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EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition $1,699 + Delivery @ Umart


Cheapest RTX 2080 Ti so far I believe. Says stock level is low though.

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  • Finally a more reasonable price

    • Calling $1,700 as reasonable for a video card is subjective

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        Spending $1k on my 1080Ti eighteen months ago was already a stretch to me.

        • well hopefully yours won't die as mine did… sent it back for warranty replacement only to be told 2 months later they can't fix or replace the 1080 ti so heres you money back .. annoyingly can't get as good a card for near the money now (I think a 2080 isn't as good).

      • subjectively I think $1000 is reasonable. I am basing $1699 as reasonable, compared to the current price trend of $2000 - $2400.

      • Bargain price. I'll buy 4 of them with some spare change.

        Truth is, $600 AU for a video card is about, and always has been, the limit of my budget. Mid range cards ought to cost ~$500 AU.

        • Totally agree, as with mobile phones too. Companies have been very smart pushing the price point up with each generation of tech and seeing what the market will pay.

          • @Sammyboy: See Apples recent performance for a look at how that's going for them. Perhaps consumers are getting smarter?

            • @TheGoodPart: Sure, they've been ratcheting prices up slowly. But Apple and Nvidia didn't even try doing a small increment with their latest generation! That was a massive jump in price!

              I equate this stuff to how many brick walls in my house it would buy. And then I think about how long I will have a mortgage for. It does a good job of putting me off purchasing overpriced tech.

        • Why should they cost $500?

        • Yep. I completely agree. Similar to the price of a gaming console.

          I have a GT 1080 but I am sitting this gen OUT. Prices have just gone stupid.

      • It's an enthusiast grade part so it comes with the pricetag to match, because they know die hards will pay it.

        No casual gamer needs a 2080Ti.

        • However there was never such a massive price difference between normal consumer and gamer enthusiast parts. Perhaps double the price from memory. I jumped on the enthusiast bandwagon a long time ago around 2006 with a GeForce 7800 GTX SLI set up for counterstrike!!! SLI barely added 15% performance back then. Wow showing my age here. Now these parts are around 5x the price of a mid level component. Companies have managed to condition consumers now that they need to pay soooo much more than standard for peromance or luxury now. We can probably thank Apple for that.

          • @Sammyboy: Turing R&D development costs were $1.8 billion USD.

            They need to make money.

            • @BradH13: Profits are largely generated from mass volume sales of low end to mid end products. That's for anything from phones, to cars to TVs. Selling the high end products at ridiculous pricing is just the icing on the cake. They aren't produced in volume either as they know they won't sell many and priced as high as that particular market can bear. More of less just to test the market and optimise production and costs and fix all the bugs so it can be trickled down for the mid range next gen product. Costs for development 15 years ago also would have been astronomical perhaps even more if you take in account inflation. Nividia is doing quite nicely with record profits

  • Why does this exist?

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      Because enough people have the money for it. Much like $2000 iphones.

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        Or maybe because people want to game at 4K with decent performance, or hold 1440p 144fps at ultra settings.

        They're charging whatever they want because they can, AMD can't even get near this performance at the moment.

        • please AMD do something about this tyrany….if Navi is RTX-2080-like performance at fraction of that price. NVIDIA will bring down these prices too

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            @madska: I love it how people blame the competitor, not the company that sets these prices. That's how untouchable NVidia are in our minds.

          • @madska: Lol, that's be nice. AMD always comes to the party, but unfortunately it's performance is usually about a generation late.

            AMD will never touch Nvidia unless Nvidia make a colossal mistake. Same way they will never touch intel (Ryzen isn't going to do enough, sorry).

            They had their chance, they lost ground, the gap is only going to widen now.

  • How much faster is a TI over a normal 280 or an OC version?

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      The Ti is ~30-40% faster (depending on the variant & overclock) than the 2080.

  • I remember it wasn't that long ago that $1,699 could get you the best graphics card and CPU on the market in a full complete PC. :) peoples blind loyalty to NVIDIA even when AMD had cheaper, faster and more power efficient cards have caused this to happen.

    • Hopefully 2019 will be the year for AMD GPUs make a comeback, the way their Ryzen CPUs have

      • Yea na wont happen unfortunately…

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        Not if the Radeon VII can help it. AMD keeps pumping more juice in to their cards & shrinking the architecture hoping for miracles.

        • Unpopular opinion, I think I'll end up going for the Vega. Even if the performance and features of the Vega and the 2080 are the same after the extra vram and panel selection vs rtx are considered, I would still buy the amd just for a break from NVIDIA.

          On cost, sure the Vega vii is $1000 MSRP but we have to remember that that's through amd direct. The 2080 is selling in some stores for as much as $1400 and let's not even bring the $2100 ti into the picture. By controlling the bulk of cards amd is at the very least making an effort to keep price gouging in check which we can't say about novideo and their picky greedsync ;)

          • @Mombles: As a content creator I had nothing but trouble & issues when I dared to install an RX580. Their drivers have been stripped of most video decoding & effects acceleration. Gaming was ok but there too the card were hotter & overall noisier (tried multiple different variants of the Rx580, some much better than others but the drivers killed it for me) than the equivalent Nvidia card.

