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Claim your Toll Relief free registration

The NSW Government is reducing the cost of living for frequent toll users with the introduction of Toll Relief.

Toll Relief provides free vehicle registration for frequent toll users who spend on average $25 per week or more in tolls, or $1300 over the year. Toll Relief provides savings of up to $729 (if you have a four wheel drive) or $129 (if you have a motorcycle).

The program started on 1 July 2018 and if you meet the eligibility requirements, you'll be entitled to one free 12 month registration for your car, ute, 4WD or motorcycle, for registrations due between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019.

To ensure you receive your free rego, visit your toll provider online and check your contact details are up to date. Add all your vehicle licence plates to your toll provider account and remove the licence plates of vehicles you no longer own.

When you get your registration renewal in the mail, visit Renew a vehicle registration and start the registration renewal process. If you're eligible, you'll receive your free registration during the renewal process.


You must be a NSW resident and have:

a NSW personal toll account (Transurban Linkt, E-way, E-Toll or Roam)
your licence plate linked to your toll account
ensure your licence plate number/s and your contact details are kept up to date with your toll provider.
spent $1300 or more on NSW toll roads in a financial year (1 July to 30 June – on average, $25 or more per week) while driving a NSW privately registered light vehicle.
NOTE: You must accumulate the $1300 or more on one tag or tagless account. If you have multiple tags on your account, then the tag with the highest spend will count towards Toll Relief.

The Toll Relief scheme does not include tolls paid:

on vehicles registered for any use other than private
on the M5 by drivers opted into the M5 Cashback Scheme
on heavy vehicles.

For more details see the link below:

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    Does anyone know how it works if you have 2 vehicles registered but only 1 travels on toll roads?

    Would it best to spread the toll costs evenly between the 2 vehicles to get free rego on both?

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      Did you read the bit that said "NOTE"?

      My state doesn't have toll roads thank god, but I'm pretty sure that answers your question.

  • +1 vote but of course we need an annual reminder.

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    WA should never let in toll roads. It's a slippery road and you can't get out of that mess.

    Similar with the roadside/bridge advertising.


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      I'm 50/50 on toll roads. Yes they are crap you have to pay for them, but on the flip side, they are roads that most likely wouldn't have been built if the gov had to pay for them in the first place.

      I live near to a toll road and will use it IF there is a large enough time saving. Some trips its 29 mins via the toll road, vs 34 mins by 'free' roads. $6 for a 5 min saving? No way, but another trip I do is 25 mins via toll road and 45-50 mins via the free roads. Hell yes I'll pay $6 for that.

      At the end of the day, in my state at least, toll roads are a choice.

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        Lol. You definitely don't live in NSW then. They will deliberately congest the "free" roads to force people to use tolls. That is the case with Parramatta Road / M4 and same deal with Epping Road / Lane Cove Tunnel.

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        For the amount of money that Australia takes in from taxes and resources there is no need to have toll roads or toll bridges or to sell off assets. All they have done is created ever increasing costs for their taxpayers. Look at the state of Australia, our roads are gridlocked, planning is non existent, housing affordability is at an all time low, parking is amongst the most expensive in the world and the list goes on. Government is not doing what it's supposed to do. And what about the incompetence everywhere in government like the Indian trains for QLD that will cost us three times what building them locally would cost for an inferior product or the trains in Sydney where you have different sizes plus the new oversized overseas trains that require the spending of billions to rectify and this crap just continues in everything we do. Our governments have sold us up the river, destroyed local industry, local jobs and saddled us with a debt with nothing to show for it.


          For the amount of money that Australia takes in from taxes

          Per Person, we are near record low taxation rates…… Hence the ways to look for other means to pay for these things.


            @JimmyF: Include GST, indirect taxes, taxes on resources etc and you'll see we pay a fair bit. Our governments are totally incompetent at the management of our money and waste it. Look at the examples I gave of the trains, we don't have to replace trains when the rolling stock is good, all we need to do is refurbish the trains at a fraction of the price of replacing but instead they choose to buy overseas trains that are rubbish whilst destroying local industry and jobs.

            There is no planning done anymore, look at all the land that was set aside in NSW for trains and roads (as part of planning from the 50's) that was sold off which now results in small jobs costing billions. The problem is not lack of money, it's mismanagement and corruption that is worthy of jail time.


              @Maverick-au: Mostly agree with Maverick.

              Government loses so much money on misuse & misplacement of resources. A huge component of that is in social welfare spending - I think there should be an independent royal commission into Centrelink/welfare in general because so many people receive handouts they absolutely DO NOT deserve, and so many people don’t get any handouts when they DO deserve them. If we as aus could legitimately sort out that we could then look at the budget for other things like toll roads, tax rates. Also - I think the big 4 bank should each pay various sums of millions of dollars to compensate their horrible practices recently exposed in the banking royal commission - or at least have their credit ratings lowered/ have a brief tax hike specifically onto them. Knowing those big banks however, they would just pass those costs onto the consumers (us) in the form of higher interest rates. Australia’s economic composition is built to be strongly composed of ‘borrowing’ money from overseas, which means it’s not inherently wrong for our economy to experience debt, but that money has now long been invested into political tools, usually to “create jobs” ie. operating a long process at an extremely slow rate simply to have a political party take credit for what looks good on paper (lower unemployment rates), but in the end hurts aussies in general, because those taxpayers are funding this whole operation.I think there was something about submarine building in the past? Not sure though, it happens all across the board. NBN is a another example. Ergo, the fibre optic cables used are being connected to the old nodes that are still made of the original material put in in the first place. The whole thing needs to be replaced, not just the cables underground. It’s been delayed and used as a political tool by both parties to argue their own ways. Happy to hear other thoughts or from others who may be more in the know than I… just stating my observations, conclusions and opinions. Definitely not here to get into heated arguments!


