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BenQ W1090 DLP FHD Home Cinema Projector - $799 + ($10 to $75) Delivery @ BudgetPC


Went looking for Projectors in the eBay sale which was a bit of a bust, but then found this through StaticIce for comparison.

  • DLP format with native 1080p resolution and 3D Capability
  • 36/32 dB noise in normal/eco
  • 2000 Lumens
  • 10000:1 contrast ratio
  • Plenty of inputs
  • Screen size 30" - 300"

Possibly has been cheaper in the past but seems like a competitive price for an entry level 1080p home theatre projector.

I've been considering a 1080p projector as a stop gap until there is more 4K content, but need it to be a few bucks cheaper for me to bite - figured someone else might be keen though.

As always DYOR!

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    Great projector - bought one of these in Sep 2017 for $737 (18% off eBay sale when they were selling for $899).

    It is known as the HT1070 in US markets - https://hometheaterhifi.com/reviews/video-display/projectors...

    Link to my home theatre

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      Any issues with it in the ~18 months you've had it?

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    I have had two BenQ projectors in the last four years and both have died, one developed spots in the DLP and the next seems to have a colour wheel problem. It's a small sample size but with two failures just outside of warranty period in a row I'm a bit sceptical on the brand. I have gone back to my 10+ year old Sony that is still going strong but is behind the times with resolution.

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    That link you provided gives a pretty good review. Investigating further…..

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    I was also after a decent projector. And the best budget one I can find is the XGIMI Z6 or slightly better and few bucks more expensive Z6X.

    They can be had for maybe under $600.

    FHD. Has Harman Kardon speakers and Auto Focus with horizontal adn vertical keystone correction - if you can accept 700-750 ANSI Lumens, that is.

    I just got myself a cat so a projector purchase need to be delayed. :(


      No one should accept 750 lumens. Unless you're watching in a perfectly pitch black room with a quality screen it simply isn't enough output.

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    I bought one last year from them for $899 which was the lowest price on the market. Reliable retailer. The projector itself has been OK. Good image quality, decent brightness, OK speaker. It is not very good during daylight but I think no projector below $1K can do it. however, other smart projectors like XGIMI Z6x are mostly using LED, which means it can only offer half the brightness (1300 ANSI DLP vs 700 ANSI LED)
    XGIMI has a DLP model I think it is H2 which is around $12K but if you can get one from China it would be around $800
    I would go for XGIMI for the Android OS and features like auto focus, horizontal keystones and ect if I didn't buy the BenQ W1090.

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      If one can read Chinese or use google translate, then can buy Xiaomi XGIMI H2 for around $850+~$40-80 delivery using Tmall.

      Or one can buy from gearbest etc for around $1300.

      I don't own one but have seen reviews and it performs well and is co-developed with Harmon Kardon.

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        one downside with H2 is that the Chinese version found in tmall has a Chinese OS and it is not AU plugin.

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      I wouldn't honestly ever use a projector on a speaker.


        or the speaker on a projector