Evakool 60 Litre Ridge Ryder Fridge/Freezer (Manufacturer Second/Reconditioned - 2 Year Warranty) - $529 + Shipping @ Evakool


My first post here so please be nice :-)

From the website:

*Please note as these units are factory seconds they may differ slightly from images above. They may contain cosmetic issues such as marks, scuffs or minor dents and may contain visible evaporator plates/missing baskets. Some seconds may also be special editions which feature different coloured lids or branding. All units have been fully tested, are fully operational and carry the same no fuss 2 year warranty as brand new units on all refrigeration components and electronics.

Same 2 year manufacturer warranty and a saving of $470 over Supercheap seems like a bargain to me.

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    There's shipping too
    ~$24 Brizzy
    ~$27 Syd
    ~$33 Melb

    Oh they don't have a Danfoss compressor (which is what the better brands use).

    But it is worth keeping an eye out on the factory seconds page

    They had the a new 65lt Supakool + cover over xmas for under $650 + del (our mates grabbed one) it has a 5yr wty.

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      I got the SK65 just before xmas too from ebay with the free insulation cover. Doubled it up with a 10% off ebay code and got it for $575.10, which includes a 5 year warranty.

      Happy days.

      They often post good deals on ebay, so pays to keep an eye on it. They also have some ripper deals on the seconds page on their site. Comes with full warranty. Looks a little low on stock right now, but i imagine they sell better in height of summer.


      I'm not 100% sure that Danfoss is what it used to be, at least in so far as being way ahead of the generics. I have a Waeco CF that's supposed to have a Danfoss but it's just a clone. The clones're probly made in the same factory but that's the point.

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        Its now called Secop


        How do you know it's a clone? I thought the Waeco's all used DanFoss/Secop compressors?

        They're still the dux nuts according to a mate whose a refrigeration engineer. There's chinese knock offs of course which may/may not be equal.

        IMHO it's the warranty that tells you how reliable they expect it to be.


          They've been Secop for a while now.

          It's pretty clear it's a clone cos the label is in Chinese and English and there's no sign of Secop or Danfoss branding.

          I'm not tryig to put shit on the Danfoss thing but I think the gap has closed.

          No doubt Waeco cover inside warranty if there's an issue in that period but it's what happens (or doesn't) outside warranty that sets one make apart from another.


    Ridge Ryder

    Great movie.

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    These are quite heavy on power consumption around 30% more than the Waeco CFX 65ltr


      Probs same Danfoss compressor, but likely poorly insulated plus the metal conducts better. The metal Engel consumes more too.