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German Grain / Flour Stone Mill by Wolfgang Mock €142 (~$225 AUD) Delivered @ Mock Mill


There is no domestic kitchen stone grain mill for this price anywhere.The baker in your life will love you for it.

You can google the benefits of grinding your your own grain.

I think the price discount of 40 euros for model 100 ends midnight tonight (31/1/2019) German time.

Prices change after you have created online account with an Australian address and added item to cart. DHL delivery shows $0.

Make sure you choose the Australian plug.

These sell for USD399 plus shipping on international websites

https://mockmill.com/int/mockmill-100 (100 grams / minute) for 142 Euros (around AUD $225)

https://mockmill.com/int/mockmill-200 (200 grams / minute) for 217 Euros (around AUD $347)

Product is not available domestically in Australia

Skippys is the only business that sells other domestic kitchen stone mills in Aussie.

Please do your research. Thanks.

Note: this was a price error and people are being asked for an additional €30 for shipping (normally supposedly €50)

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  • Looks great but that 6 year warranty apply in Australia? Also can it handle wet/soaked lintels?

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      Grain mills are always dry mills.

    • Looks great but that 6 year warranty apply in Australia?

      You can send it to Germany, but I'm sure you cover the return postage.

      • You can send it to Germany, but I'm sure you cover the return postage.

        Their payment options include Paypal! This means that Paypal will reimburse for returns postage (I think there's a maximum limit per postage, and per year) so long as the free returns doohickey has been activated in Paypal.

        • The only cover up to $45 or so, which is probably less than half of what it'd cost to send this back but better than nothing.

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      There is a Panasonic (stone) wet grinder on Amazon India for just over $100.

  • Looks good. BTW I am thinking can we use the coffee grinder to grind flour?

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      Yes, you can. I used to do this as a kid. In Germany, coincidentally.

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      You can do it (ignoring the requirement to clean the grinder), but may require putting it through a few times and the resulting flour will be quite coarse and it will take a while to do. Coffee grinders are either conical burr (the expensive ones) or blades (the cheapies and not really a grinder but more a high speed chopper). As an aside, they are also good for spices although you would never want to use the one machine to do both spices and coffee. Milling flour uses a crushing action to get the very fine flour, which is not really what a coffee grinder does although the conical burr is pretty close. Basically, if you have nothing else then absolutely. The reverse is also true - you can use a flour mill to grind coffee, although the resulting crushed coffee may lose oils in the process and thus flavour.

      In either case, keep in mind the effort required to clean the machine afterwards, the amount of time it will take to actually process enough flour, and the risk of damaging the machine.

    • Coffee grinders - even the expensive ones are really only designed to run in short bursts. Check the specs for the manufacturer’s work cycle. Most will talk about intermittent use only.

      My grinder runs for about 11 seconds to produce one dose of coffee. I suspect you will burn out the coffee machine trying to do a lot of flour. Also as someone else has said the burrs will get very hot, especially without the oil from the coffee beans.

  • I don't believe that they can. The milling temperature will be too high and will destroy the nutrition. Check Google. Volumes will also be an issue. Coffee beans are relatively oily and machines will need to be thoroughly cleaned before you can do grain.

    • I think he/she is asking to use a coffee grinder they have already to grind grain, not to use this to grind hot coffee.

      But yes, having used a manual coffee grinder to grind flour for baking, it does take a while.

  • Thanks OP..! Does anyone know where one can buy white maize kernels in 5 kg bags for example? Would love to grind my own whole grain as the stuff in the shops is sifted and over processed

  • With PayPal fees the mockmill-200 comes out as $363.68 AUD dollars

    • Yeah, PayPal exchange rates are always a rip off.

      • Select the option to use card provider conversion rates in PayPal and if U have 28degrees card #winning.

        • That depends on transaction, I believe, and if you can choose who does the conversion, it should be possible with all cards. (I'm not an expert)

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            @pizzaguy: You could always choose who does the currency conversion while using Paypal.

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    Apologies for the newbie question: aside from the cost, I presume that the main advantage of milling your own flour (as opposed to buying wholegrain flour) is freshness and the fact that grain has a longer shelf life than flour?

    • Freshly milled grain is to be used in 3 days. After that the vitamins, etc are lost.

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        Where do they go?

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          How would he danielsnz know/ After all they are lost.

        • Vitamin heaven.

      • Thanks OP.

  • Thanks bought 10

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    Great now I just need to grow my own grain!

