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20% off Store-Wide @ Amino Z


Hi everyone

Self promotion time woohoo! :) We're doing a huge weekend promotion for all you bargain hunters this weekend :)

20% off store-wide - no minimum order

Coupon code: OZBARGAIN

If you're a Club Z member you'll get 20% off Club Z pricing which is generally 5-10% lower.

Free shipping for orders $120+ (or no minimum if you're Club Z).

Here are some quick links

Some products (showing standard prices with coupon applied - Club Z prices will be lower):

Some shortdated lines (again Club Z is cheaper)

(Try out the Mighty Muffins they are awesome - highly recommend chocolate or choc peanut butter. All natural, 20g of protein and just over 200 cal per serve. Avoid if you're avoiding carbs - 21g per serve)

One note - we are way behind on production of our Amino Z WPI due to growth in popularity. If you're not in a rush you can grab 1kg for $30.36 with this code. But dispatch will be delayed by 1-2 weeks, VERY sorry about this. No soy (sunflower lecithin is used) and no concentrate. There is an option of unflavoured which is just pure WPI powder with lecithin for solubility.

Club Z Info

Just quickly if you're unfamiliar with Club Z, this is our membership program (launched August and now with thousands of active members). It's $9.99 per month and each month that you renew you get $10 back in store-credit (as Z Points). The only month you pay for is the first month essentially. This gives you access to discounted prices, free shipping on all orders, triple Z Points earn rate.

Full Info at https://www.aminoz.com.au/club_z

Okay that's about it, hope this is of value to anyone needing to stock up.

As per Chibot's request in the comments: Note also we are running some other promotions this weekend - some people will have received a 20% off offer, and also some voucher offers (eg. this one)

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Referral Links

New format (2018): random (168)

Referees get $10 off their first order. Referrers get $10 worth of Z Points.

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    Received email with the promo code NEWYEAR?

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    Even with the 20% off, the prices are just not competitive.


      IMO, they are and they also have the instant price beat.

      Also I signed up for Club Z even tho it's 10.00 per month, they give you $10 store credit which is so good plus you get free shipping with any order under $100. That's what got me in cause I don't buy hundreds of dollars at a time.

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      From my experience Amino Z consistently have the best price around for supplements, particularly for popular items. When they don't have the best price, they have a instant price beat.


        Great, next time I'm in need of some WPI, I'll hit them up with this price beat on an "identical" product.

        If they can do the beat, then I'd be happy to give them my business.


          Hey TilacVIP - yep so long as it's the same product and in stock elsewhere just put through the price beat. Just please make sure the link and other price details are correct else it will hold up the order. Very easy to do (well I hope so, I designed/coded it).

          But by identical it must be same size, flavour etc. If for example the other seller is selling shortdated or an older version this wouldn't be considered identical. This is fairly rare, but just an FYI.

          Also must be Australian based.

          Fairly straight forward, over 90% of them get approved that go through and without delaying your order. Often the ones that don't get approved are incorrect pricing entered in.

          Hope this helps. And if you have any issues feel free to reach out to me directly.

          • Jay
            Amino Z

        Okay then why am I unable to stack the 20% on top of an instant price beat? Seems you can only have one or the other.

        The original price is already inflated compared to others, I should be able to price beat, and get 20% off that.


          Correct - With our price beat you can do one or the other - whatever works out to be better value for you. You can put through a price beat but no further discounts are applied to these since you're now getting a better price. While I'd love to be able to say that we could stack them, this would put us out of business with the margins we work off (not whinging - just being fully transparent as this would not be sustainable for us).

          The price beat we have in place is the way that we can offer you the best deal available always.

          Hope this clarifies.

          • Jay
            Amino Z

    The problem I have with this is that none of the Coupon Codes will stack with a Cashback Voucher I earned as part of an eBay sale (aminoz store) - very unfair.

    The vouchers given out are labelled as "Cashback" but they give you a code to enter rather than store credit, so you can only use one OR the other!

    Example item bought: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/5-CASHBACK-Optimum-Nutrition-100...

    They even show pictures of bank notes, stretching the truth just a tad? if it were as good as Cash, it should be Store Credit and not a discount voucher.. :\


      Hi Nismo

      To clarify here, we do have some listings up on eBay that have an associated cashback. You have the option of getting that cash equivalent sent back to your bank account or you can choose an alternative option where you get a different amount to use as a discount coupon. The coupon is described as the following when you are making your selection:

      "The double store credit can be used as a discount coupon on any future order placed through our website, telephone or in-store."

      The image shown in the eBay title (eg. the $5 note) represents the actual cash refund you would receive if you choose the standard cash option. It is refunded directly back to your bank account. Sorry Nismo, but I do not understand how this is stretching the truth?

      Nismo if you would like to change the option to the cash refund instead please just PM me and we can make it happen :)

      • Jay
        Amino Z

        Ok, it was over a month ago and don't remember choosing between those options :(

        But my main point still stands, I'd like to use the Cashback 'reward' with this offer but it's not possible..

        I can either use this code and get ~$18 off or use my other coupon code to take $20 off (my order).

        I no longer have Z club due to a technical problem that meant I couldn't use the full trial and have had mixed experiences with AminoZ over the years so I'm not really interested in risking/buying unless it's a great deal.


    20% off is great even off the standard prices!

    @store rep, IMO.. .I don't think having the club price enlarged on your site, with the standard price underneath so small is best practice… a bit misleading especially if you want new repeat customers!


      Thanks for the feedback Cyrax. We'll do some testing around this I think this is a good point to consider.

      • Jay

    Jay, I placed an order on 21st January and it still haven't shipped after 2 week. Initially a bottle I ordered was out of stock, so I changed to a colour that was in stock. Then I receive another email to say they are waiting for stock to be transferred from another store for a different item. Come on, you guys had two weeks to do the transfer.
    I've received two updates to say my order will be fully shipped by a certain date. Both dates have come and gone, however my order remains not shipped.


      Hey lzstr - do you have an order number I can take a look at so I can fix this for you? Sorry I did not receive an alert about this post but will check back here again tomorrow (or just send me through a PM, I receive alerts for that). Thanks.

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