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LG B8 4K OLED TV 55" $1668 | 65" $2700 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


This deal is back again for anyone who missed the previous sale.

65" for $2700 + Delivery. Not as cheap as the Bing Lee Deal, but that was restricted to NSW only.

Credit to this post for the code.

Starts 10AM today!

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  • Dammit I was about to post this, you are quick sir !

  • Great price.

  • Price match good guys ; )

    anyone know how many dead pixel for warranty on this LG OLED B8 ?

    • Good Guys T&Cs for their price beat state that it won’t cover promo codes, but you could still price match Appliance Centrals store price of $2085 vs GG’s $2295 and the 120% difference price beat would bring it down to $2043, but you only get the difference as store credit ($252), so I’d say this deal is better unless you could work out a better price in store

      • For price matching - Myer price up from $1899 to $1999 now. BingLee is up to $1988 plus $50ish delivery but they have 10% back in gift card off from today (so $2038 delivered with $200 gift card). VideoPro now $1892 https://www.videopro.com.au/p-12163-lg-55-oled55b8stb-oled-s...
        I nearly bought from Videopro/Appliance Online with 20% off last week but keep thinking price might still go a little lower that this $1708 delivered.

  • Anyone know when the B9 series will come out?

    • Very soon. I've seen places taking orders for the C9 but I didn't look to see if they were doing the same for b9 and e9 so could very well be the same

      My mistake, B9 not announced yet. Only C,E and W

      • There are details about the B9, though info is sparse.

        We know it will be running the 2nd gen Alpha 7 processor. It will be available later this year but no date set. Thats about it.

        The OLED panel apparently will be largely the same as the current panel, most of the changes appear to be in the processor (disappointing as I was hoping for higher brightness levels). You can expect HDMI 2.1 for higher bandwidth, lower input lag, variable refresh rates (similar to Gsync/Freesync on PC monitors) and higher frame rate support (4K120).

        Source: https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=...

  • It's $300 more than the 65" bing lee deal, but as you say, that was for NSW only… having said that, surely we'll see other nation wide deals at those prices?

  • In user's opinions, how is OLED v standard LED? My samsung 55" is on its last legs and I haven't looked at buying a new TV for a long time.

    • I'm in the exact boat. My 55" Samsung puts a line in the middle of the screen which a few love taps to the top and sides will get rid of temporarily… have been eyeing off these OLED's waiting for a good sale. Basically picture quality wise they are second to none, but they can suffer from screen burn, like the old plasma's did. These LG's have inbuilt production, such as logo detection which will reduce the brightness where say the Ch10 icon sits but plenty of reports online say that with heavy use, screen burn can still be a problem. On the flip side, because every pixel is independent, you get the blackest of blacks, looks really amazing on dark lit movies and shows. Lastly the LG interface isn't amazing, but I intend to just use my Apple TV for Netflix and apps anyways.

      • I bought a 55" B8 OLED after my samsung js7200 4k tv died.

        The difference is night and day, and the OLED is so much less harsh on my eyes. I was on the fence too, but damn is OLED worth it.

      • the burn in isnt so bad … just dont watch the same channel all day long.

        • Do they have any features to prevent this?

          I suppose I am more concerned about screen savers or power settings that will turn off the screen or enable a screen-saver after a certain period.

          • @whaleoilbeefhooked: I have a pana that enables the screensaver after a little while… Imho…. These are cheap enough now where its really not a problem.

            Another thing.. I bought from these guys too and found their service to be pretty good.

      • Just as a direct response to this post from a C8 owner:
        Screen burn is something to be aware of with these - but I have played Red Dead for hours on end over multiple days with no signs of burn in. Whether this is something that is more susceptible as the age of the set goes on could be a factor, but my understanding is each generation of OLEDs has a better resistance.
        The blacks are the shit and if you have a dark room it will be the truest representation of media you can get…
        …that is if you have the high res content. I use netflix 4k/stan 4k/sbs on demand/youtube/ps4 pro/foxtel HD and they all look absolutely fantastic except for the last (sometimes). If you're watching SD content in a night scene the gradient of the pure black "turned off" pixels vs the slightly lit ones is very apparent.
        Also I've found it isn't the greatest at motion, watching a cricket ball streak away to the boundary will ghost either side (I'm not sure what a top range LED is like at this) but it is absolutely not a deal breaker.
        Also, LG WebOS is fantastic. The inbuilt Netflix/Stan/Youtube/Spotify apps are brilliant and never fail me, and I love having the motion remote with inbuilt mic for searching - this is the only statement I totally disagree with.

