2x SCA Auto Cable - 10 AMP, 3mm, 7m, Black $10 @ Supercheap Auto


Wanted to do some DIY and was looking for some auto cables. Usually pretty expensive but managed to find them relatively cheap at SCA. Aproximately 40% off. Good deal.

Add them here: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/on/demandware.store/Sites-...

Also, it appears to be no limit on how many you can add to cart. I've purchased 6 in total.

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    On of my favourite things about ozbargain is accidentally learning all about new things :)

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    Are these extension cables?

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    Googling around seems like 3mm is 9 gauge. Probably good for normal standard auto electrical wiring.


      1.13mm² is a little bigger than 17 gauge. 3mm must include the covering, as the wire can only be about 1.2mm diameter.

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    I'm surprised by how expensive it is, but for small rolls, this is a good price.

    My surprise is because you can buy a 10m 10A mains extension cable for $7.95 at Bunnings, cut that up and you have 30m of cable for lower cost than two reels of this cable (but admittedly not in colours you should use for automotive wiring). Why are reels of cable so expensive when manufactured products containing the same cable are cheap?


      But that is 1mm to 1.5mm diameter wire I think. Still your idea I what I've done.

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      Allegedly different types of wire, compared to 240v. I'm guessing that it's much better using 240v wiring on 12v systems, as opposed to the other way around… Twin and earth from bunnings is so cheap, but less flexible.


        Who would've known, copper is voltage prejudice!

        Thx for the heads-up…


        What you have written is nonsensical. Using your logic is ok to use wire that you would use at 10,000 volts on 230V mains. So it must be ok to use taser wires which operate at 50,000 volts or more for running a hot water system!


        And when referring to mains voltage in Australia our standard is 230V (QLD and WA still on 240V for a while).


          Although the standard is officially 230V, up to 10% higher is permitted, up to 253V. So the electricity companies don't actually have to change anything, they can still do 240V and be within the 230V standard. Has the voltage actually dropped anywhere?

          There is a financial advantage to the electricity companies to continue at 240V, because it means they sell more electricity, because fixed loads (e.g. pool pumps) use more power at 240V. I'm in QLD, and the voltage here is usually 250V, even at night when they can't blame solar generation for the over voltage!


      I agree but after my last car wiring, I ended up with 10 cables all different colors. when I wanted to modify something 2 weeks ago, it gave me a huge headache. It was like someone puked cables, colors included white, brown, blue, black, red and combinations of those.


    Need 2 prong cable


    Where can we buy small gauge electrical wire for reasonable price as most place claim they only do business with electrician only?

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      Pretend to be an electrician.

      Burn your arms and spike your hair with gel.

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      What type of cable are you after? Solid core, stranded, or something special like ultra-flexible?

      Also, what type of insulation? PVC-insulated wire is cheapest, but the insulation will melt and crawl up the wire if you solder it. Teflon or Tefzel insulation won't melt but is expensive. Polypropylene is a good middle ground, but can be hard to find.

      Thirdly, what current and voltage rating for the wire?

      Are you in a major city, or living in the outback? The recommended supplier will vary depending on your location.

      Most wire is cheapest (per metre) in 200m rolls, if you can find it in those quantities. If you just want an assortment of wire, the best way is often to buy some multi-core wire and strip the outer sheath from it.

      I use a fair bit of wire to link point-to-point on PCBs. Twenty years ago I bought 10m of 50-pair polypropylene underground telephone cable from Olex cables, and I'm about half-way through it. Good-quality wire lasts a long time, it still looks like new.

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