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10% off Apple Mac at JB Hi-Fi


It’s back. 10% off Apple Mac at JB Hi-fi until Monday. Usual exclusions apply (BTO, iPad, iMac Pro etc).

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    I always used to recommend apple laptops to friends when they asked for advice, but they've become too expensive. There's not a single computer in that list that is less than $1000, even after the rebate.

    • These 10% off "specials" are in no way an Ozzie Bargain.

    • I'm more curious why you recommend them?

      • When ultrabooks were becoming a thing, literally no other laptop was a complete package of battery/quality/performance. You could get a Macbook air i5/4gb ram/128gb ssd for $1000 on sale, it was incredible value. These days there are more options on the windows side. Still not many are the complete package - and those that are like the surface book are more expensive or as expensive anyway. I still recommend macs.

    • These days it is hard to find a decent laptop below $1000. So I would not apply this figure.

      $1500 is more reasonable for a good laptop but Apple does not offer decent MacBooks for this amount.

    • Please let us know of a laptop under $1000 that is better than macs.

    • Definitely. I still think OSX > Windows hence why I use it. But I've been wanting to upgrade my early 2015 MBA for a while. But looking at the current offerings, there isn't really anything to be excited about. Even the New MBA's, the only negligible difference is the Retina Display (which should have been included ages ago). Especially at those prices.

  • Also 10% at good guys and at reduced price at officeworks (so cant price match)

  • Apart from Classifieds and 5% discount via AGL/Suncorp/Entertainment Book, does anyone know where else we could obtain discounted JB HiFi eGift cards (10%-15% off)?

  • Model MR942X/A is $3689.10 with this offer, but with the back to school direct offer (I am verified with UNiDAYS) it is $3809.00 but you get free Beats Solo3 Headphones.

    $120 price difference that I can potentially make up for plus some more by selling the free headphones.

    My concern is that the market is saturated with these headphones because other people are doing the same thing, and I might not find a buyer.

    Which one do people think is the better bargin, is the education offer worth the risk?

    • I’d got for the cheaper option. Also if you’re planning to claim TRS - note that apple may provide you with an invoice for $3410 plus $399 headphones. So you’ll get less GST back if you’re only planning to claim for the one item


    For some reason both Mac mini models are only available in store.