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    Awesome! I'm going to mill my own grains to make my bread. Then build my own wind turbine to power my mill, then smelt my own steel to build my wind turbine, then mine my own iron ore to…

    …stuff it, bread is $1 a loaf at woolies.

    • Haha

    • +3

      I once almost bought a book about making a salad sandwich from scratch. But the first bit put me off.

      "First you are going to have to create the universe"

  • Thanks OP! I've been taking a look to the Mockmill vs Komo for a while and this is the perfect excuse to buy one Mockmill (I order the 200).

  • How about a hand grinder as a lower cost entry to grain milling. Id only ever need 500g at a time for my bread making

    • They're a lot of work to get fine flour out of, you'd want to be ready for a workout every time.

  • im not that secure in regards to my kitchen skills…is there a version that wont mock me?

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    Does this work with Australian grain or only German?

  • I've made nut/buckwheat/linseed flour from using my processor. Will this not work for real grains?

    • See comments from PlasticSpaceman in thread above

  • Where does one buy whole grains?

    • Kakulas in Perth. Also a place in Canning Vale.

    • affordable wholefoods is online, they're pretty good with range if you don't have a good wholefoods store in your area.

    • This place looks good: https://www.affordablewholefoods.com.au/product-category/gra...

      Not bought from there myself yet but will be doing so in the very near future.

  • I'm interested in using this to process grain for brewing. Need to crack the grain, not grind it. Apparently a credit-card's thickness between the rollers is ideal. Any idea if this is suitable?

    • Website says 30 settings.

    • for the $, you could buy a quality 'designed for purpose' grain mill for brewing

  • Thoughts about using this to grind coffee beans fine enough for turkish coffee?

  • Is ot hard to make white flour from whole grain?

    • I believe most white flour goes through some bleaching process, not sure what exactly it is or how you would go about it at home.

      I buy all sorts of fancy flour and the least processed is typically unbleached wholegrain, which is a light brown.

  • Can this thing grind soy beans and chickpeas?

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    Thank you for your order of the Mockmill. It has been brought to our attention that there has been a technical problem in our online shop. The shop has not charged shipping fees in this case which are normally €48 per mill, due to this technical issue and as a gesture of goodwill we can offer a shipping cost of €30.
    We would ask you kindly to advise if you wish to proceed with this order or do you want to cancel this.
    If you would like to proceed we will then in turn send you a paypal request for the €30.

    We thank you for your understanding in this matter and assure your of our close cooperation at all times.

    • I'm expiring this deal as it is clearly a price error and the actual cost is much higher.

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      Got this as well! Anyone receive shipping confirmation without the extra fee?

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      We could ask them if they are willing to ship 4 at a time at a reduced rate? Anyone interested?

  • The Wondermill is a much better flour / grain mill with Australian warranty and service… https://www.wondermill.com.au
    They also sell grains as well, so you can get your wheat from them also.

    • and the Wonder Mill Junior can also can grind coffee beans…
      Heres all the grains and beans it can grind… http://www.willitgrind.com/

    • Does anyone actually sell this? The wondermill shop is currently down for maintenance…?

      • There are many resellers Australia wide that sell that product.

        • Are any online? I'm trying to work out their pricing?

    • Wonder mill is an impact mill and not a stone mill. So it mills at higher temperatures. Also it’s footprint on the kitchen bench top is much bigger.

      • Did you end up paying the extra shipping or did you manage to get it for free?

      • The wondermill junior is a stone mill..

  • +3

    I'm getting one with shipping. I figured it's still a good deal for around half the price of Skippy's cheapest offering.

    • agreed

      • Hi @haru and @Phildoot, Did you order the mockmill? Have any of you receive it? Mine has been waiting in 'IPZ-Ffm, Deutschland' since the 06.02.2019 and nothing happen since then…

        Mi, 06.02.2019 19:37 IPZ-Ffm, Deutschland
        Die Sendung wird ins Zielland transportiert und dort an die Zustellorganisation übergeben.

        Google translate
        Wed, 06.02.2019 19:37 IPZ-Ffm, Germany
        The consignment is transported to the destination country and handed over to the delivery organization.

  • I got mine on Tuesday 12/2 by Australia Post.

    • How did you find yours was calibrated? Mine starts to make the scrapping sound just before 2 (moving from 3) and at 1 was quite loud. Recalibrated so it just starts to scrape at 1 but the flour is a bit more coarse.

      • I loosened it all the way 3 times and then came back in. Flour is fine.

      • See the video on their website.

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