        All in all if you are happy to pay $17/m for Netflix 4K or watch a lot of Youtube you won't regret it. I paid $2700 for the 55" C8 in July so these prices are a steal.

  • Mine just arrived last week from the last deal. Shipping was a concern given all the reviews but mine was quite a smooth process.

    • What are your thoughts on the TV?

      • Unfortunately have not opened the box yet. I'm moving in about 3 months so not sure I want to open until then. I just bought early to secure the price.

        • Wow… 3 months is a long time in the world of television prices.

          • @Hinee: That's very true. However, I've been tracking OLED prices like crazy for the last 6 months and this is the first time it's really dropped. I remember the C8 65inch going down to 3.2K and then not even reaching that close again for ages. Also, the C8 is going to be stopped soon and I didn't want the B8s to run out of stock when I need it. Can't afford to wait for the C9 prices to drop. Maybe a bit foolish to pull the trigger early but I've secured a price I'm comfortable with for an OLED and now can turn my focus to buying other household appliances. But yes, it will hurt a lot if I see prices drop drastically for this model.

            • @Hunter14: As long as you are happy with the price you've done well. It's easy to be disappointed when prices go down, I tend to (try) ignore other prices once I've bought the product. Imagine all the money you'll save now that you can spend it on other things….. OzBargain 4 lyfe

            • @Hunter14: I think you did well mate, yes another bing lee like deal could happen but I think when the B9's drop, this $2700 will be looking pretty damn good for a long while.

            • @Hunter14: I don't think the B8's will go any lower except on extreme run out situations where there will be very limited stock. Might drop $100 more from this deals price, but not much more.

  • 65" price jacked…..

  • Hi guys, what is the deal with shipping back if faulty, also are we able to purchase an extended warranty from these guys? Lastly in regards to needing service or replacement outside of the very short 1 year warranty, would it be hard to use consumer law or fair trading since you are buying from an eBay store? Thanks I am really thinking of buying this TV finally.

    • With Warranty, I found this on LG site so doubt it matters where you bought it from.
      Place of service (If Applicable)
      Repairs on units with a specified screen size of 84cm (33 inch) or less will be conducted at a LG Authorised Service Centre. Transport costs to and from the service centre are not covered by this warranty. Repairs on units with a specified screen size larger than 84cm (33 inch) will be conducted at your home if you live within LG's normal service area. You will not be charged for travel. If you live outside this area, LG or its Authorised Service Centre may charge a travel fee to attend your home. Alternatively, you may transfer the unit to and from an LG Authorised Service Centre at your risk and expense. Service calls will be made during normal business hours, Monday to Friday. LG's Authorised Service Centre may charge an additional fee for calls made outside these hours.

      I would be curious about if you can get extended warranty too. I assume there is always the after market one you get offered on EBAY (but too expensive - 3yr breakdown cover from Virginia Surety - AU $761.68)

      • Hi there Futureme, I appreciate how much effort you went through to assist me in this. I wasn't really sure if this LG warranty would reflect from buying on ebay or online. Thanks you very much for your help.

        It does seem alright as it far bigger than 33inches so atleast shouldn't have to send it to far if needed. The other thing was if it costs $60 shipping to send to customers in Melbourne when they have a warehouse in Melbourne, I wonder how much it will cost to. Send back to appliance central if it is dead on arrival or something to this effect.

        I did see they have an extended warranty for TV's on there website today 3 years for around $309 from memory. I'll have a really good read of it. Thanks once again.

        Cheers Aidan

  • Price down to $1599.20 + $40 delivery.
    Great price so I just ordered one at last :)

  • 65" down to $2680 (plus delivery) now, they seem keen to move them and still a few days of this code left I believe.