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12 or 24 Bumper Stickers for $12.95 @ Sticker Spot


Special Offer : 12 Bumper Stickers 200x70mm $12.95 or 24 100x100mm Stickers $12.95

For a limited time, we’re offering 12 custom printed bumper stickers for $12.95 or 24 Square 100x100mm Stickers for $12.95. The Normal minimum order for 50 of these stickers is $89. They are not normally available in a small batch of 12 or 25.

These stickers are great for your business, sporting club, band or your startup. Pop them on your laptops, sporting equipment, street poles, business materials or use them as a promotional giveaway.

Stock: Weatherproof outdoor gloss vinyl stickers
Print: Full Colour (CMYK)
Size: 100x100mm Square or 200x70mm Rectangle.

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    So what's the deal


    Is it difficult to order stickers that you stick on the inside of your window and the message is read correctly from the outside?

  • +6 votes

    I’ve always contemplated to get a car sticker that says

    “Keep Left Unless you’re overtaking!!!!”

    Contenplating further if I should add “F$#K WIT” or not 🤔😅

    • +2 votes

      On the back of a ute the other day, 3 such stickers:

      Clowns to the left of me | Here I am; stuck in the middle with you | Jokers to the Right

      Just add 'Slow' to the last one, and you will be saying the same thing in a way more people will appreciate (and hopefully think about!)

  • +1 vote

    24 then, I guess


    Interested. Does the offer expire on 3 Feb as indicated? Just wanted to know how much time I have to place my order.


    how much is shipping to 4000?

  • +3 votes

    I'm tempted to buy a shedload with extra large printing that says "KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING"and send them all to the Queensland MVR so that they can enclose it with every Queensland vehicle registration renewal.


      NSW talking… great idea. We need it here too.

      Not long ago on a very early am trip, only me and one other guy on the road… (me about 1k behind).
      He literally sat in the right lane over a distance of about 22k's. Wasn't a big deal but I couldn't help but think….
      don't most of us as much as instinctively stay left? Perhaps a bit like putting seat belts on sort of thing.


    I do that quite often as well if i am not affecting anyone, gives me more time to see/react to anything coming at me from the side of the road.
    (Kangaroos Dogs People etc)


    Struggling to see why this has a 'gaming' tag to it.


    Do the stickers need to have an opaque background or can it be transparent? I could not see any information regarding this on the website, just that they need to be CMYK.

    Would like the ability to print a badge, but on a transparent background (if possible).


    Dynaflow, the same here in W.A. Or a sticker that says "Slow Drivers Keep Left….and don't speed up when an overtaking lane appears!!". My pet gripe…slow drivers only do the speed limit when an overtaking lane appears, then you have to speed to get in front of them….then if you don't overtake them they go back to driving slow again!!