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'Bose Soundsport Free' Wireless Headphones - Black $206.10 Delivered @ Amazon AU


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Bose Soundsport Free for roughly $181, bringing it closer to this possible lowest price.

Beoplay E8 available for $297 making it roughly $260 after cashback. Possibly the lowest price on record. - PRICE UP TO $335 NOW

JB Hi Fi sells the E8 for $499. LOL

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  • These look massive on the ears.

  • New airpods round the corner!

  • I'm looking for quality wireless earphones (not cans), are these on par with the Bose QC35II and Sony XM3?
    If not, what should I be looking for?

    [EDIT] I am currently using the Bose QC20i Noise Cancelling In Ear Headphones and they're fantastic but the wires are a nuisance.

    • I assume you use your mobile phone to play MP3, spotiy etc. If you care about sound quality, wired headphone is the way. Bluetooth is applying compression on top of data compression (MP3). Nowdays I even use separate portable MP3 player that does upscalling + twin DAC, and use cable on my bluetooth headphone.

    • Similar, but the noise isolation is fairly poor

    • I'm sure you already know the QC30 is supposed to be the wireless equivalent of the QC20, but they have their own issues. The SoundSports sound great, but they're not noise cancelling so that's a big difference from the QC20. Quite the opposite: they let a lot of sound in, which I found frustrating. I also have the QC20i and personally I went to the Sony XM3. I miss having earbuds but couldn't settle on a good one.

  • The Bose sound good but I returned mine after I discovered they will only play audio from phone calls in one ear and they do not intend on fixing/changing this.

    • Own one.

      Agree that sound quality is great and phone audio output to one earbud is annoying.

      Being unable to pair with the samsung tv is another put-off. My cheap meizu ep51 paired well but not the bose ?

      Anyway good price.

    • YEah, it seems to be a common issue with these type of wireless headphones. With it able to stream the bluetooth audio to both units, but not phone audio to both. Guess it's due to the fact only one unit is actually paired to the device, and the other is bridged to the primary unit.

  • does anyone has exp with B&O
    its $ 270.00 now with ebay 10%
    really good deal i guess

  • I have these. I really like them, they sound good and battery life is pretty good.

    It doesn’t stick out as bad as some others make it out to be. But obviously depends individually.

    My biggest issue is comfort. The small earbuds are way to small and just fall off my ears. The medium is a little too big that my ear starts to hurt quite a bit after a while. So not sure how to get past this. I don’t see any other way around, othet than to limit my use to hourly then breaks after. But that defeats the purpose of having them in the first place.

    • Mini review here:

      I have them and am happy with mine also. Agree they stick out a bit and my wife calls me Shrek though I still wear them around the shops/street/public transport.

      I found the Medium tips didn't fit properly and they fell out. The large is an absolutely perfect fit for me. They don't fall out even if I shake my head. Long term wear is comfortable.
      For those considering fit, I used to fit the Bose Soundsport Ultra wired buds in Medium so the sizing is a little different with the "Free's".

      Sound quality is really quite good. There is multiple device support (up to 10) with a press of the button on the left earpiece to cycle through devices (I switch between Macbook, iPhone, iPad).

      One annoyance. When I'm on a call and another comes it, the Bose voice prompt reads the caller name or caller ID number over the top of the phone call I'm on! You can disable the voice prompt via the app though it then won't tell you battery charge % or which device it's attached to. If another Ozb user knows how to fix that, I'll donate to their favourite charity!

  • Is it just me or is the B&O amazon price now 449?!

    • Yeah! looks like they changed that to $449. Black is available for $335, which is higher than what it was when I made the post

  • .. deleted.

  • Apparently these aren't great for Youtube as seems to have 2sec delay

  • Check out this headphone if you want a solid true wireless product for a good price. Aussie brand Audiofly who have a pro audio background so sound quality for music stacks up against the big boys, simple to use, compact and decent quality. On sale at JB Hi-Fi for $99 from $149. ***Disclaimer: I am a wholesaler so opinion is slightly biased, but check them out, we have several premium brands (some mentioned above) and these things punch well above their weight.


  • Anyone comment on how sweatproof/rainproof these are? I'm not an overly sweaty person but I will be running in QLD with them so sweat is gonna be a thing and I'm seeing some posts from people saying they're on their third pair due to failures from working out in them.

  • I have both these and if I were to pick just one it'd be the b&o. Both have great sound and the bose is somewhat water resistant, but the b&o have a nicer design, case, and app.