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TabletHookz Seatback Holder for iPad (+ Other Devices) in Black. £11.99 GBP/~$22AUD (Was £19.99/~$36.70) Plus Delivery


Having just travelled to Melbourne on Virgin Australia and needing to hold my phone while using their in-flight BYOD entertainment system, which caused neck pain, I've been looking for something that I can attach to the back of the seat to hold my iPad when I fly with them again later this year. (please no negs for my choice of airline).

First I found The Airhook. It's similar in design (attaching to a locked tray table), but I personally don't think the design holds up too well should the person in front recline (thanks to their video showing this). Thankfully a reviewer of that product on Amazon called out TabletHookz.

Landing on the TabletHookz site, I found they have a sale on for a limited time. Unfortunately I can't see when it ends.

Blue, Red & Green are slightly more at £14.99 GBP/~$27.50AUD

3 levels of delivery:
* International Economy/slow Shipping - (please allow 10-61 days for some countries) - £5.99 GBP
* International Standard shipping - Aim 5-7 working days - (Please allow upto 20 working days for delivery depending on destination country) - £6.99 GBP
* ** RECOMMENDED ** - Tracked shipping (faster - montior your Tablethookz journey) - £11.99 GBP

Taken directly from their site:
Create your own seat-back, hands-free, entertainment with TabletHookz ®
TabletHookz are a secure mounting that allow you to mount your tablet, phone and even a Nintendo Switch games console to the back of a seat. Uses include on airlines, trains and in the car. This means you can create your own hands-free seatback entertainment on the go. TabletHookz can also be used as a secure traditional device stand.

This item includes
1 x TabletHookz Set, 1 x Soft Microfibre carry pouch, 1 x Car Adapter Kit, 1x Instructions, 1 x Box.

We only have limited stock remaining on our limited edition red, green & blue TabletHookz.

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  • If you rotate the latch of the tray table to point upwards, it holds a phone in place at eye level, as long as you don’t mind the tray table being down.

  • I'm not sure about this one when it comes to mounting it in a car. For me it's a safety issue. I wouldn't feel comfortable with that setup in front of my kid.

  • I can't wrap my head around why virgin don't have tablet/phone holders on the back of their seats. Or at least why they don't provide some. Thanks OP I was searching for something like this for my last trip.

    Protip you can use your phone in a sandwich bag and clip it with the tray latch - make a hole for the headphones and it should dangle at eye height - although never tried it myself.

    • +1 vote

      Might overheat though? Nothing a couple of holes at the top wouldn't address, but I actually like this idea for a convenient travel hack.

  • I pop my S8+ in the seat pocket, with the screen facing upwards. Works alright.

    Do the same with my 360 hinge laptop, keyboard in the pocket and screen hanging out.

    • Sounds like a similar angle if not worse than when I was holding my phone. Wasn't too comfortable on the back of the next but if it's comfortable for others, definitely worth a go.

  • Saw this on the British TV show, Buy It Now. It was invented by a pilot and looked pretty sturdy and secure. Also has a range of positions to keep it level should the person in front recline their seat.

    • The range of positions to keep it level is what sold it to me over other competitors, as well as the discount!!