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Xiaomi Pocophone F1 64GB $403.20 Delivered @ Hkbns eBay via App


Looks like the best price for this phone so far!

Black, blue, and red available.
64GB storage, 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 845. Top-end specs for a very low price.

You need to use the eBay app with the coupon code to get this deal.

Original PAPP10 10% off Sitewide via eBay App deal

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    • +1

      Have you used the Google Camera port yet?

    • Poco are currently in the process of getting Widevine L1.

  • So…no band 28 ? ;)

    • Was thinking about doing this, but i had so many issues with Cyanogen mod, and it's not going to get all the google pixel features e.g. call answering assistant, also that isn't a offical lineage os ROM, it's some home baked version! So you'll be dependant on some random person for the updates, which will never come!

  • Many people here call the seller "a terrible." Then why there are so many + votes. Isn't it misleading?

    • 98% of good rates on ebay….is it a misleading as well?

    • +3

      I ordered the 128gb variant two days ago. Paid, but not sent yet, as at the time of writing. We shall see.

      • +1

        Yeah, keep us posted. Thanks.

      • Me too. I ordered 128GB red 2 days ago, but they don't ship yet. I will update here when they ship my one.

        • +1

          My friend ordered a black one on Monday, it shipped yesterday.

          • @eug: Thanks for letting me know. I ordered it on Wednesday, so I guess they will ship next week.

          • +1

            @eug: … and it just arrived today!

        • Finally, I received it yesterday. Around 9 days after order. I am satisfied now.

      • Status has been updated to SENT today…

        • I have been sent an Australia Post Tracking number…"will be activated in 1 - 2 working days"

          • @limafoxtrot: As of just now, the Auspost tracking website reports - "Pending. No updates yet. Looks like your item hasn't been scanned yet. Please try again later"

            • @limafoxtrot: Still "pending"

              • @limafoxtrot: Received the phone today. Looks like it was dispatched from within australia. It came a couple of days after getting the tracking number.

              • @limafoxtrot: Delivered yesterday! Tracking number not even activated. Amaxing. Given the price I was expecting either a no show or a screen protector, followed by a long PayPal dispute. Kudos to hkbns!

                • @limafoxtrot: 9 days for you then. Just got my tracking number yesterday 31/1/19 at 10 am. Let's see how long it takes. I placed my order on 22/1/19.
                  Took them 9 days to ship it out. A little disappointed about that.

  • I Bought one of these first thing this morning. They confirmed that it is coming from Hong Kong.

    • I saw good review about this store from years ago. Hopefully everything goes ok!

    • The seller profile says Hong Kong 😉

  • Anyone knows a good Case for this phone?

  • I got a Xiaomi, don't know why the GPS signal always lost.

    • I had same issue, turns out the phone cover I used was blocking it. It was with Mi5 and both with mobile and GPS signals.

  • -2

    hmm seem more popular now here than when it was released

  • How's this compare to a One Plus 6 for $100 more?

    Lots to like, expandable memory, bigger battery

    Edit: LCD screen, no NFC, no b28, marginally less performance

  • +1

    Pay only AU $380.80 AUPLUSJAN15

    • This code not working

      • It is, I just bought it. Need to sign up to eBay plus then wait 48hrs for the code. Coupon is on here.


        • I already have eBay plus so when I add the code it says failed, check the code and try again. Oh well. Maybe I should open a NEW account, haha.

          • @lordra: You need to have recently signed up. Make a new account then sign up for the free trial and wait 48hrs.

    • Your seller hkbns-australia has left you a message:
      Our dear customer,

      IMPORTANT: We are going to ship your order and we will declare the item in its half or at a lower price. Please note that there may be import taxes or duties and those charges are the buyer's responsibilities as we have stated in the listing.

      • Should this be of any concern?

        • +1

          None at all. Australia doesn't have any kind of customs tax unless the value exceeds $1000 :P

          They probably have so many international customers its just their generic message.

  • Can you claim GST on this item?

    • Considering it's coming from overseas I doubt it. You can always message the seller and ask if they send an invoice with their ABN. Assuming they have one of course ;)

      • No worries will try that :) So just clarifying, is GST included in the purchase price? Isn't GST included on all products purchased from eBay nowadays tho?

        • They're not an Australian seller and have exploited the loophole to avoid GST being charged on their listing so I'd be of the opinion there is no GST.