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[Android] PowerAudio Pro/Plus Music Player $0 (Was $1.49) and Music Player Pro $0 (Was $6.49) @ Google Play Store


PowerPlayer Pro Music Player free today. Usually $1.49.

PowerPlayer Plus Music Player is also free today. Usually $1.49

Music Player Pro - Usually $6.49

I don't know when these deals end.

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    None of these are even worth getting for free. Much better music apps out there.

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      Which Music Player App is your favourite ?

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        PowerAmp is an excellent paid option, Vanilla Music if you're after a free/open source option.

        • I used to Use PowerAmp Pro but after the recent change, just about everything useful to me broke - the worst part is playback now stutters, so I downloaded about 80 different music players and found most are exactly the same as each other (must be some open source code out there). A few are unique but most of those don't tick all the boxes.

          • @Nukkels: If the playback stutters, try adjusting the buffer size. What else broke? It took me a bit to figure out that I had to swipe to go forward and back tracks, but other than that, it's been alright for me (I went to Rocket Player for a while due to PowerAmp's poor Wear OS support).

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    Currently AIMP - It's free with no ads and no IAP, manual playlist control, no internet connection required, plays module files as well as compressed audio (such as mp3) and it has a widget.

    Neutron player is the only other player that ticks all of the above boxes, although it's not cheap, and this is Ozbargain after all.

    For just an mp3 player, Musicolet is probably my recommendation.

    • I'm looking for a music player that will play the next folder/album when the current one finishes. Musicolet can kind of do this through playlists but it's clunky, and AIMP doesn't seem to offer this feature. Any suggestions on one that might?

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        Poweramp does this, but not sure when the next time they will offer Pro version for free…

        • Wow, poweramp didn't have that feature a few years ago when I last used it, looks like it's changed a lot since then!

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    I honestly believe all these free app deals with only a few thousand downloads are more likely than not shady personal info location data collectors.

    • You can check the permissions the app requests to see how much they can access. I've seen plenty of garbage apps that request every single permission available, but at least more recent versions of Android will prompt you to grant access first.

  • The music player pro can cut music as ringtone. I like it.

  • Pity they can't cast to my wifi speakers.

  • The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle is also on sale (Don't know how to give the link)

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    Oh BTW Music Player Pro requires access to all of these areas of your phone
    This app has access to:1)Contacts, read your contacts modify your contacts
    2)Phone read phone status and identity
    3)Photos / 4)Media / 5)Files
    read the contents of your USB storage
    modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    Storage: read the contents of your USB storage
    modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
    6)Device ID & call information
    read phone status and identity
    7)receive data from Internet
    8)view network connections
    9)send sticky broadcast
    10)change system display settings
    11)full network access
    12)change your audio settings
    13)prevent device from sleeping
    14)modify system settings
    That's a lot of privacy to give up to save a couple of dollars from an app that's probably always on sale anyhow.
    As previous commenters have stated you can get better free music players, that you don't have to give up your privacy for!!

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