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Melbourne to Ayers Rock (Uluru) from $170 Return on Jetstar @ Skyscanner via FlightScout


Jetstar to Ayer's Rock from Melbourne. You can often get it on sale just over $200, but this is from $170ish at a decent time of the year too.

A range of dates, from Feb to May but I wouldn't go in Feb - April was hot enough when I went. That May date at that price is pretty great!

Airline: Jetstar
From: MEL To : AYQ (Ayer's Rock)
On Skyscanner, but I use FlightScout to show lots of dates.

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  • Rock climb closure effective 26/10/2019

    • Better get in quick then

      • Likely will not make a difference, they don't let you climb it most days anyway .. its either too hot, too windy, or any old other excuse to close the climb.
        Then they use the excuse that virtually no visitors want to climb it to close the climb all together.

        • The Indigionous owners have asked people not to climb it. There is a giant sign at the base of the climbing area explaining the distress and offence it causes ….. I'm amazed me that people still do it.

          I was there a couple of months ago, most people don't climb it…i only saw a handful of people waiting for the gate to be opened in the morning by the ranger.

  • The Segway tours around the base of the rock are great fun ;)

  • Only MEL ?

  • Are there any activities in Uluru that aren’t a total rip off?

    • Walking around the base, climbing the rock, viewing the sunrise/sunset, head down the Olgas and do the walks there, there's not much else to do out there, lol

      The 2.5 hour segway tour was $130, a bit pricey but worth it IMO, especially if you haven't used a segway before..

  • We camped in the camping ground at the base and I climbed Ayer's rock as a 10 year old was a great experience. The good old days before everyone became so sensitive and politically correct🙂

    • Uluru has been in the possession of the current owners for at least 30,000 years. They have a few more bragging rights (and actual rights) than you do.

      • Wasn't bragging at all just stating how it was when we went their in the 80's compared to how restrictive things seem to have gotten.

        • Like pointing out the good old days you could steal things and now it’s somehow forbidden.

          • @pizzaguy: Bob was commenting on the good old days from his perspective. From the Uluru owners' perspective it was quite the opposite.

            That's what I meant about bragging rights.

    • School trip, climbed it in 80's also.
      I want to go one more time before it's locked forever, take kids etc