                @Chris Farley:

                Government loses so much money on misuse & misplacement of resources. A huge component of that is in social welfare spending

                hahaha Oh Chris, go look at your last tax return. Unemployment Welfare spending isn't that large.

                We spend way more on health and defence than on 'welfare' payments.


                  @JimmyF: As sourced from 2017/18 budget we spent double on welfare than health.

                  Defence: $27.2 billion.
                  Health: $71.4 billion.

                  and heres the kicker''

                  A WHOPPING $156.6 billion on social security & welfare.

                  Wondering where on earth did you get the idea that we spend more on defence and health?


                    @Chris Farley:

                    A WHOPPING $156.6 billion on social security & welfare.

                    Break it down….. Its not unemployment payments that is the killer.


                      @JimmyF: All good… always hoping to learn more.
                      (Do you have a source regarding unemployment benefits?)
                      Ultimately there is A LOT of waste within the system as a whole.


                        @Chris Farley:

                        Do you have a source regarding unemployment benefits?

                        Out of that $156.6B for social welfare spending

                        $66B went to aged

                        $48B went to people with disabilities

                        $37B went to families

                        only $10.2B went to unemployment…..

                        But when people say "social welfare spending" they think the dole aka unemployed people, but really its pensioners, disabled and families sucking up all that money.

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                          @JimmyF: Totally agree on how social welfare is composed. To think social welfare spending only means unemployment support is to have an undeveloped knowledge on the subject area. Certainly my concern stems from the fact that people within these groups (all groups inc aged, disabled, families etc.) are not receiving a properly allocated amount of resources. That is, groups miss out for plenty reasons (lack of understanding of the system, improperly processed claims, lack of access to internet/government service centres etc) While plenty of people who do know the system effectively take advantage of it, whether they may be making pension, disability or family benefits (I suspect the largest areas of misallocation would be in family and unemployment areas [anecdotal opinion from personal experience however])

                          A significant change I think is urgently needed in taxation of pollutants, ie. making corporations pay the ‘social costs’ along with the private costs associated with production. Eg. in the case of coal power, a company needs to be responsible for covering the environmental damage caused in the production process. This generally is addressed via taxation, and although extremely hard to determine the exact monetary value of the social costs imposed by a company, it is definitely possible. Ie, the cost of greenhouse gas emissions, chemical runoff and land and ocean impacts have all been quantified monetarily in the past. This both encourages companies to reduce negative externalities AND raises significant taxation revenue for govt.

                          While prices will be passed onto consumers to some effect, this is necessary as I’m sure we all know the state of using fossil fuels, natural gas etc. not to mention the inevitable geopolitical events that continue to arise in our modern society (in reference to OPEC [google it], and Russian market flooding allegations in recent history [unsure of exact details here, feel free to correct if wrong]) Alas though this is a somewhat long winded/off topic answer lol. Aussies are an ageing nation, meaning we will be spending HUGE on pensions and health in the near future, as baby boomers hit retirement. Will let you have the last word Jim. Enjoyed the banter.

                          Regards, all the best for 2019.

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              @Maverick-au: its not incompetence

              its corruption

              i challenge anyone who thinks billion dollar infrastructure and welfare spending doesnt benefit the best mate of one of the politicians in anyway


                @furythree: I'm sure there is a mix but most would be corruption which is why they favour overseas companies who are more likely to pay more with less chance of it being uncovered.

                The claims that Australia is a mostly corruption free country is utter rubbish. Take a look at what other so called corrupt countries like Russia and Eastern Europe can do with a fraction of our spending, they build more roads, more public transport etc all with no tolls and at a fraction of the cost. Look at the road costs here since they started using private companies to build them, not only do they take years to build they cost tens or hundreds what they used to.


                  @Maverick-au: roads literally get built overnight in china

                  i witnessed it happen once. it was insane


                    @furythree: Meanwhile we are expected to believe this bullshit in Australia that those countries area corrupt as hell yet they are able to build so much more for less!

                    So many people think it's normal to take six months to resurface a road so when it takes four years to rebuild one no-one thinks twice.


                      @Maverick-au: Sorry Mav - As much as I agree with you on the corruption side of things, I can't agree with the "build a road overnight BS". Honestly, the roads are engineered and does take time to do so. The roads built overnight in China is utter rubbish: They do take a while to build major ones, whilst the small "overnight" jobs will break down within 2 years due to their low quality levels of compliance.

                      As for the claims about Australia being Corruption-free: I agree, we aren't. Neither are the state governments who build the roads. However, it is still much less corruption than those claims about China, Russia or Eastern Block. Personal experience is that Corruption RUNS China as an example - not what you know, but who you know that has the most money and is done much more openly than here at a much higher rate from all levels of bureaucracy from top ranks to the bottom workers.


        All infrastructure by your road authority is built based on priority of need or (relatively rarely) politics.

        "Not enough money" is the justification for toll roads but it is simply not true. It is only a sign of an authority that doesn't want to sharpen their pencil, sack their deadweight, employ FTEs instead of contractors (although we have accountants to blame for that) or a government that doesn't want to fund the authority adequately.

        If the road was needed then it would be built. If efficiency was needed then it would be created. Privatising is never necessary, it is only an excuse to be lazy with your money.


    Wonder if the name on the rego papers and the toll account have to be the same. The toll account is in my name and the car's registered to the wife.

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    waits for Queensland to follow

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    So the toll companies… ok… there's only 1, Transurban, gets to keep 100% of the tolls, doesn't pay taxes, and then this Liberal Party rebate is coming out of our taxes.

    It's pure hypocrisy - they sell our assets of for cheap - and then attempt to bail out the overcharging tolls by handouts.