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Free 7-Eleven Regular Coffee @ 7-Eleven via Fuel App


Take your colleagues out for coffee!

Redeem through 7-Eleven fuel app. There isn't a redemption limit so it is while stocks last today (thanks alvian for description).

Original Freebies in January @ 7 Eleven deal post.

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    first time trying 711 coffee this morning

    Got a flat white. surprisingly good

    • I like their coffee but find it a little weak and too hot.

      So I take it off the hot milk about 1/3 from the top then top up a bit with cold milk (so less than normal). So stronger and not scalding hot.

      When done this way I think it's the pick of the servo machine coffees.

    • I dislike them because the machines water down the milk.

      There is a 7/11 on Collins St, Melbourne that used to have staff make you coffee with a proper espresso machine and hand steamed milk. They'd use the same beans/milk, but do it just like any barista/cafe, and still only charge you $1-2. The push-button machines were still there to the side, but their hand-made coffee tasted way better than what you got from the machines.

  • Never used the app before, how does it work? You show your screen to the clerk and they give you a coffee?

  • Finally something my local store will have in stock

    • Mine will have no stock left, every time I go to use the app for the free stuff they are sold out.
      I have been twice lately at 1210am and 1245am to be told all the stock has been claimed.
      At another local store, I have seen the lady at the register with 4 kids behind the counter that had 12 cans of V between them. Kids were swapping sim cards in phones. These kids have been there most of the school holiday, I presume they are her kids.

    • guy at my local joked that they ran out.

      he always sees me there so he knows that i know he's joking.

  • OzBargainers far and wide.

    Use today's freebie to visit a store that has previously claimed "no stock", "machine not working", "barcode not scanning", or any other lame excuse to not participate in a nation-wide incentive.

    Make your coffee, and smile as they begrudgingly scan.

    • …and leave that steaming coffee on the counter and walk out if they say:

      • scanner not working
      • we are not participating
      • you will need to call head office
      • barcode doesn't scan

        or any other bullshit these people make up

    • I am pretty convinced that certain stores remove their stock of free items for the day each time. The other day I went to a 7/11 to claim the Dare Iced Coffee, and the store I went to had 2 full rows of the item and the girl who served me told me how she thinks the free stuff on the app is great. I then got my partner to text me a screenshot of her barcode to get her one, but rather than hit that store again, I just drove down the the next 7/11 which is about 700m down the road, and the fridge was fully stocked with everything except for the Caramel Dare's. The guy at the counter didn't sound impressed when I asked if they had any and he told me that they apparently 'sold out' straight away.

  • Need to urgebtly find a 7/11 today….. Thanks.

  • Sweet, it was time for my morning coffee as I saw this.

  • I actually like 7-11 coffee tbh. especially considering the price! :)

  • Field Report (Sydney CBD):

    I went to one 7-11 (466 George St) and there was a crowd of people around the coffee machine so I bailed and went to another (corner Pitt and Bathurst). Free coffee obtained.


  • Great day for hot coffee in Melbourne

  • 33°C here and grabbing a hot coffee. But hey, it's free!

  • When your local 7/11 attendant says "keep the barcode for this arvo, you can have this one for free". Made my morning.

  • Not a fan of a hot coffee during a 44c day neither am I a fan of drinking a frozen coke in Antarctica lol i'll pass.

    • actually, they say that it is better to do the items you've mentioned since your body counteracts the stimulus (i.e., if you drink hot coffee, your body cools itself). i have tested this and can confirm - it doesn't work for me :)