Are Flagship Phones Worth It in 2019?

I currently have my 3 year old Galaxy S7, and have owned Samsung flagships every year or two since the S2 (including the S4 and S6). However at the time it would've been purchased for <$1000. I used to tell myself it was worth investing more into a device you use everyday but the mid-tier ones are increasingly closing the gaps with flagships and are value for money.

I've been holding out for a new phone, likely the 10th anniversary S10. However I don't know whether I am willing to fork out the estimated $1,500 RRP for the new model (up to $2,000 for the S10+ model). Admittedly the only reason I am holding out for a new phone is because of battery otherwise my S7 is perfectly fine!

So my question is how many of you still think flagships are worth the money or whether you have have now opted for a mid-range or other now (and what are you using?)

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    No - But guilty of owning one


    • Yikes 5 years old… just out of curiosity, which phone is that? An iphone or android? I am assuming you've already had a battery replacement at least once too?

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        iphone 6, september 2014 so not quite 5 yet, but that's when i plan on replacing it.

        Original screen, original battery, no case and no screen protector.

        I use it all day while at work as a media player, I normally have youtube open and listen to presentations/talks or screen off and an audiobook playing.

        • That's exactly what my partner did with their iPhone 5s and finally upgraded to XS last month :)

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            @johnnybravo: I figure if I can hold out until September, I’ll get they’re next generation phone, or the current gen will at least be cheaper

            • @Slippage: Yeah, great idea. For them, the XS was a massive upgrade from the 5S so it was really worth it.

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      Yikes! I prefer spending the $400 every couple of years buying a Chinese flagship. Can resell, less theft risk etc. Not to mention the tech tends to drift down pretty damn quick.

      • Your $400 Chinese phone probably has no resale value though lol and it will be hit and miss on quality/interface.

        I have a work colleague who loves he’s one+’s, he’s been through 4 of them in the time I’ve had my phone and has always upgraded due to hardware failure, so no resales value.

        Theft isn’t an issue for me…

        What trickle down tech have you got (that is actually beneficial) that my old phone doesn’t have?

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          1) Depends on the phone whether it has resale or not. Cheap generic won't but if it has a few special features…

          2) Hardware failure can VERY much be avoided if you do your research!

          3) No thief is going to steal a unique phone, or a very stupid one will… alot harder to get rid of for them

          4) IP69… google it. Although really it's not 'trickle down' tech, China is leading the world in regards to it. Trickle down tech is more in regards to chipsets etc. Considering some of the prices factories in China pay for certain chips it's a no brainer for them at certain price points to just fit them to all of their phones instead of saving just a few cents on the lower end models. The 'trickle down' tech depends on the phone model itself but usually the build quality improves rapidly due to improvement in production processes on the flagship models.

          • @kronicmacstigator: But hurt much?

            1) wont find “special features” on a cheap Chinese phone, unless you count the Chinese government listening in as a feature

            2) failure happen, no matter how good you plan. You think Apollo 1 wasn’t researched?

            3) I think you hang around some shady people if theft is on you list of which phone to buy

            4) I know exactly what ip69 is, what the hell are you doing with you phone? Swimming with it? 😂

            It’s ok to admit that you like to feel superior buy having “latest tech”, but eventually you’ll realize that new isn’t always better and you don’t always need more.

            • @Slippage: 1) Sorry? Depends on what you need, there is plenty that isn't available generally on the Australian market
              2) Of course failures happen, just ask Samsung and Apple how many units they need to replace. I can guarantee that a decent Chinese brand will have less failures (if you are willing to pay the dimes)
              3) Hang around some shady people? I used to study law enforcement… crime was always on my mind
              4) No… I have it on the dash 12 hours a day exposed to stupidly high temp. Not to mention if my phone gets water damage I may kiss goodbye to $300 earnings that day!

              I don't need to feel superior, if it does the job it does the job… what makes me feel good is paying 1/3 to 1/5 the price others are paying for flagships. Hell… the phone I am currently using is about 6 years old. I do need to replace it (response times for jobs is the reason) but it still works

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    Buying a used 2 to 3 year old flagship phone is a great way to own one for a fraction of the price.

