expired Main Brush Filters Side Brushes Accessories for XIAOMI MI Robot (Gen 1 & 2) US $7.69 (~AU $10.78) Delivered @ Banggood AU


Looks like the cheapest ever price for these accessories.

Make sure you select AU warehouse so you don't have to pay the GST. AU Standard Shipping, 3-7 business days.

Remove the shipping insurance to save US$0.22.

Pay in USD to save on exchange rate. If you pay in AUD, the price will be $10.93 delivered.

-These hepa filter are washable.
-Unique design, easy to clean the dust.
-Nylon brush, it will not scratch the floor and furniture.
-Not only for 1st but also 2nd generation XIAOMI Robot Vacuum
-Suitable for XIAOMI Robot Vacuum Part Pack of HEPA Filter, Main Brush, Side Brush for Xiaomi mijia / roborock Vacuum Cleaner -in Vacuum Cleaner Parts from Home Appliances.

Package included:
1 x Main Brush
2 x Filters
2 x Side Brushes

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    in need of virtual wall strip


    I can't see an option to select AU warehouse - only shows China? Is this official part or fake?

  • +1 vote

    Can anyone comment on the quality of these parts - reviews seem to say they are pretty good..

    • +2 votes

      Based on the pics I think I bought these previously. Definitely not original. Side brush came apart within 20 minutes. Main brush caused a fault frequently.

      Didn't even try with the filter.

      Stick with the originals, not worth the hassle.


      I've had a lot of issues recently with our First Gen vac and some of these accessories. The main brush seems to be slightly wrong in dimensions and we're now getting errors about the main brush being blocked when it's on carpet (it had been working perfect up until we replaced the brush with new accessories). So it's quite annoying, we have to go into the carpeted areas and turn it back on again



        Went from maybe a 95% success rate to below 30% with the new main brush.

        Not worth it to save $5


          I bought another lot at a premium believing they were genuine, but still having the same problems. So i'm not sure if I just paid more for the same products.


      Beware. Bought 3 sets of this the last time and it's crap. Main brush is too stiff causing faults. Side brushes keep breaking. Surprising to see how the rubber/plastic material breaks so easily.

      Only the filter is worth keeping.

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    Every comment on the link says its a fake - although most reviews are still positive… Thanks for feedback shanku.

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    The daily limit for this coupon has been reached. Please try again tomorrow


    Anyone confirmed if these genuine or copies


    I've had a bad run with these non-genuine brushes, they don't spin properly and fault out on my Gen 1.


    OK so conclusion seems to be if you ended up buying it only use the filters…


    Got these from last deal, these are terrible. Side brush breaks from single use, main brush reduces effectiveness. Not worth getting.

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