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[Refurb] Sony WH1000XM3B Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black) - $319.20 Delivered @ Sony via eBay


This is a Manufacturer Refurbished Item.

Original POOLTIME 20% off 118 Stores on eBay Deal Post

Greatings Ozbargainer's,

I have never posted a Deal, so please go easy on me. I saw this From this Deal, and tried to see if I could get a better price.

I noticed that on the Sony official store on Ebay that if you insert the "POOLTIME" code in at checkout with a new Ebay account, that the price comes down to $319.20. So if you are looking at getting them at a cheaper Price, than here you go.

22/1 5pm: Back in stock (Thanks knaoko)

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  • Manufacturer refurbished

  • Should be cheaper for refurbished.. under $280..for this price it should be a brand new.

  • Got them from Sony ebay for the 240 deal. They were brand new.

  • Why Sony has so many refurbished headphones? Refurbished means faulty return units then repaired?

    • There was issues with the Mics for the September models I believe. Has been posted before on 1 of the other listings on this item.

  • Damn I'd love to know the actual physical condition before buying, they're a steal at this price!

  • So I guess no deal then

  • Do you still get the full warranty on these ?

  • wish it was just normal product :(

    • If you have ebay plus you may send it back.. I had purchased a seconds soundbar from Sony it was brand new and box was perfect too.. Not sure why they do this.. But statistically you will get a brand new one as per all the feedback I've seen from such sales..

  • If I was travelling internationally in the next 60 days, I might have pulled the trigger on this.

  • Cool, I don't mind a second. Done thanks OP

  • U get full warranty on these?

  • I had this before, very good quality

  • Anyone wants to exchange with brandnew 1 time used nuraphones. Pm me!

  • So are these likley to be back in stock during this promotion period?

  • Received mine definitely used ones. Box unsealed and in bad shape. Headphone and items inside all in used condition. Wonder if these can be returned. No way these are worth $320 let alone the full $400.

    Stupidly bought two of em thinking it would be some minor box damage or something but just noticed that the other one is creaking as well and the headband looks out of shape :/

    • I feel your expectations were way too high for an item clearly sold as refurbs. Having said that, I just opened mine and would not be able to pick they weren't brand new.

      • Both of them have broken headbands. One creaking and completely out of shape and the other I noticed later on has a broken/open hinge. Maybe I was one of the unlucky ones but wouldn't touch refurb headphones again.

        • Fair enough. Only expecting brand new and untouched is a bit rich but physical damage on two devices is unacceptable. You absolutely got unlucky sorry m8

  • Back in stock more than 10 available. If your happy with Sony Refurb (good reputation). Link still works.

  • So… I have to ask. How do these compare with xiaomi piston earphones :D

    • Dude apples and oranges… one is tiny in-ear, these are massive over-ear, what do you think. lol
      Any non-crap over-ear will smash the crap out of any tiny in-ear regardless of how expensive. Think about it (driver size, battery size, etc.)

      • Alrighty thanks. I guess what I wanted to know is there really a worthwhile difference for casual use between a $30 earphone and $300 one.

        • For a casual user something like the Backbeat Pros 2 can be had for $120 from Telstra eBay from time to time. Noise cancellation is obviously heaps better on these Sonys and the Bose QC 35s but the Backbeat Pros 2 sounds just as good and has great features as well in terms of battery life, charging, range, controls etc. Unless you badly need top notch level of noise cancellation you are not going to lose much with a decent pair of wireless cans around the $150-200 range imo.

  • Anyone else received their order??? Can you please tell us the condition of the product. Reason for asking is someone is complaining that box was broken and headphones doesn’t seem worth $319.20. Thanks

    • I have a mate who ordered some as well after telling him about this deal and his were not in good shape either. Unremovable white paint sort of markings on ear pads and scratches. Sounds to me like a bit of a lottery this one.

    • Mine had sticky tape to keep the box closed, but the box itself was perfect condition and headphones seem new.

    • Mine were good, Looked new.

  • Back in stock and still not sold out. Link still says 10+ remaining.
    Seems like half the country has got a pair, or the comments above of iffy refurbished has put people off buying.

    To anyone who doesn’t own these,
    check out the recently announced Jabra 85h’s, or wait for the new Bose QC’s.

  • i just got a price match at the good guys for new ones $274

  • Ordered a black pair, shipping took 1 day. Box arrived undamaged and sealed. Headphones look new to me.