    In the last 6 months I have bought a Samsung S7 working perfectly with one small crack in corner for just $170 and Samsung S6 in perfect condition for just $140.

    You dont need to pay for the latest and the greatest to have one of the best.

    • I'd never touch either of those due to my needs in the field but if I didn't NEED a waterproof phone… damn you got a bargain! Plus from me!

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    Depends how much your paying for it. I went from an S7 to an S9 with Telstra and I'm now paying less per month than the previous contract and also went from 3GB data to 30GB data for less money. The price difference between an S9 and a cheaper lower spec phone was less than $5 a month.
    And if you don't want to be on a contract you can get an S9 for less than $800. It was a worthy upgrade in my opinion and it's a great phone. Why people buy $2000 Iphone's and Pixel's is beyond me.

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    I generally waited for a cashback promo or 20% off Ebay and timed it with my overseas travel to claim TRS to offset the pain of paying full price for a flagship phone.

    I don't like being on a plan and always got my phone outright with prepaid simcard.

    I am on the phone for almost everything nowadays & it's the only expensive gadget that I have. That would be my 'poor' excuses for treating myself to an expensive phone.

  • Really depends on your budget and usage. I have a pocofone now but would have been still using my one plus two if it wasn't run over by a car. And I really don't want to buy anymore flagship s after my experience with the Lumia 950xl

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    I would never ever buy an Android phone for $1500 because for a fraction of the price, you are almost 90% there already. Besides I dont think Android makers do enough to justify such high prices. Run of the mill SOC's, open source software with their own garbage on top. The justification of their own prices is always the price of the iPhone and not how the phone and the software and its hardware is good.

  • Buy a Nokia/HMD phone instead of a flagship.

    It's got AndroidOne program, basically as close as you can get with stock Google Android. Comes with 2 years of guaranteed major OS upgrade, and 3 years of guaranteed security patches.

    My Nokia already got Android 9.0 Pie just a month or so after Pixel 3 got out. Other manufacturers, still pondering and thinking about it.

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    I am surprised no one has mentioned 5G technology yet.

    OP I would hold onto your current phone if it does everything you need right now and wait for the new wave of phones that will be 5G capable. With Telstra already commencing its 5G Network roll-out and other providers following suit spending over $1000 on a phone that will not be capable of next generation cellular networking would be a waste.

    You would have to get the Galaxy S10 X as its rumored to be the only 5G capable phone in the new Samsung fleet.

    • Thanks, that's actually a good point. Ideally I would want to hold onto my next phone for a few years and I would like to future proof (as much as you can in this forever changing mobile space) for a few years to come

      • I wouldn't worry about 5G for now. Do you check your 4G download / upload speed (i.e. the category level of your 4G) on your phone or when you purchase phones? Frankly, unless AUS mobile providers start to introduce unlimited mobile data plans like in Asia, having faster 5G speed won't mean much. With two flavours of 5G right now (official standard tries to accomodate both implementation, but we don't even know which one is better in real life yet), and this USA vs CHN (i.e. Huawei) thing going on, telcos will have to spend more on 5G equipments - which will only mean slower rollout.

        The first gen 5G chipset from Qualcomm is good marketing only. Sure, Qualcomm is the first to make a 5G chipset where its battery draining isn't ridiculous, but it is still not at a level that's ideal - that's one of the main reasons why most upcoming Android flagship phones not including 5G yet).

        Phones are starting to become medium term consumables. They need to be replaced every few years. How often you want to do it is entirely up to you.

        • Optus have already released 5G Unlimited Home Broadband plans for $70 so it will be interesting to see if we ever see unlimited plans on Mobile in the future (still feels like a pipe dream).

          Telstra spent $386 million on securing 5G spectrum and Vodaphone/TPG will be building their own 5G network with an estimated release of 2020.

          As I said before if you can wait a year OP I think it will be worth assessing the state of play (this is what I will be doing before I spend money on a top tier phone again).

    • Honestly, I don't need 1Gbps on my phone right now. In fact, I'm actually wondering what the use cases for these speeds on phones are - especially in the next 2 years, expected life of my next phone - that I can't do comfortably on 100Mbps. At the higher speeds, the range of 5G is less than LTE. I doubt I'd even see much benefit to 1Gbps on my home broadband, even though we have three video streams going quite regularly which is something I'd never do on my phone.

