expired Razer Fragfest - Razer Blade V5 $1449.95 (Was $2599), Razer Blade Stealth V1 $1249.95 (Was $2449) @ Razer


Some pretty good deals over on the Razer site on laptops and peripherals, quoted a couple that look the best in my opinion. The Blade Pro 17 for $2,699 ($700 off) is also a pretty good deal. Some savings on the new Blade 15 range but not anything too impressive.

New Blade 15 (base and advanced), Blade Pro, Blade Stealth, Blade 14 and Core X all on sale.

Before everyone goes on about Razer products, any computer with a GTX 1060, 16GB and a 4 core 8 thread i7 for $1449 is a pretty decent deal let alone a Blade 14.

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