expired Fantastic Rice Crackers $1 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


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    No salt and vinegar ones, boo

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      Yes but this is free delivery

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        Delivery is only "free" if you're paying for Prime.
        Otherwise it's $6. You're paying for delivery either way.

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          Unless you're getting Prime for the books, PrimeTV,Twitch, then the delivery is a free bonus.

          But i got the $30/yr prime (using Amex offer) so that's $2.50/mth in the past month I've had 15 deliveries. So that's 17c for postage. So I am paying for delivery, but probably less then petrol driving to woolies ;-)


          I literally said the same thing yesterday about an eBay + deal and got downvoted lol 😁


        How is this a deal same price as woolies, shouldn’t include shipping as shipping isn’t really a physical item also prime needs to pay extra

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      Amazon deals are so unimpressive that it's newsworthy when they match their competitors for a day.

      If one's not bedbound and Woolies is within a few km it might be good to go out and exercise those inert hours from Amazon entertainment.

      And Woolies still has BBQ: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/35103/fant...


    these are the best rice crackers….. i love original

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    Fantastic pRice

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    Time to buy 49 packets of crackers for free delivery…


    Sweet Chili is the best flavour Fantastic cracker(not on Amazon?), I usually prefer Sakata in the other flavours.
    These crackers are super crunchy/hard vs the alternative brands (Peckish, Sakata etc), personal preference will decide whether that is a positive or negative (or indifferent)

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    Yup, I got to use my Amazon Prime for something.


    If i buy one how will these be delivered?

    Will it be boxed, and packed with paper to ensure its not crushed?

    If so, i think i'll skip, Council increasing my rates by 15% due to China stopping their intake of recycled products and more stuff going into landfill.

    I've gotten nappies that are boxed, devliered from amazon, with an other box. Boxes upon boxes. It's crazy waste of cardboard (which was fine less wasteful when it was being recycled.)


      When I ordered my 45 pack of toilet rolls from Amazon it came in a box with air pocket thingies inside

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        sometimes i get air pockets, sometimes i get streams of paper.

        I'm fine with large items delivered, it just makes me cringe when I see all these small snacks posted, where the same item can be easily grabbed on the way home from ones local colesworth (which is same price anyway, since amazon is price matching anyway, they never price lead.

        So irks me the waste of individual delivery and packagine wasted for something most people just can just easily grab along with their usual shop.


      Sounds like your council rates are going up regardless how your items are delivered.


    Just got 49 of these. Even came with free shipping too.



    Cheese flavour is not eligible for Prime. Reverted back to $2.99.

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