      • And that is fine, if there is no use case to justify data throughput over 100Mbps for your mobile then don't get it.

        But if OP is looking at upgrading his handset it would be amiss of me to not mention that a new wave of cellular technology is about to be rolled-out in less than 12 months that every telco in the country is spending big money on developing. I would be annoyed if I spent $1000 or more on a phone now and then a new iteration with 5G comes out in less than 6 months.

        • I agree it's worth mentioning. But I am genuinely curious about the use cases for other people's mobiles too?

          • @dazweeja: Web based apps would load so much faster. Going from 6S to XR to pixel 3 in a year, it feels like the limiting factor in flag ship performance is download/upload rate when using apps. My pixel 3 feels faster then the XR at loading web based apps despite the XR having the blazing fast A10X CPU. Local processing power on phones has reached saturation. Apple going with Intel for their network chips also didn't help.

    • -1

      Why? the majority of people don't do anything on a phone that 5G is going to be advantageous for? maybe in a few years that might make sense, but for now holding off for 5G is completely non sensical.

    • I remember when 3g first release, and my phone was blackberry at that time. Everytime I switch on the 3g, my battery would drain like crazy so I ended up turning off the 3g network. Then I also remember when 4g first come out, I was using Galaxy S4. At that time 4g data is still too expensive, so I ended up go with a plan with no 4g. My guess is that it'll be a couple of years before 5g is usable and benefitable for everyone. It doesn't make sense for you to hold out to get a 5g phone.

  • I've been on plans around $50 to $55 and have been for about 10 years now. As soon as I can upgrade the phone I do, to whatever the best deal is at the time, which is generally a flagship that is around two years old. Every time I get a new phone I am impressed by the upgrade (if not surprised because the phone has been around a while). While my phone isn't as objectively good as people who are getting the latest flagship, I still feel like I am upgrading, and the phone does everything I need. This year was the first time I have been off iPhone/Galaxy for a while, with a good value Pixel 2XL, which I think is great.

    By lagging behind in releases, you also get the benefit of having a well reviewed and travelled phone, meaning you are less likely to have regrets.

    The only thing against this is if you need a high quality phone for a specific application, which I can only imagine is high end mobile gaming. My opinion would be that if you save yourself $500 by being around two years behind on a phone, invest that money in a Switch for your commute, a decent powerbank to juice it up and you're laughing.

  • +3

    I have the original Pixel which cost a lot when it first came out. Didn't want to spend that much on a phone but I wanted something with a really good camera. If it broke today, I'd probably get the exact same one for around $200-250 on eBay since I'm still very happy with it. Or at the very least I'll get another older flagship since phones from 2-3 years ago are good enough for me whereas 2-3 years ago I didn't feel like older flagships were enough when compared to current flagships at the time.

    • Yeah good point - a two year old phone five years ago was missing a lot of features, but now the difference is mainly just performance.

      • +1

        I'd say the performance is really only noticeable in games and video editing too. None of the apps I use push the processor much at all.

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    I would not pay over $200 for a phone. I recently bought a used Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X from eBay for $120. It's got very good performance and battery life. The camera is not up to flagship standards, but theat's not an issue for me. If I wanted a better camera, I would buy a flagship from a few years ago. If I ever has issues with my phone, I can just buy another cheap phone to replace it. Becuase I don't need to be on a contract as I'm not paying off a phone, I just use prepaaid. I only pay $30 a month, but often I leave a few weeks before recharging, as I can still receive calls and texts onve my credit has expired.

    For most people, there is no need to have the latest flagship. Any flagship phone released in the last four years will have a very fast processor and excellent camera. Unless you need to play high end games, then there usually no need to have the latest phone with the fastest processor.

    • +1

      I think a consideration isn't just high end games for a 'fast' phone, but general performance. For the amount some people use their phones, I can absolutely understand them being happy to spend >$1000 on them. If the phone was one tenth of a second quicker to perform some function that you do fifty or more times a day (say, change or open an app), the time can add up over two years. You can 'get away with' a worse phone, but for some people they spend enough time on their phones that little things like this make a difference to them.

