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LG B8 OLED55B8STB 55 Inch OLED TV $1599.20 + Delivery ($0 with Plus) @ Appliance Central eBay


Good price for this TV!


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  • Looks like the 65 inch has dropped another $20 since this morning

    • $1100 seems pricey for another 10 inches

      • The 65" is about 40% bigger so it seems about right price wise

        • The 55" one actually has the larger screen, if you sit closer to it.

        • I have been really keen on upgrading my 55" OLED to the 65" for a while myself, but I had someone highlight a good argument against it. The 55" panel is technically superior due to its significantly higher pixel density. Unless you really are far away enough that its worth getting the larger panel, I would probably get the smaller one.

          • @FuRyZ: True but why stop at 55" then, as the pixel density would be better on 48" or 32". Also how far you are away makes a difference as kangal pointed out. Agreed it looks worse for DTV content but anything above SD the experience is far superior having seen them side by side.

  • Jesus cheaper than last years model noice !!

  • This is crazy. I bought the Sony and after cash rewards and amex was 1830. This price is a steal.

  • This was $1510.40 from binglee on the 25th of last month yeah?

    Do we think we’ll get that kind of price again?

    • I contacted Bing Lee ebay and asked if they can do that price for me the other day, they said since it was a joint Ebay promotion organised by Ebay they couldnt’t, and that I should keep a look out for another promotion in the future.

    • Great deal that was.
      Bought one that day $1550.40 delivered.
      Very happy with the TV.

      • Are you concerned about the OLED burn-in?

        • When you own an OLED TV, you understand how amazing it is.
          Every product has a lifespan and technology always has its downsides.

          If you don't take care of the TV to extend its lifespan then burn in will have a higher chance to occur.

          If you don't own an OLED and are concerned with burn in, stick with an LED TV ?

          • @humanmolt: You pay a premium to get OLED, so it's counterintuitive that it would require more user input for care.

            I don't have an OLED TV, because I'm a cheapskate. But since I'm a technophile I'm a prospective buyer.

            I had the initial Samsung Galaxy S, and it developed pretty bad burn-in after a while. Granted by that time it was obsolete, but I dont plan on upgrading my OLED TV as often as I upgrade my OLED Phone. And if the TV produces even minimal burn-in within 6 years after purchase, it seems like a sour deal. And the user shouldn't have to do anything special (I'm talking regular TV, BluRay movies, PS4 use). But that's just me.

            That's why I replied to someone who bought one and is using it, to gauge how much concerned someone should realistically be. The reports Ive heard has ranged from OLED TVs never get burn-in -to- my expensive OLED developed a nasty burn-in after a month.

    • I have the Panasonic TV but for this price I'd buy the LG.

    • Panasonic uses LG supplied panels. So the difference between them in display quality is negligible. I guess it depends on what TV software system you prefer.

      • Nah the picture processing has a big impact. The image on a Panasonic panel is noticeably more natural. The OS on LG is better though.

        • I doubt the impact is as high as you think. Out of the box there may be differences, but once either TV has been calibrated correctly, they should end up near identical in picture quality. There is likely to be larger differences in things like input lag etc.

          Rtings has not done any tests of the Panasonic OLED TVs, so we dont have any reliable independent testing of both TVs to confirm either conclusion which is unfortunate.

          • @FuRyZ: I'm not a calibrator but before buying I went to my local JB. The salesman gave me the remotes for the Panasonic and the LG. Out of the box the Panasonic looked perfect but the LG was cheaper so I tried adjusting the LG. They were side-by-side. I gave up after a while because no matter what I did the colours on the LG always looked a bit artificial. A pro might be able to get them looking the same, but that's a cost you have to factor in with the LG.

  • Hey all, have never owned an OLED. How big an issue is the burn in I've been reading about? For example, if I play like 3 hours in a row of Red Dead, will the UI be permanently burnt into the screen? Cheers.

    • No.

      Just make sure you let the screen do it's thing when you turn it off and it'll be fine.

      On my Panasonic OLED, the screen maintenance happens after turning the TV off. The light turns orange when this is taking place.

      Not exactly sure how the LGs do this, but I imagine it'd be something similar.

      FYI, had a few half day gaming sessions since getting my OLED, no image retention as of yet (owned it about 3 months).

      • I have the panasonic also. Yes. Dont turn it off at the outlet as it runs its maintenance routine when you turn it off using the remote.

    • After researching this hours on end the past week here’s what I gathered.

      Some people say there is no issue at all when they play games and they make it vary.

      Some people say from playing games repeatedly even up to a few hours daily like you mentioned that they’ve had problems.

      No real feedback available for the new 2018 Oleds especially since they have the new “features”, to combat burn in.
      From what I gathered the “pixel refresher” determines which pixels were more static then others and next time the TV powers on the TV will automatically dim those pixels to make sure it doesn’t get burnt in any further.

      Another person said that the pixel refresher function is not good for the LCD because what it does is determine which pixels are being burnt in, and then the TV will automatically make the rest of the LCD dimmer permanently to make the actual burned in/heavily used previously pixels less noticable and that a couple of years down the line the LCD will actually appear dimmer, another user responded to this by saying that their OLED looked exactly the same as when they bought it a couple of years ago.

