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LG B8 OLED55B8STB 55 Inch OLED TV $1599.20 + Delivery ($0 with Plus) @ Appliance Central eBay


Good price for this TV!


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    • Awesome! Hope mine does as well as I ordered Sunday lunchtime

    • same here, I ordered the the 65 Samsung Q9F,arrived next day and picture on the TV is nothing like i have seen before
      The sound quality on this TV is superb with to 2 build in subwoofers 70W power i can hear the surround effect of the sound in my lounge

  • Reading the comments and lmao hahaha
    Buy an expensive TV, then have to take care with it to avoid screen burn-in is a joke hahahahaah
    A QLED might don't have the darkest black as does an OLED, but I won't have these silly problems with my Sammy 65 Q7FN.

    • You may have had a point when there were going for $4000, but at this price you'd be being paying more (at least from what I can see @ the 65" level) to score a qled which is pretty insane. QLED's aren't without their own issue, black crush and the issue with subtitles.

      • I paid $2.6k back there. Now that model is almost $3.5k
        The "black crush and the issue with subtitles"depending on which mode you are using such as Movie, Standard, Dynamic, etc.
        I watched "A quiet place" in 4K Ultra HD and holy shit, dark scenes and everything was just perfect.

        OLED people will always hate QLED but I know that I can use my QLED without restriction or the fear of having a screen burn-in as a gift hahaha

        • But thats like saying burn in is only an issue depending on what mode you're in…Each to their own, I quite like the QLED's too but it would be crazy to pay $3.5K for a qled when you can get a highly regarded oled for 2.7K

          • @Osiris: You most likely refereeing to the LG B8 “65 which is not in bar with Q9F , in the 2.7k range you can also get Samsung Q7 “65 , the Q9F is more like in bar with LG C8 and they are going on the same price … when I was looking to spend 3.5k I was looking to a warranty that covers all aspects , LG will not cover you for screen burn even when it happen in the manufacture warranty covered period ..