      • Sure, it's not just about gaming, but unless you really care about or need the best performance, you don't need an expensive phone, as you can get very good performance from a cheap one. The Note 9 is about four times faster than my Redmi Note 4X, but I'm more than happy with the speed of my phone.

  • Flagship mi Max 3, 100% worth it

  • I'm still waiting for note 9 to go down, currently I'm using note 4.

  • +3

    There is almost always better 'value for money' if move away from the 'big brands/names' this is true for almost everything ie bank loans, TVs, insurance, cars etc

    I'd like a Ferrari but in the end of the day a Toyota Camry will still get me to the same place and do the same thing for a whole lot less


    I have a S7 edge too and i would buy a Samsung again the warranty is good and i understand the interface as ive been using this phone for almost 4 years now the price difference for other phones with similar specs isnt large enough 'yet' for me to think of changing.

  • +1

    Just bought an s8 refurb for sub $400 and can't see the need for anything else. It ticks all boxes.

    • where from Buls?

  • +5

    No. Not generally. I sense that there is a plateau in the market coming, where it’s going to be increasingly difficult for manufacturers to market newer devices to customers, as the general degree of acceptability of functions such as the camera, video, battery etc is now at a standard where incrementally improved upon features are, IMO, largely unneeded by most consumers.

    For instance, take the camera function on most modern phones. We’re now seeing umpteen variations of lens configurations, but the reality is that most consumers are just looking to point and click.

    Now similarly, as a phone is, at this point, unable to replace the ergonomic practicality of either a laptop, or desktop computer, one cannot replace their larger screen, and keyboard with a phone. This represents a problem for makers of devices, in that they now want laptop level prices for their products, but their products don’t offer that degree of practicality, so instead we’re seeing things like foldable devices, which until the tech is significantly improved is nothing much short of a gimmick and at this point perhaps represents a less desirable device, if pure functionality is desired.

    There will probably always be a market for those whom wish to have the latest greatest mobile device, but the novelty value of annual upgrading is now no longer compatible with the prices makers demand, at least in Australia.

    I’m talking mainly about Apple here, and also Google, Samsung to a certain degree.

  • Just went with a Note9 after having s7 for 3 years. Reason… Bigger screen, spen, better cameras, longer battery life

  • +5

    anything over 1000 is rediculous for something can be lost/broken and obsolete in a year.

  • Currently using a Sony Xperia xz1. Didn't upgrade due to lack of 3.5mm headphone jack. Will bite the bullet and get the xz4. The smaller bezel has me hooked.

    First time in awhile I've been excited for a new phone and will probably buy a grey import on release!

    • That phone will probably cost the same or similar to a s10

  • +1

    It all comes down to what you want, without a big jump in power/graphic requirements flagship phones can last a lot longer.

    Wanted to hold my s7 edge for 4 years… rather than the 3 coming up, but I've dropped it too many time, cracks and a red column light down the side.

    The response time and quality build has really lasted well.

    Its how the phone responds to new apps, battery life is why we feel to buy a new phone.

    With a mid tier phone you might feel compelled to buy a new phone sooner.

    • Not so sure. In theory you may be right but for a lot of people buying a flagship is about having the latest device which means they will replace if even when it doesn't need replacing.

    • You're right about how phones respond to new apps and the deterioration of the battery life.

      On Android, new apps are not dependent on the actual phone but the Android version. And since the S7 started on Marshmallow, updated to Nougat and updated again to Oreo, it still has at least another 3 years of life left before apps start complaining that the Android version is too old.

  • There aren't very many people qualified to answer this question. Find a reliable independent reviewer and see if the features are worth the money to you. Most people wouldn't have a (profanity) clue about technology.

    • +1

      Which is exactly why most people don't need it.

  • +3

    Buying flagship phones at current prices is dumb and pointless for most people. Its like thinking that if you need a car it must be a $100k plus one despite the fact you only do school and shopping runs.

    Mid tier phones now have great build quality and features, certainly more than enough to satisfy the selfie, music and social media needs of 95% of users. You used to have to purchase these from overseas to get a good deal but the likes of Oppo and Huawei have now made these available locally with local warranty and the desperately coveted band 28.

