expired 15% off Travel Insurance at InsureandGo


InsureandGo is a well known travel insurance company and their Gold product was recommended by Choice for travel insurance.
I just received an email with this promotion. Not sure if its targeted.
Thought someone might be able to use it.

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    try groupon20 - 20% off

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    used these guys for their gold domestic travel insurance to obtain rental car excessive reduction.

    gold policy provided coverage of $5000 excess.

    cost ~$34 for 16 days (with code from this deal).

    less expensive than car rental peoples excess coverage.


      Thinking of taking out a multi trip policy, is this a reliable insurance company easy to deal with from your experience or would you suggest someone else ?

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        take note that they will not cover second hand items, you MUST have proof of purchase for any valuables, such as cameras/lenses/phone etc etc.

        It was not a good experience for me when i went through claims procedure and this was detailed explicitly for me. I had my policy retrospectively refunded after i found this out. This even includes if you take serial numbers and a total "collection of things i took with me photo" to prove ownership just before the trip.

        Meanwhile I have had very good experience with Worldcare multi trip (but they have since jacked up their prices) and 1Cover, i believe the underwriter for those two are the same. Multitrip with a partner works out to be quite cheap with both of them when i purchased my policies


          Thanks for sharing your experiences, I will have a look into the couple of others you mentioned.


            @chrisie: I think the reason i moved to 1cover at the time was because worldcare had increased their prices. I believe my original purchase was around $400 with $0 excess for a 1 year multi trip, around the world with a partner included, there is no extra cost for the partner.

            It made it an unbeatable deal

            EDIT: just checked their website and worldwide policy with $200 excess is $400. They must have changed since I went to 1Cover as I remember it costing a lot more than this. They also used to have $0 excess for a small fee of something like $25, for a year long policy it was a no brainer


    cheers.. both groupon20 and offer19 work


    I got a 12 month policy with them a while back. Using a couple of discount codes I think. Cost $322. That seemed a pretty good price.


    Never booked travel insurance before. Going to Malaysia tomorrow for a couple of weeks.

    When I select Asia and no excess for my dates, the price is $95
    When I select worldwide (exc America), the price is $90.

    Looks like coverage amounts are the same for both which doesn't make sense as covering more countries is cheaper. Is there any benefit booking the Asia cover over the worldwide (exc Americas)?


    this code is still working btw…