      I’m having trouble deciding what to do because it’s tough to know exactly what the “pixel refresh” function does, it’s a very important function because it runs after 4 hours accumulated when the TV is in standby.
      Does it really dim the rest of the screen ever so slightly? Does it do some other sort of magic? Does the pixel mover function even do a damn thing considering static logos will barely even be moved, the luminance function only dims logos by 20%, and according to Rtings.com even transparent logos can have problems.

      Rtings.com test results do look very promosing though for OLED’s that have varied content.

      • I've had the tv for 6 months playing blackout 3-5 hours 3-4 times a week. I have experienced no burn in what so ever and the tv looks like day 1. Maybe it's too short of a time to tell. But really, who games for over 5 hours a day with the same logo? I would think burn in would only effect pub tvs..

        • Lol what if your playing The Witcher 3 for 1000+ minimum hours in a row. Say good bye to your oled tv from the game HUD been on screen the whole time when ever your logged in game.

      • This is why I bought the Samsung 65 QLED 7FN before Boxing Day.
        People might say it doesn't have the dark of an OLED but I will never have silly physical problems with it.
        I play and watch 4k on it and everything is just stunning <3

    • I have the LG 65C7 OLED, I use it mainly for gaming and have had no burn in after purchasing it 14 months ago.

      Burn in is not something you will have to worry about in normal use cases, even 6 hours of Red Dead wont be an issue.

    • Dont use it as a PC screen or if you do dont just let it sit, turn it off when not alternating screens.

    • I use my OLED with a HTPC. I do game occassionally on it. No issues at all and I have had it for 2 years now. The burn-in problem is definitely overstated. Use common sense and you will be fine.

      • Common sense meaning don't let the HTPC output stay on the screen when not in use?

        • Yep, that is pretty much it. Don't let it sit on the desktop for long periods of time. Easy way to do this is to set a screensaver for a very short time period. If its left idle, the screen will go blank. Just configure your media player appropriately so that the screensaver does not interfere while playing something.

  • Finally pulled trigger on this TV after a few weeks of research. Moving to Singapore in a few months (company paid) and I saw the tv prices there are much more expensive. Given power is the same (albeit with different plug) and they use same broadcast standard it seemed a no brainer to buy now and take with me. Question is whether to open now and keep box for me, or leave until may/June :)

    • Open now. Make sure it isn’t DOA

      • Agreed - open, make sure it’s in perfect working order, enjoy it for a few months, keep the box and pack it back up as it was :)

        • cool, yes good point about checking DOA. Will enjoy for a few months until then

          • @timbo83: Don't get a universal plug for the TV. When you get there, take the Power Cable from the TV to your local computer store and they will find the same cable for you with the Singapore End, costs <$5.

  • +2 votes

    DAMN PRICE JA… um… DAMN EBAY PLU … um… good deal…!

  • Is an OLED platform, a waste of money for a non gamer?

  • ugh we have a 55". this is a great price but i think i want to move up to a 65. DECISIONS

    • Same. Thinking i dont need oled..

      • Once you go OLED everything else looks pale in comparison!
        The rendition of OLED is still unmatched by anything else. the closest I've seen is Samsung QLED which is still LCD and you'll see light bleed in dark scenes.

        • yeah i agree. we have a panasonic plasma (55gt30) and none of the LCD tvs look much better to be honest. might hold out a bit longer :)

  • $60 postage

  • Just curious who Appliance Central use for delivery? What happens if you're not home when they deliver the TV - Can you have them deliver on a specific date or can you pick it up from the depot?

  • This or Sony X90F? I watch a lot of Foxtel with static logos so im worried about image retention.

  • i got the c8 last year, its awesome, this is a good $400 less than i paid for the same size

  • Although not the biggest point earner. 2 points on the dollar when you click through Qantas Mall if you're a QFF.


  • Finally getting to prices competitive with normal TV's…

  • Does this LGBTV do a full rainbow spectrum?

  • Want to see if I can get a 65 inch Sony or the LG C8 with the Passionate coupon.
    Somehow not keen to get the B8 for AU $2,720.00.

  • is pick up available from their store?I'm just 15 minutes a way

  • Would be nice if there was a deal on Sony 65 A8F

    • Bring back the $3K deal on these. Unfortunately their price keeps going up due to the lack of supply so not much chance I think.

  • 3600$ for the Smasung65 Q9F , very tempted now to get this one by far this cheaper than all other Sellers now !!!

  • Ordered mine yesterday at $1599.20 and got in before that raised postage from $40 to $60 :)
    Now for the fun of working out how much my 50" Series 6 Samsung is worth and where to sell it.

  • I have not seen a good deal on Samsung Q6 65 inch for quite some time (since last boxing day). Wondering when that might come up.

  • Just purchased the 65" version. I'd been oping for a sale on them and this delivered!

  • What's the difference between this B8 and C8?

  • Seller has another listing at same price but only $40 delivery instead of $60

  • Thanks for the reply so which processing chip is better ?

  • Wow, Ordered Sunday morning and just delivered to Brisbane now (Tuesday 1pm)