  • I have been using all sorts of phones in my life. I was using Meizu for a year, then a note 4. however I have all my family on iPhones so I went back to iPhone 7 (bought second hand sold one year later and only lost $100 which is not bad). I bought just before Christmas and iPhone XR and I love it. I am very good with my iphone, and even though it cost me a lot I look after phones well really well. As my kids are on iPhones I can FaceTime , track and block their use, as well as track where they are.

  • +2

    The poll is clearly missing the option "Yes, but an older one"

  • +1

    Camera is important to me, but I don't want to spend more on a phone than my first car. My first car - a beat up poo brown Datsun 200B - cost $500 about 2 decades ago. You work out the price in today's terms - somewhere around $800-$1000.

    I'm currently waiting for my 2nd replacement (ie 3rd phone) LG G4 to die. The camera on my wife's Galaxy S7 beats the pants off it.

  • +2

    I have a flagship and it's honestly not worth it. Technology differences have pretty much levelled out between flagships and mid tier phones. You're paying mostly for new design and minor hardware upgrades that will barely be noticeable in everyday usage

  • Yes they are faster and takes amazing pics.
    I had s7 too it was great at it time.

  • I'm a big proponent of these new budget chinese smartphones but make no mistake - Samsung/Apple/Google high end flagship phones are the complete package
    Especially the Samsung Note series which top out in every category, these phones last years and have good afterservice and as long as you don't drop them then you can sell them for decent amounts when you're done with them
    If you have the money for a high end phone then buy it because when you break down the cost daily/hourly you will be getting your money's worth and you're getting the best (just not best bang for your buck)

  • +1

    In short, no.

  • I love tech and new and shiny, having said that they are definitely not worth it unless you are after some very specific performance or feature upgrade. I am on an s9 now but only because I got it free with my new work supplied plan otherwise it has zero benefits over the s7 I was using. There is literally nothing I do that the s7 wasn't more than capable of also doing, if anything I find the screen a little worse as it can be problematic for touch around the edges.

    If it was my money, I would be getting a previous years model or one of the cheaper high specced Chinese models that can be flashed to a custom rom.

  • I have a 2 year cycle on my phones. Never buy flagship on release unless my current one breaks, so much price cuts within months for Android phones.

  • I got rid of my s7 edge. Bought oneplus 6t the flagship killer at great price

    Faster than s7 and better camera. Bigger screen better everything

    No more bloatware couldn't be happier

  • OP Im still rocking my S7 here purchased a S7 Battery online and Rear glass for $20 all up its an easy process to replace. But I am waiting for a killer deal on an S8/S9

  • Mate 10 Pro is still on a plan and will stick with it until it dies. No signs of that so far.

  • i have upgraded every 2 years since getting my first iphone 4. however after the 6s i havent. which has been roughly 3 years now. the others did start to become slow and the battery got worse, however my 6s has been rocking it. i think it helps i havent "upgraded" from ios 10. i dont play games on it, mainly sms, take photo, google maps and insta/fb, which it does super fast. and the fact that if i wanted to upgrade to one of the newest models (no point upgrading to a 7 or 8 now) i would be spending in excess of $1200.

  • I've gone from a Nokia 6131 to Samsung Galaxy S1 to currently Galaxy S5.

    I'm tempted to upgrade due to photo quality and going overseas in April. The S9 sounds underwhelming but don't want to pay $1500+ for the S10.

    edit: any advice?

    • Wait a little longer for the new batch of phones, and look out for offering from OneOlus, Nokia and Motorola.

  • +1

    I'm currently using the LG G6, it does everything I want except take good photos, even with the gcam app it is total garbage compared with my girlfriends IphoneX camera.

    I'm looking at moving to the Optus Mate 20 pro $67 plan since my sim only contract is about to expire.

  • Didn't get the iPhone XS last year due to it lacking USB-C.

    If this year iPhone has USB-C then I'll get it.

  • Being with Aldi I don't get a phone and I'm with them because it's 100 for the year - and adding an expensive phone defeats the purpose - best cheap one I could find with a good battery and 4G was the zenfone4 for 130 from aliexpress

  • +2

    Forget about flagships and put your money into something of VALUE

  • No. What a silly question…

  • I spent $740 on S9 due to officeworks price beat back in Nov18 and $10/month on Belong network. Works out to be about $2.35/day so for me it is worth it to switch annually.Oh and spent $48 on an otterbox defender case.

