expired Sony PlayStation PSVR $200 @ Target


Just spotted this in Target in the Myer centre in Brisbane CBD.
PSVR only, no camera or other accessories.
Don't know which version PSVR this is.
Didn't see this deal on Target's website so assume it's in store only

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Target Australia

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    U should have tried getting camera and vr worlds in same trans it may have come up as a deal

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    Nice shorts :D

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    Think I saw this at my local in SA too a week or so ago. Still can't get myself to get it.

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    There's been a number of deals on the world's bundle with astrobot recently with JB having the lowest at 229. 200 seems a bit expensive for the lack of a camera and games


    Newbie question here…what’s with needing the camera?

    I thought you just needed the headset.

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      Also whats the difference between v1 and v2? has anyone used both and have comments on the cables and if it's a big deal as I already have a camera anyway..

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        At this point, definitely aim to get a V2 as there isn't really a price difference between them (plenty of V2 deals popped up towards the end of last year, around the $200 mark). V1 works fine, but V2 is more refined; better headphone integration, lighter cable, HDR passthrough support (for PS4 pro).

        That being said, I have a V1 and still think its great.

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      The camera is used for head tracking - it uses the lights on the headset to track your head position in 3D space.

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    This is not a good deal without the camera. I got the astrobot v2 psvr deal $229 - that's a 29 dollar game and camera included with camera that is needed really to track move controllers or aim controller etc.

    You need the camera for it to work.

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      I was going to get that but JB pulled the deal before the promotion was due to finish.


        You missed out, mate! It’s the best thing I’ve bought in a long time.
        Astro Bot is crazy fun


          Not my fault JB doesn't honor what they advertise.

          I had a week to buy it. So I waited to see if Amazon or someone else would match their deal or better. Then they pulled it after 2 days. Probably ran out of stock. But they could have still kept the price even if sold out, so that others can price match them.

          It's dodgy, and in a way I'm glad to not give them my money. Been a very long time since I've bought something from JB now that I think about it.


            @lostn: I had a good experience with jb. When i picked it up i got 2 copies of red dead redemption price match amazon. I way prefer to buy of a store pays people in my area so we can all spend locally and support local jobs.

            When I was at the store i overheard one staff member say to a customer that they didn't have the best prices on some smart speaker brand in the store. Nice of him to say i thought.

            Some stores have to move a certain number of stock to get rebates for the month so they sell under cost to get the rebate. Then every item after that they sell the allotted number cost them profit.

            Anyway for any one who gets it make sure you get move controllers and beat saber. By far the most fun. Firewall zero hour with the aim controller is also great.

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      This. Without the camera it would need to be, I dunno, $150ish. Don't buy.

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        Unless you can point to a better(current) deal, your neg is invalid.


          It's a fair neg I think unless you already have the camera and even then…

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            @stonkered: There are voting guidelines and this doesn’t seem to meet them. So not really a fair neg.


              @snagseb: If he doesn't think this price for this product is good value for money, if he doesn't think it's a bargain, then isn't that a fair reason to neg?

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                @AustriaBargain: Unless I’ve misinterpreted the guidelines(possible) then, no. I personally wouldn’t buy this either. But this IS the cheapest deal around for this particular product.


                  @snagseb: The 512GB iPhone XS Max is usually $2000+ and even if that is the best price for that product, it doesn't make it a bargain.


                    @lostn: Not everyone shares that view. The iPhone is still one of the most popular phones on the planet and if you can post a deal here to get it the cheapest price available, then yeah, it’s a ‘bargain’. Isn’t that what this site is about? Obtaining an item at the cheapest price? Does the neg meet the guidelines? If so, can you explain why because I may have misinterpreted them.


                      @snagseb: If all you need to do is post the current cheapest price, the site would become inundated with posts, most of which are meaningless spam. Amazon adjusts prices by a few cents constantly. If there's going to be an update any time there's a slight decrease in price, the volume would be insane and it would be difficult to sift through everything to find genuine good deals.

                      The Apple RRP might actually be the lowest price at times due to how tightly they control pricing. Is that worth making a post for?

                      Isn’t that what this site is about? Obtaining an item at the cheapest price?

                      No, it is not. It is about obtaining items at a 'good' price. Undercutting Apple by 10 cents, while technically might make it the cheapest price, it does not make it a 'good' price. People don't buy an item just because it's the cheapest price. If it's expensive, they wait for an even better price. Just because it's cheapest doesn't make it worth buying at that price. It just means no one has a good price for it at this time.

                      There's a reason you don't see deals on Ferraris or luxury cars, even at the current cheapest price, even if someone has it for $1000 cheaper than the next cheapest price. Because that price is still not a good price to buy a car for most people.


                        @lostn: I get what you’re saying. But you didn’t answer my question on the guidelines, that’s really all I was disputing. And this ‘meaningless spam’ post has 61 upvotes.


                          @snagseb: I'm not saying this post is meaningless spam. I'm saying if someone makes a post whenever the current lowest price has decreased by 10 cents, you are going to get hundreds of pages of posts per day, instead of ~5 meaningful pages.

                          Guidelines are open to interpretation and discretion based on common sense. The letter of the law is not always as helpful as the spirit of the law.

                          In my view, a small discount from RRP is not worthy of a post. But how you define small is up to the individual.


                            @lostn: Ok. Just purely out of curiosity, what part of the guidelines would you say you interpreted to justify this downvote? May help me understand the downvotes on my comments.


        Camera separately is too much and this product isn't really of use without the camera.

        Ok, so I didn't write a detailed calculation incorporating the high price of the camera when bought separately. I'm still not going to.


    There's one left at Target Clifton Beach too

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