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[Switch] Has Been Heroes $4 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games


Has been heroes and a few other games discounted at eb games, some already sold out but some available for delivery

List of everything

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  • Thanks! Bought one! :)

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      It kinda is tho isnt it? What are we going to list every game that the previous guy linked in his search?

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      He doesn't link to switch games tho

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        Yeah ok fair call

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        They’re in the main link

  • Cheers. I just placed an order too. Local store had stock and a game for four dollars is a no-brainer.

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    Not worth it. Pretty bad game. There's cheaper and better games on mobile.

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      Yea I bought it for like $14 a few months ago, thinking for this price how bad could it be? Played it for 15 minutes and returned it the next day

      • At four dollars though… Seems like it's worth a shot

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          It does. It isn't

        • Wouldn't pay $4 for it. Game play, artwork / animations and overall quality feel like a flash game made by amateurs last decade. There are more entertaining free games like this out there.

          It's got a really boring map-node exploration part to it, and in combat you MUST chain together combos perfectly otherwise you will fail the fight, and fail the entire map, which forces you to start the whole stupid thing again.

          It's the most convoluted battle system I've ever come across.

          I'd get more entertainment buying $4 worth of seeds and feeding the pidgeons.

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      If you put some time in to learn the system, it's actually a pretty good game. Hard, but good.

      Most people probably won't be bothered, but if you get past the initial learning phase, there is a good game there.

      • Couldn't agree more. I ended up probably putting about 20 hours into the game as I am a fan of the roguelike games.
        It's definitely a genre that you have to enjoy before thinking about playing this game.

      • It doesn't do a good job of actually explaining how to play it. Meaning trial and error and with little reward for any effort put in meant I put it down very fast. With so many other games that are better I would suggest you get one of those and see not buying this as a $4 discount on those and a time saving activity.

  • Bayonetta Special Edition for $9 sounds excellent. No stock to be found though.

  • Delivery kills the deal.
    Basically no stock in stores.

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    Was gonna get it for $4 but after Reading some comments I have decided against it

  • I got this game for free for pre-ordering the Switch. I then traded it back to them to get Donkey Kong tropical freeze for $29.

  • How to better spend your $4 than this game by adding $0.40 more

    Go to the eShop and buy the following:
    The Way Remastered $1.59
    Knight Terrors $1.50
    Grid Mania $1.49

    Replace any of the above with:
    Swap This! $1.80
    Hyper Sentinel $2.17
    Earthworms $1.56

    • Can confirm I spent more time playing Knight Terrors than I did HBH, I returned it a day later and the dude literally wasn't even half surprised.

      Can't comment on the other games, but I mean, wouldn't surprise me.

      • How good is Knight Terrors? For the price, I'm loving it.

        • Absolutely love the thing. Bought it for like 5 bucks or whatever full price at launch was, and it was surprisingly gripping.

          R mode or whatever the last section was called gets me every time. I'll make it to 7 or 8 without issue and then the difficulty sets in and I just get (profanity) every time. Is a proper fun game.

          For a buck fifty, it's fantastic.