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Domino's 50% off Traditional and Premium Pizzas


As far as I can tell, this isn't up. Sorry if I've missed it, remove the post if I have.

Was enjoying a couple of pizzas for dinner and saw yet another Domino's flyer on top of the box. Saw the date and thought "Hmm, that's a good week or two away, I bet Hamza or Silverrat might not have it yet", I couldn't find it, so it's gonna end one of two ways,

  1. I beat them to the punch.
  2. I'm proven the idiot I already know I am, and someone links the existing deal with this code.

In any case, 50% off Domino's, premium or traditional, pick up or delivery, 10 days. Go for it.

Alternate code: 138577 (13/2), 842888 (10/2), 779064 (10/2), 389301 (10/2), 698452 (13/2), 308190 (10/2), 875712 (10/2)

Original Flyer

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  • 13 days until deal?! FML

  • +6 votes

    IN TWO YEARS 50% off Dominos Traditional and Premium Pizzas.

  • +9 votes

    Well what the hell am I going to eat for the next 13 days??

  • I'll starve within 13 days

  • I think I did it! I beat Hamza and Silver!

    That's enough success for one day, tomorrow, I'll try (again) to get Sony to green light Spider-Man 4.

    • Spider Man 4 staring a middle aged peter parker, broke, and working as a pizza delivery guy again. The movie is only about Peter Parker the pizza delivery guy, not spiderman.

      To be honest though we're already getting Spiderman Version 3 Part 2 so I dont think we need Version 1 Part 4…

      Also Into the Spiderverse is the best one to date, you should check it out if you havent already.

    • I'd rather half life 3

  • Bit more notice next time please

  • Duke Nukem sure has an appetite!

  • Nice find TheDukeofNukem… just about a necessity to have 40-50% off these days as they keep jacking up prices of my supreme pizza and making it smaller… The photo seems to have been taken in the dark so I can't be sure what all the mass of Dominos fine print says (a whole essay just for a pizza voucher, geez!), but if my eyes are reading it right, it looks like the last line says "Only available at selected stores" without saying what they are…??
    (if history is anything to go by, usually not mine in Qld…)

    • I can't read anything on the bottom right. Lighting people! LIGHTING!

      I now hunger for garlic breadedness

  • Should have gone to Specsavers

  • How do the franchisees even make money with these sorts of heavy discount promos running so often?

    • Because they cost bugger all to make when you are making them all day long. In other words there is plenty of fat in the price to play with.

  • Not working today

  • Can you tell me which store you go to ask for pick up Xbox one x? Thank you

  • I'm so disappointed with dominos lately. They've shrunk their pizzas just so they can charge more for the "extra large", and the bases now taste like butt. Unethical way of doing business

  • For those in VIC, Melbourne range seems to be excluded

  • Do yourselves a favour and go Pizza Hutt instead. They have BOGOF for the next two weeks

  • Waiting for my local store’s usual message to say ‘this coupon code is not accepted by this store’. Fingers crossed it works everywhere

  • Cheapest in the Traditional menu at my local store costs $13.45 = $6.73. Not sure I can justify the extra $1.73 over value range?

    • If you want to swap two toppings it's good, and usually toppings are scarce on value range

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    Worth checking round your local independent pizza places and see what deals they have.
    From my experience, many of them have a cheap tuesday thing. Almost certain to get a much better pizza also.

    I just thought about it, I basically get about 40% off anytime at my fave local pizza shop (which is also has best pizza around wollongong) . I pickup a small pizza and garlic bread for $10 special. Available any day, small pizza alone is I think $13-$15, not sure their listed price for garlic bread. I find its good for or meal for 2 , half small pizza each, half garlic bread each. Awesome for $10.
    That said, someon mentioned a nice dominos experience to me recently, and I kind of crave a dominos now. Dominos is quite different to what you get at upmarket type pizza shops my 'foodie' mates send me to, almost like 1 is real pizza, and the other is ummmm… dominos .
    My fave local place offers 2 large pizzas delivered for $20 on tuesday (maybe Wednesday also). Similar pricing to Domino's, no coupon required.

    I just checked, they have 4.7 star review on google, and 5.0 star review (11 reviews) on trip advisor. Bonnos Pizza (in suburb Corrimal), if anyone in Wollongong area wants great pizza at Domino's deal prices
    Their full menu is on this TripAdvisor link. The Gormet pizza called "Goliath" (basically a supreme plus bit extra) is my fave.

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    My parents (who know almost nothing about coupons or bargains) ordered pizza the other night when I was out. I found the receipt on the table and they didn't use any coupons and paid over $60 for 4 dominos pizzas and coke. And the quality wasn't any better than a discounted one :(

    So while this is a legit deal, I hate how dominos basically scam people who aren't cluely about apps/discounting. I know it's their business model but it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

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      paid over $60 for 4 dominos pizzas and coke. And the quality wasn't any better than a discounted one :(

      It actually seemss pretty wrong IMO to charge their full listed price for dominos pizza.
      Seems kind of like when I bought a vacuum at Godfreys, was advertised $69 and the staff told it's always that price or similar, but they artificially inflate price to $269 and sell for 1 week at that price, so they can advertise sale on TV without getting in trouble with ACC. No way that Domino's is worth it at full price, they are always on sale though .
      Maybe they should change it so you can just mention coupon and they look it up whats available in system (They have done this before for me at hungry jacks) then you can just go ask what coupon deals are in the system, and they can kind of read them off the screen for you.
      It is IMHO kind of elder-discrimination, because majority of older persons are not as good online, so might struggle with searching up all the working coupon codes for dominos on the internet.
      I am thinking of setting up a link on my mothers phone, so she can just click link from home screen of phone, and go straight to dominos coupons ozbargain page. She was quite thrilled the other day that her friend had gotten $7.95 coupon in mail, and they used it and actually got a good pizza. Her friend had avoided the store for a long time due to one terrible experience a while ago (a very poorly made pizza).

