes and the tracking still is not in the system. No response to any messages or any updates from seller. Went to JB who tell me they can't order the TV anymore as Samsung no longer have any in stock so after talking to eBay they advised to cancel the order as to ensure I won't lose my money as this wasn't the first case with this seller they have had to refund this week. I can accept them miscounting inventory but the lack of care or support from them and the shady act of marking something as sent even though the courier couldn't find anything in their system for it was pretty dodgy.

        • Yeah standard operating procedure for dodgy ebay operators is to provide fake tracking numbers.

          • @Skramit: See https://sellerstandards.ebay.com.au/dashboard

            I'm not surprised that it's standard practice, but blame ebay!

            I speak from selling as an individual, not a shop, so I don't know if that's any different. I doubt it. Ebay only allows an unachievably low number of defects per 100 transactions.
            0.3% of cases closed without seller resolution. That's 1 per 333 sales! For most individuals, that's dealing with one knob/thief of a buyer and you're stuffed.
            0.5% cancelled for being out of stock. This is cumulative with cases closed without seller resolution. So, 0.25%+0.25% = you're screwed
            5% late shipment. Unfortunately the SELLER gets the blame for Auspost late delivery even if they enter a valid tracking number into the system within the stated time-to-ship from their listing, which is why this doesn't work!

            Fail any one of those criteria and you lose your top seller / power seller status. And if you hit 0.3% (yes, it's the same % as above), 2%, N/A respectively, you're account is closed IIRC from being labelled as "below standard".

            So I can't blame them at all. They oversold something unknowingly and theyre trying to delay and hope they can get stock so that they change the category of defects from one with a 0.5% limit to a different type with a 5% limit and no risk of account closure.

            I've just managed to skate in with top seller status for around a year now. But dealing with idiots/thieves/auspost means that even though I've done everything perfectly, I'm still on the edge for "defects".

            So if ebay didn't push the impossible, they could just be outright honest with you.

        • I think they didn't have it in their stock and ordered it directly from Samsung and ship from Samsung directly and everybody mess up.

    • I've used them for two big items and they are amazing. Next day delivery to. Plus plenty of other people think that they are good


    • Same day delivery for me for my TV. Amazing.

    • I ordered from them on a Thursday and received the following Monday. Everything was in good order.

    • Similar experience with a family member of mine. Ordered goods and when the opened the box after to install noticed that the item was damaged like a forklift had hit it.

      Contacted the seller who ducked and weaved and blamed them and took them weeks only after escalation to receive a replacement unit after contacted Betta head office.

  • Woah. Amazing price!

  • I hate this store. Price jacked two items i wanted including the dyson v10. Myer and Binga usually sell it for $800 during their 20% off ebay sales.

  • I just purchased this one from Video Pro:


    It is a few dollars more expensive at $1696 + $77 postage (I picked up for free in Brisbane), but the service I got was excellent. I have heard less than favourable things about appliance central. I payed on ebay and about 5 minutes later, received a phone call to say it had my name on it and was ready to pick up.

  • So sad I missed out on the C8 deals. Oh well, on to the C9s!

    • Agree sad I missed out too. That said C9's will be a long wait to see near these prices.

      If you still want a C8 can pick one up through same seller for $3600 after 20% off.

  • The 65 inch B8 for $2760 is pretty good too. Also good price for us over in WA (+$90 delivery) that can't get the Video Pro Delivery

  • I would also never purchase from this company again even if they were cheapest. Not a single team member would take ownership of a TV delivery, lots of promises made, still no LG OLED TV since boxing day purchase. Terrible customer service.

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    Is this a good price?

  • Price is now down to $1672 plus $40 delivery