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Apple 29W USB Type-C Power Adapter $29 @ The Good Guys


The Apple 29W USB-C Power Adaptor offers fast, efficient charging at home, in the office or on the go. While the power adaptor is compatible with any USB-C–enabled device, Apple recommends pairing it with your MacBook with USB-C port for optimal charging performance.
It's compatible for use with any USB-C enabled device.
This adaptor is white.
Please note that a cable is not included.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Apple 30W USB-C Power Adapter: 5V @ 3A, 9V @ 3A, 15V @ 2A, 20V @ 1.5A
    Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter: 5.2V @ 2.4A, 14.5V @ 2A

    The 29W even though is USB-C, it is not standard USB-PD.

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      Still good enough

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        It's okay if you intend to use it mainly on iPhones, iPad Pros, Macbook(s). You could use it on Macbook Pros, but it will charge slowly.

        On Android or other PCs/laptops, it is essentially just 5V @ 2.4A (basically no USB-PD benefit at all). However, it is priced at the same RRP as the Apple 12W charger.

      • The iPhone 8 and above charge at a maximum of (29 wattage) 14.5 volts at 2 amperes.

        Handy for a rushed top up, but negligible real world difference compared to a 10/12 wattage charger.

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      Not the full usb-pd standard. Just supports one which is 14.5v @ 2a using usb-pd.

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      jesus, buying chargers is fraught with difficulties.

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        The sooner it gets standardised the better.

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          Should have happened at release.

          A USB-C cable should be able to do 100W+ PD charging and handle Thunderbolt 3, etc - and it should be the same for every damn cable, as it would be the standard.

          That would make it expensive, though. But instead we have USB C cables of all capabilities that just confuses everything.

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          Standards eh? I'll leave this one here:

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            @Bonsaichop: Brilliant.

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          The sooner it gets standardised the better.

          Have you looked at printers lately? Still completely shithouse.

  • Any advantage getting this over say a blitzwolf bw-s10 other than the brand ?

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      If you have a Macbook (not the Pro version), then this is the official charger. Also, Apple warranty might be better.

      If you don't have Apple devices, then you would prefer a USB-C charger that conforms to USB-IF official standards.

      • It will not work with the pro?

        • It will charge very slowly if the computer is powered on and isn’t listed as supported in official specs. If booted, this doesn’t output enough power to keep a Pro alive, so it will gradually discharge. Might not be great for the battery either.

  • Would officeworks pricematch this? Clearance item so I’m assuming no?

    • OW dont stock it anymore

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    Not blaming Apple, but USB C could and should have been great. With great power comes great responsibility and they've (industry) made what is meant to be a universal standard, somewhat convoluted and confusing. Only the design is standard, and because it's so capable, the variations are high. A 1m USB C cable might be fine for your phone, but does it support high wattage PD? Who knows-check the specs. A USB C dongle will work with one phone but not the other.

    My comment surrounds USB audio and all the other options USB C can handle, not this specific product.

    Just feels like a complete confusing mess at the moment.

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      Well, it is. I get confuzzled by USB C stuff, it seems, perpetually. I mean, I have Apple gear so I guess it makes a bit clearer cause you presumably just buy the Apple branded gear to avoid confusion, but dang they know how to charge.

    • yeah I feel like they should've changed their iphones to usb c. They were first to remove headphone jack and seemed to be one of the few companies widely adopting usb c in their laptops (looking at you microsoft) so it didn't make sense that the iphone still used lightning

      • Supposedly it's coming with the next generation.

        • they're going to have to change it eventually, it should've been done with the 10

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            @bkhm: Why? There are many people happy in the Lightning port ecosystem and have no use for USB-C. It's simply yet another cable and standard with differing specifications. Whereas everything I have currently works with USB-A and Lightning.

            • @Hybroid: It's not simply another port, it's a single port that can do many things including charging. This means eventually we only need one type of cable with the same ends.

              As I mentioned, it's more about consistency. They did it with their laptops when people loved their magsafe so they might as well do it with their phones. The problem with what you're saying is, that they should never change it to usb c because over time, only more and more people will have iphones making it even harder to change. The earlier they do it, the less people it'll affect, otherwise like you said, don't do it.

  • So I assume if I get myself a Lightning to USB-C cable, team it up with this, I can charge my iPad Pro 1?

  • How much is this usually?

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    How is this a 'bargain'? You buy the most expensive phone available and then have to shell out extra money just to get a fast charger! I guess its cheaper than the usual rip off prices.

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      $29 for a fast charger is a bargain in the Apple ecosystem. An overpriced ecosystem but nonetheless a bargain

    • None of the Android phones I owned before my iPhone came with their fast charger either…

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    I'd recommend the satechi PD charger over this. looks a lot nicer IMO. About $80 once goes on ebay special. Plus it comes in grey and has other usb ports for charging. And just buy a USB C braided cable off ebay, about $10-20. I bought the ugreen and baseus ones. Ugreen thicker I got shorter version and baseus thinner but got the 2m length. I actually prefer the thinner one as more flexible.
    I did also buy the 2m apple usb c cable, ridiculous price and only bought it because thought it would be better for the laptop, in reality no difference whatsoever.

    • That satechi looks pretty good - thanks!

    • If only USB-C was that simple!

      • Yes, unfortunately no one, including Google has given any definitive answer on the subject. There is some Google employee who has been touting 'officially certified' or some compliant cables on his blog but unless they make an official website that is kept updated then I guess it is going to be like all the copycat lightning cables - which have been fine anyway. In fact, the latest ones I have bought from baseus, blitzwolf, mcdodo, ugreen have been far superior over the apple ones. I have not thrown out one premium braided cable but the apple original cables have been chucking them out in droves, heads come off, cables loose. Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave at the lackluster quality - but as long as apple gp and sales (umph) are good who cares lol.

  • Would this charge a Chuwi Hi13?

  • Will this work on Xiaomi Mi Laptop Air?

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      Nope, Xiaomi Air for some reason is designed to support 20V USB-PD only, so any charger that doesn't have 20V output level won't be able to charge it.

      • That is just freaking annoying.

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      Just buy a Xiaomi 65W USB Type-C power adapter which supports PD 2.0 & QC 3.0 protocol. It charges my backup Xiaomi phone and Nintendo Switch incredibly fast, as well as all my other USB devices. I got this for only $25. The deal is no more but I write this down just fyi and you can aim for it.

  • Did anyone buy one? Can you post the receipt, please? After an office works price match.

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