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        They're only in their 60s and mum did ask about coupons apparently but the guy at the register basically shrugged her off and said they didn't have any so they paid anyway. Sigh.

        I miss the days when Eagle Boys existed. The one near us often had $5.95 or $6.95 specials across the range for walk in orders. No bullshit apps or sneaky codes required.

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          If your parents are good with Google on their phone, just get them to search ozbargain dominos into google.
          Thats what I do, and it will come up in google.

          If someone is genuinely not good with searching up codes themselves though (either due to age, or due to a disability) then I honestly think the store should look up codes for them.

          My mother is in her 70's and getting better with phones and technology now, after a free course at library taught her, and I teach her. But like 5 or 10 years ago, she would be in a physical store and they would tell her you cannot have this benefit unless you go online and do some process, She would tell them straight up, that's not fair that she misses out because she is older and of a generation that didn't grow up with phones and computers, so all the online stuff is normally harder to work out for older people. Some older persons are great with phones and technology. It is harder for them to learn though, as not even computers were common back in their day.

  • Been a while since I've had Dominos (must be because I'm sure the 30% or 40% codes used to come down to about the price with this offer)
    Are the "premium" pizzas actually any better?

    • The longer you can stay away from dominos the better for you health. To answer your question, no they are not better, if you want to test it out buy a ham cheese value range and compare it to the Hawaiian traditional (which used to be part of the value range), you will notice it is just a ham and cheese value range pizza with pineapple om it.

  • My experience with my local domino's is that when a pizza is 50% off, exist 50% less toppings.

  • I got it last night and was annoyed to see they have reduced the size considerably, AGAIN. It's now a kids size, it's just ridiculous. I think that will be the last time I buy Dominoes pizza. What a joke.

  • Had a prawn pizza at Springwood nsw store, they literally break one prawn piece into two and half as one. Sleazy practise from owner. You only get half the ingredient. don't even paid voucher price or discount price if you go there.

  • Alternate code WA 896670

  • +1 vote

    Alternate code QLD 330137

  • New CODE 789169

  • When does this end?

  • Another code WA 930407

  • Got a pizza with two garlic breads for less than 12$. I realised the person at the counter didn't ask for money (cash pickup) so I went back to pay. The server barely cared enough to take my money. They looked so despondent, I hope their life gets a little brighter.

    The pizza is pretty meh, lucky for me I got anchovies so it at least tastes like something. The garlic bread is soft. I'm starting to think they didn't want to accept money for such a sad product. :p


      I'm starting to think they didn't want to accept money for such a sad product.

      Could be that. Also, could be that they don't particularly care if, the business owner makes money, and, how much extra $$ owner makes.
      Probably paid minimum wage and 16yo (so 50% off, minimum wage and they don't even need a code) . Most kids that age wouldn't have a full appreciation for the experience gained from 1st job, so I can understand how they might not really care about taking your money, or if you left with pizza having not paid.

      I got let into cinemas free yesterday. Somewhat similar, ie. I doubt the owner would have been nice enough to let me in free and miss out on the extra $$ profit. There was a reason beyond my control there though, they had shut down all of the registers, so I couldn't take payment. They probably could have made the effort to start up 1 of the registers, but hey, it's past 10pm and they're keen to relax and get ready for hometime (and sleep).

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        Garlic bread - get the Aldi $1.80 double pack. Whack it in the microwave for 60 seconds to melt the garlic butter. Then put in a preheated 300degree C oven to crisp the outside.

  • I think it's 50% off the size of the pizza and everyone gets it - no need for code.

  • Was just about to cook dinner. Thank god I checked ozbargain before I searched for a recipe for tonight.

  • -3 votes

    Viewing this has made me want pizza again, but not dominos .
    I might ask my fave local pizza shop if I can post up their deal. 1 small pizza and 1 garlic bread (small pizza alone usually $15/$13 'regular' or 'gourmet').
    Mmmm pizza … dials phone .

  • Gotta order the garlic crust!

  • Rarely order Dominos but ordered two pizzas with the 50% off, but paid the extra to upgrade to "Extra Large".

    Probably on par with a large in the good old days. Decent enough.

  • These vouchers now appear to be expired (according to the online portal) - anyone know of a current/working one? (WA)

  • 820805 worked for me today, as per their facebook post -
    Hungry? Grab 2 for 1 Large Traditional pizzas*! 🍕+🍕 CODE: 820805

    *Conditions apply. Selected stores only. Purchase a Premium or Traditional range pizza and receive a Traditional or Value range pizza free. Not valid with any other coupon or offer. Additional charges as displayed apply for extra toppings & half ‘n’ half, indulgent crusts & Vegan Mozzarella. Valid until 12/02/2019

  • 257209 is the code I received, for today only.