            I'm currently running RTX2080 & Quadro P5000 in differing systems, and touch wood haven't experienced any stability issues.

            Don't care at all about Ray tracing as it'll be a generation or two before it becomes mainstream.

            • @xuqi: There's also CUDA. I only have a few programs that can offload processing onto the GPU , but when the do it massively increases throughput. Are AMD processors also 3rd rate when it comes to CUDA?

              • @Thaal Sinestro: AMD hardware can't run CUDA code as its Nvidia specific. OpenCL is supported by both but ymmv as to application support.

                • @xuqi: Interesting, thanks for your input guys. I have no real use for the extra vram beyond texture packs so maybe I should look for a 12gb 2080. I want to get in in the next month or so, do you think it would be wise to go for a relatively cheap am4 chip like the 2600 as a stop gap until ryxen 3 is released? Dr Su says it'll use am4 so motherboard and ram wouldn't need any updates.

          • @Mombles: Plus, with 16gb of VRAM you won't be hitting the roof when it comes to VRAM usage anytime soon.

            DLSS is a pretty big thing to miss out on…but is that actually in use yet?

            • @N1NJ4W4RR10R: Dlss renders content in a lower resolution then upscales it. You are getting lower quality video with it on.

              • @Mombles: As per YT videos, it's negligible. The big difference is some flickering/blurring.

                Generally it's great tech though.

                Better then more VRAM? Probably not, not if you can't deal with the flickering. But widespread adoption of tech like that will be a great thing.

    • Lol. You still can get a Techfast i7+2080 Combo "Complete" PC for this price. Granted, not a TI, but damn close.


        Or the 1920X deal :)

      • Not going to try and argue that this is better value (it sure isn't), but to be fair it's not "damn close" either: the Ti outperforms the 2080 by about 30%. It's got a bigger lead on the 2080 than the 1080 Ti had on the 1080.

    • That's blasphemy man. Stop it!

    • AMD had cheaper, faster and more power efficient cards

      Since when?

    • uh huh and shitter more overheated and noisier too

      dunno why its always so 'cool' to hate on the popular companies

  • People need to stop buying Nvidia until they decide to stop milking the market again.

    • I'm still on my EVGA 770SC. Won't buy anything unless it's a really good bargain.

    • People been saying that about Apple and they still continue to milk the market. If you are a business why wouldn't you want to, especially if your customers are loyal.

      Also if users are using Cuda then they are better off getting Nvidia so it supports both Cuda and OpenCL. Nvidia managed to get people to adopt Cuda more than OpenCL especially with Adobe.

  • To bad U-Mart are useless at shipping orders.

  • Motion to start using product tag RTX 2080Ti for RTX 2080Ti deals. Helps curate things for later like having the GTX 1080 product tag.


  • +1 vote

    Nice to finally see a sale on these things. Keep in mind this one is not a binned chip / no factory OC.

    • Ye, non A chip

    • just wondering what the impact of the non binned chip would be as im worried this card is just doomed for failure.

      Is it still overclockable if i so choose to go that way? I wouldn't mind this being a nice addition to my water cooling loop!

      EDIT: Probably doesnt matter now as the deal is over!

      • You can still OC the card manually, but the chip probably won't OC too well. Binning just means chips which tested better get put aside to be used in higher end models (those are the "A" chips).

  • Buy 2 of these babies and double up as a drone. At least I think they should be able to do that for almost $3.5K.

  • absolute rip off
    nvidia are crazy to sell these for insane prices
    this price and the apple iphone prices can never be justified
    you can by a bloody car for God sake

    • You can do what you like when your only competition are a bunch of muppets. Hopefully Intel is more competitive when they release their discrete GPU's.

      • intel have the money and business connections to challenge Nvidia's CUDA, but they won't have a product until at least 2020

        They are targeting the coprocessor market, so I am not confident they will make a cheap gaming card

    • Even for $4K, in Australia, you would only be able to get a second-hand car made in the early 00s.

      Every day in the CBD, white collar people buy up to 2 coffees a day, nearly $7. That's almost a decent meal. Many are able to justify this because they simply earn more and don't perceive $3.50 to have that sort of value. They also probably spend nearly double on a meal (~$15). This idea pretty much scales up towards the millionaires and billionaires. It's no different for graphics cards.

      These high-end cards are justifiable for people with lots of disposable income. Are they good value for money? Not really (unless you consider Ray Tracing crucial). Are they a rip-off? No. If you're looking for this high level of performance, this is what you're expected to pay. Until there's something else in the market that roughly matches this performance, it can't really be considered a rip-off.

      • The key word where you fall down is "Expect".

        We expect to pay more for the top end, but historically, we don't expect to pay this much.

        • We expect to pay more for the top end, but historically, we don't expect to pay this much.

          People expect a decent bump in performance, whilst wanting to pay the same or less than the last generation, which is unrealistic.

      • Rationalising spending 1700 on just 1 part of a PC.

  • The price for top graphics cards are unbelievable…