    I understand that the one plus and xiaomis are cheaper, and I don't use the phone for gaming or anything intense. Main daily use is for work as people ring me lots. Phone died suddenly for 2 weeks when I went back to my extremely dated HTC Wildfire and it was just not good enough. So I am willing to spend it for $2.50 ish a day. I do feel the better processor and camera is nicer.

    I also never bought refurbished or grey import, what are peoples thoughts on risk and warranty etc?

  • +1

    I also couldnt justify paying $1k+ for the flagship phone. What I did was buying last year second handed flagship when the new one come out. Price dropped a lot and the spec still comparatively same as new one. I got my ipX, upgraded from ip6, for just $850. Bargaining price

  • Depends

  • Definitely no. Most Flagships these days are about luxury materials. In terms of actual usable performance and usability you dont need more than a $500 phone.

  • I went from the s7 to s9. Despite being only 2 generations, the difference is phenomenal. Performance, form factor, software have improved since and if you can wait for the s10, definitely. My only gripe with the s9 is the battery life, though it isn't bad, when compared to other devices, even mid range devices, it's okay. The S10 is gonna move to 7nm compared to 10nm so expect better performance across the board while increasing efficiency. Also, Samsung has really been picking up their software game, releasing android pie (one ui) initially on christmas, much earlier than usual.

  • Software drives the mobile phone market so I make it a rule to look at the software support in addition to the price vendors offer the phone for.

    Tech hardware depreciates as soon as you buy it.

  • I've gone from the discount phone life to a pixel 2 on one of those ozbargained telstra deals. I don't know if I can go back to the poor battery life and poor camera.. The LG G4's screen holds up surprisingly well imo, but the rest of the phone.. yikes.

  • Im guilty of paying the early adopter premium and buying the iPhones at release- from iPhone 3G, to 4, 5, 6 plus, 7 plus and finally iPhone X. However it just became too costly to keep doing this. Especially with the iPhone X which cost a lot more than older releases. Battery life still going well 1.5 years on. I think I’ll just stick with this for a few more years.

  • +1

    Apple and Samsung are way overpriced. You are paying for the brand. Other less popular brands can have the same specs for less $.
    My previous phone was the HTC One. My current phone is the Nokia 8. Both have awesome specs for half the price of a Samsung.

  • +1

    I must be a dinosaur. I'm still using a Samsung S5.
    I replaced the battery for about 40 bucks a year ago. Battery life is not so good but I charge it at work during the day anyway, or bring a powerbank when I travel.
    No other complaints so haven't found the need to fork out for an upgrade…
    When this one dies eventually (I said the same thing 2 years ago) or if I ever cracking the screen, I might switch to a Xiaomi

    • Same. I assume you bought a new battery at Battery World just like I did. Getting good life out of mine.

      A bit sluggish now, but having the ability to change out the battery means quite a bit.

  • its times like these we need to look back on previous generations. there was no "upgrade". you buy a car, and drive it until it dies. same goes for tv, fridge etc

    now marketing teams have brainwashed us into thinking we must always have the latest version of something, even if it is only 12 months old

    its a never ending cycle, because that item you rushed out to get, will literally be considered old and rubbish in 12 months. remember that kid who in china who sold a kidney to buy an iphone 4. whats an iphone 4 now? nothing. old junk. yet he literally put his life on the line for one. he is bedridden now due to an infection btw.

  • The 7nm processors - Kirin 980 and the upcoming Snapdragon 855 - will be a good bump in battery efficiency. That's what I'm holding out for.

  • +1

    I love my Samsung Note 7. It is the most peaceful phone I have ever had. I literally get no calls on it these days.

