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Half-Price Lunch with Drink Purchase 11am-2pm Daily @ 7-Eleven


Get a slurpee and a sausage roll for $2.50, everyday between 11am and 2pm

Makes for a cheap lunch. For lowest cost, use either a slurpee or a $1 coffee for the drink.

Fine print:
Half price offer only applicable to sandwiches, bagels, subs,sushi,wraps, salads, pies, pastries, burritos, sausage rolls, dim sims and ready meals when purchased in conjunction with any drink between 11am and 2pm while stocks last. Limit of 1 half price product for each drink purchased. Range and variety may bary by store. Offer valid daily between 11am and 2pm only from Tuesday 29th January until Monday 25th February 2019 25/3.

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    Hits and memories from last promotion:

    • scanner is not working
    • your voucher doesn't scan
    • we don't participate in promotions
    • system is being upgraded (cant scan)
    • deal is expired now
    • That's only in (other state)
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      • Slurpee/coffee machine not working.
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        Hard to argue when you've got the drink sitting on the counter in front of you

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          or just get an empty cup, still worth it.

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        If the coffee machine is not working they are supposed to supply a voucher for free coffee on next visit..

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      My local 7/11s were terrible during the free promos, but they're usually okay with this half-price deal. Can't hide all the sandwiches at least.

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      Don't forget:
      Pies and sausage rolls not warm yet.
      We've run out.

    • All above can be resolved and if lucky then a gift card if you dial their feedback number.

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      I like these 7-Eleven deals because it gives me a chance to bash 7-Eleven promo practices in a not-for-profit victim support group forum.

      Victims of #7ElevenDishonouredDeals stand united. 💪

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      You must have had some rough stores. I've never had a voucher refused and one time a voucher refused to scan, the operator did a manual override.

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        Don't focus on them. My deals always seem to attract a bunch of Negative Nigels. I'm pretty sure they just make stuff up for the attention.

    • I had the opposite experience at my nearest 7-Eleven (I'm in Sydney). Whenever I popped in to buy just a Slurpee, almost every time, they would point out the promotion of the half-price lunch and asked if I wanted to get something to go along with my Slurpee as well.

    • Maybe they know your user name ?

  • Anyone have any idea what the butter chicken is like?

  • Good stuff, I'd use this for lunch if I were working near a 7 Eleven.

  • Does this work with the free coffee deal?

    • I doubt it as says that you need to purchase a drink. But I've never tried so you could give it a shot.

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        The standard get a discounted cake with any coffee purchase doesn't stack with the free coffee deals.

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    Just got this for lunch myself…. bottle of water and triple sandwich… $5.50.

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    What I usually do is I take the items to the counter to scan first to make sure the discount goes through. So if it's a deal for a drink, I would take the empty cup (be it coffee or slurpee) and/or any side products (spider ice cream bar recently or lunch in this case) and get it scanned through/paid for. Then I'll go make the drink and make eye-contact and a quick "thanks mate" on the way out.

    • I always do the same thing. With birthday deals as well.

      But next time around I'm going to grab a sausage roll 3 days in advance and stick it in the warm recess behind the coffee machine. We'll see who's laughing that day.

      (P.S. This is a joke OzB. Don't go dying like that Belgian guy from 5 day old spaghetti).

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    last time my local 7 eleven can't scan the code or the shelf empty

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    Can't say I've had any of the issues listed above redeeming this deal last time, or any of the recent free offers (aside from not being able to find a few of the less common items).

    Maybe the Brisbane franchisees are nicer than down south!

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    I love this deal, thanks OP. Always goes great with their iced coffee.

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    Used it last time in our local 7 eleven no dramas…
    Good deal…

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    I have very little issues with 711 deals at my local. Just to balance out the other comments somewhat.

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      A naysayer! Bake him away, toys!

      In my area the staff don't give a toss, are friendly and very supportive. It's only the "same guy everyday" (owner?) stores where I've had attitude. But some people are just like that. I know for a fact the owners understock some items since staff tell me they like to score freebies as well and always miss out despite doing the graveyard shift.

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    I miss the $2 sandwich deals.

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      Every Wednesday during the month. No time restriction and no other purchase required. Bring it back 7-eleven!

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      and $2 Friday Pie-day.

  • some of the 7/11s have a warming oven/draw under the main machine. if stock is gone in the main display then check there.

  • Grabbed a butter chicken and slurpee for $4.50. Not bad! Great at half price!

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    Offer has been extended until March 25 :)

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