expired ½ Price 28-Day Prepaid SIM Unlimited Calls & Text with 23GB Bonus Data: 35GB - $15 @ Boost Mobile


Just wondering if there is a new deal from boost mobile since the last one was over yesterday ($40 prepaid sim for $15), and found this promotion.
Not the best deal comparing to last ones ($40 prepaid for $15 and $30 sim for $10), but still is a deal.
BTW, cashback offers $4.5 cash back on $30 prepaid sims, not sure if it works with the promotion. And the bonus data on recharges is still available, check it here for the details:

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    The $4.50 Cashback should work here also, bringing it to $10.50 not a bad deal at all. Just have to check though, are you sure you get the bonus data when you first activate and not only after recharges?

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      Yes, you have the bonus data when you activate it. I am using one with byo number (not recharge yet) and feeling not bad at all.


    When do u need to activate

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      Cashback offer needs to be before 30 days after purchase (if I remember it right) and bonus data require your first recharge (activate) before 25 Feb.


    I hate the 28 days scam. I made an effort not to buy any sims with that.


    Careful of CashRewards, they denied me $12 cash back on the previous Boost half-price $15 deal.

    Would not have purchased this deal without the cash back. Even at the half-price discount of $15, many much cheaper, better service options around for my needs.

    Would be cautious if the cash back component is likely to sway your decision on purchase.

    CashRewards have been stuffing me around a bit too much of late (denying completely valid cash backs), might be time to move over to ShopBack.

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