  • Will probably only buy refurbished 2nd or 3rd most recent Sam Galaxys for as long as they keep doing well.
    Also imo $10 Vodafone insurance is surprisingly good if you like smashing your phone

  • After having a Sharp Aquos S2 for the last few months I can't see the justification for paying $1000+ for a phone. Employees of mine always go and get S9+'s etc and I cannot for the life of me find where the extra $1200 is justified. So I vote "No"

  • I was in exactly the same boat as you… Until today.I have a struggling S7 (1hr SOT) and thought I could wait for the S10. I realised that I just couldn't justify paying $1200 for the entry model S10. Bought a red OnePlus 6 for $560 and it's head and shoulders better than the S7. Phones have really improved since 3 years and getting the best of the best costs exponentially larger amounts of money. Are 2019 flagships going to be 2x better than last years flagships or even midrangers? Is an exta 5mm of screen worth $600. Don't think so. Better off picking a last gen phone imo.

  • Last year I was looking at a new phone, really interested in Xiaomi but was confused about bands and NFC and what was and wasn't compatible. After figuring out what features I wanted, someone recommended the LG G6. I bought one from cash converters.
    It's perfect In size and features, other than the fingerprint sensor on the back.
    Can't see a reason to spend 3 times as much on the newest Samsung.

  • It's a want, not a need. If you're well within your means to purchase one and it makes you feel good then go ahead. Otherwise as you've mentioned, you can get much better bang for your buck with previous gen or mid-tier models.

    I tend to go with the latest and greatest on a plan and tend to justify it with the daily use for work emails and personal use. But in hindsight I certainly don't need it. I intend to hold on to my current phone past my contract and will look for a cheap pre-paid setup at that point. All depends on how I feel it's performing at the time.

  • It depends,
    If you're the kind of person who must have the latest thing, then it may be worth it for you!

    If you're happy with functional but not flamboyant, then just get the mid range phone.

  • So long as you don't upgrade to anything with a notch lol Its getting phased out pretty fast. Id upgrade when the security updates stop for that particular model. I'd be guessing Samsung has probably almost abandoned the S7 already. So much for Google enforcing their 90 day limit to all manufacturers.

    • They just released the 1 December security update for the S7

  • No, I don't think so. My iPhone 6S is running very well with iOS 12 and I have no desire to update. In fact, I downgraded from a 7 to get my headphone jack back.

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    When talking about value for money lets remember the value of the phone over the time.

    Iphone: Best resale value, even after 2 years you should expect that at least you could sell it for half of what you paid for. I would also say that it has the most stable software compare to Android phones, so your experience during 2 years of using it would probably be better. Despite it has the highest resale value, it also has the highest RRP as well.

    Samsung: Good resale value, probably the highest resale value for Android. It will have high RRP similar to Iphone when it first released, but then it will come down to sub $1000 in couple of months.

    Pixel: Newcomer that has RRP similar like Samsung, but in my opinion its still less popular compare to Samsung hence the resale value is still lower than Samsung.

    Huawei/Oppo: I would say that they are new contender that tried to make a good phone with less price. If you are true ozbargainer, there are lots of deal with this phone. I would say its the sweet spot to buy these phone when they are on sale if you are really keen to get latest flagship smartphone. Although, I'm not sure about the resale value of these phone.

    LG: Its the worst phone when it comes to value over the time, you could expect the price to come down to sub $500 in under a year. This can be a good thing if you want a flagship phone with Australian warranty under $500. I guess its only worth to buy LG phone after it has reached that price, then the resale value won't be so bad after a couple of years.

    Oneplus/Xiaomi: It seems like its the best value for the money, however these phones won't have australian warranty. There's always a risk buying these phones if something happens along the way. The resale value of these phones are pretty good considering that you don't pay as much as other flagship phone, as long as no problem arise with the phone itself.

    I would say other brand will have lower resale value compare to these phones.

    Honorable mentions:

    Nokia/Motorola: They are more dominant in the mid/low range phone now, I feel like people who buy a mid/low range phone doesn't really care about the resale value. I would say that if you don't want to spend that much, just go for a mid range phone, as the mid range phone are getting better nowadays. I think the significant difference with the flagship phone would be the camera, but performance wise should be enough for day to day tasks. Even better mid range phone has better battery life.

    HTC/Sony: I'm not sure about them now

  • I would. I purchased XS max in December (upgrade from 6) and did not regret it one bit! Enjoying it so far.

  • No Dad has S8 and terrible sound calling on it, brought $150 one and clear.its a phone not a computer, and people want to keep up with jones! . Prefer outright and belong $10 sim!

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