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Crest 4 Switch Surge Board with 2 USB Ports $10 @ Target


Good price. Enjoy :)

The Crest 6 socket power board allows up to 6 devices to be connected at the same time with power controlled by a single ON/OFF switch.
Ideal for general household use.
Surge protection module provides protection for the connected devices against power surges.

Product Features

  • 4 socket surge protection power board
  • 2 USB ports to fast charge 2 devices at once
  • Individual on / off switches
  • Easy grip plug
  • Non-slip pads on base

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • Sold out at all 20 stores around Brisbane
    Limited stock online

    • How do you check?

      It shows green tick on Bne CBD store.

      • Green tick is your chosen store. Click Find in another store & stock levels show - read the Out of Stock there.

    • Now sold out online - tried ordering 1!
      We're sorry. Stock levels have changed while you've been shopping.

      • Better than a rude error or an action timing out, as is the normal par for the course/poke in your eye

        Looking forward to the next evolution in shopping cart intelligence

        "Thank you for your interest, but we have decided not to sell at this price anymore. If you wish to pay our new best price, click here."

        And after that:

        "Based on our extensive AI (use of micro-targettng data that has flagged you as a suitable mark), we have halted your purchase. You can pay proceed clicking here to pay more"

  • 4 or 6 port?

    • 4+2

      • Ahh yes, I get it now, ignore me :).

  • looks like only limited stock in Chatswood in Sydney, noting out west Strathfield/Bankstown area.

    • Limited can mean no stock, just 1 left on their system. Ring the store.

      Old Dick Smith stores used to use their power boards to run display stock, but those still showed on their system!!

  • Of 20 stores near '2000', no stock at all except Chatswood - Limited stock

    For 20 stores near '3000', only Highpoint & Point Cook show any as Limited stock

    Even tried 20 country stores around Taree NSW to Sydney where stock might be expected to sit, none except Charlestown - Limited stock.

    Limited stock may mean none - ring store.

    Does stock exist?

    • Target's inventory system is very inaccurate. Even when they say it's in stock, it may not be.

      • Like many retail stock systems! And for most Target stores I checked - there is no stock…

  • Had one in cart with stock available. Took too long to checkout. Sold out

    • Sold out online at least 20 minutes ago Only shows out of stock when you add to cart & try to check out.
      Now marked out of stock online.

      • It said in stock. But I was deciding wether to pick up from the 2 stores that said had stock
        Every store is different.

        Also I saw this post 2 minutes after it was posted,
        Replied later on

  • Looks like only Highpoint has stock in Victoria

  • Sold out almost everywhere. Discontinued item.

  • Price Hipster may report lower prices, but there may be no stockšŸ˜¢

  • No stock…no deal!!!!

  • retail $34 @ BigW

    I do need one of these.. :(

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