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TabletHookz Seatback Holder for iPad (+ Other Devices) in Black. £11.99 GBP/~$22AUD (Was £19.99/~$36.70) Plus Delivery


Having just travelled to Melbourne on Virgin Australia and needing to hold my phone while using their in-flight BYOD entertainment system, which caused neck pain, I've been looking for something that I can attach to the back of the seat to hold my iPad when I fly with them again later this year. (please no negs for my choice of airline).

First I found The Airhook. It's similar in design (attaching to a locked tray table), but I personally don't think the design holds up too well should the person in front recline (thanks to their video showing this). Thankfully a reviewer of that product on Amazon called out TabletHookz.

Landing on the TabletHookz site, I found they have a sale on for a limited time. Unfortunately I can't see when it ends.

Blue, Red & Green are slightly more at £14.99 GBP/~$27.50AUD

3 levels of delivery:
* International Economy/slow Shipping - (please allow 10-61 days for some countries) - £5.99 GBP
* International Standard shipping - Aim 5-7 working days - (Please allow upto 20 working days for delivery depending on destination country) - £6.99 GBP
* ** RECOMMENDED ** - Tracked shipping (faster - montior your Tablethookz journey) - £11.99 GBP

Taken directly from their site:
Create your own seat-back, hands-free, entertainment with TabletHookz ®
TabletHookz are a secure mounting that allow you to mount your tablet, phone and even a Nintendo Switch games console to the back of a seat. Uses include on airlines, trains and in the car. This means you can create your own hands-free seatback entertainment on the go. TabletHookz can also be used as a secure traditional device stand.

This item includes
1 x TabletHookz Set, 1 x Soft Microfibre carry pouch, 1 x Car Adapter Kit, 1x Instructions, 1 x Box.

We only have limited stock remaining on our limited edition red, green & blue TabletHookz.

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    If you rotate the latch of the tray table to point upwards, it holds a phone in place at eye level, as long as you don’t mind the tray table being down.


      Cheers. Will remember for future travel. For the next flight, I'm taking the iPad for better viewing so wanted something. There is of course the cheap and easy piece of string around the case when folded open, then hooked over the seat in front, but I don't trust the magnet on the smart case I have.


      The tray latch doesn't rotate upwards?

      eg: https://www.chatelaine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/airpla...


    I'm not sure about this one when it comes to mounting it in a car. For me it's a safety issue. I wouldn't feel comfortable with that setup in front of my kid.

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    I can't wrap my head around why virgin don't have tablet/phone holders on the back of their seats. Or at least why they don't provide some. Thanks OP I was searching for something like this for my last trip.

    Protip you can use your phone in a sandwich bag and clip it with the tray latch - make a hole for the headphones and it should dangle at eye height - although never tried it myself.

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      Might overheat though? Nothing a couple of holes at the top wouldn't address, but I actually like this idea for a convenient travel hack.


    I pop my S8+ in the seat pocket, with the screen facing upwards. Works alright.

    Do the same with my 360 hinge laptop, keyboard in the pocket and screen hanging out.


      Sounds like a similar angle if not worse than when I was holding my phone. Wasn't too comfortable on the back of the next but if it's comfortable for others, definitely worth a go.


    Saw this on the British TV show, Buy It Now. It was invented by a pilot and looked pretty sturdy and secure. Also has a range of positions to keep it level should the person in front recline their seat.


      The range of positions to keep it level is what sold it to me over other competitors, as well as the discount!!