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      Yeah, I'm sure you're so important that the Chinese government wants your personal information.

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        How is this upvoted? Sorry but really dumb post.

        Mass collection of data is something they do want to do. No one's saying a single person is going to be looking through your data.

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          I don't know why i'm getting negged so much…


          Not suggesting people are individually going through your data - the value is in bulk data collection.

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            Not suggesting people are individually going through your data

            In the articles you posted, can you point out where they accuse Huawei of collecting your personal information?

            the value is in bulk data collection.

            Oh no, I'd better cancel all my credit cards, Flybuys and Woolworths Rewards cards, my bank accounts, all my Google accounts, and my Facebook account.

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              @eug: I guess i'm just pointing out that World Governments, and large Corporations feel like Huawei technology introduce a significant enough risk to security that they refuse to use it, and that there are several large scandals going on around at the moment in relation to them.

              And while it's in dispute, US intelligence agencies have linked Huawei back to the Chinese Government.

              Considering this, you'd have to question whether it's a company you'd want to financially support and trust with your data. After all your phone potentially holds everything about you - even your facebook, google, bank accounts, rewards cards…

              You should absolutely consider closing those accounts, or restricting the data you share with them if it's not a company you feel comfortable with giving the data too.

              Personally - I don't trust the Chinese Government that much, if you don't want to consider there terrible history of human rights violations, you can look into the Social Credit System they've implemented (straight out of a Black Mirror episode), and more recently the additional functionality that alerts your if you're within range of a person in debt so you can dob them in.



                @Charleston: So going back to your original comment where you said "I've always wanted to share all my personal information with the Chinese Government", you now concede that your original statement has no truth at all to it, and the articles you linked do not back you up in any way?

                What exactly scares you about the Chinese government? What makes you believe that they care at all about you and your personal information? Is it just a whole bunch of "what if…" scenarios you're playing in your head?

                you'd have to question whether it's a company you'd want to financially support

                If that was your only reason, that would have been fine as we can all choose who we want to support. But your original comment was insinuating that the Chinese government is taking the personal information of every Huawei phone user. When asked for evidence, you provided none. That is why you got downvoted so much. Sensationalism and fake news is all the rage nowadays.

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                  @eug: I don't really understand what the big deal is here… do you work for Huawei or something?

                  I just don't agree or want to support any quasi dictatorship setting up an 'Orwellian' type system for monitoring there population and turning people against each other for the good of the nation.

                  I know it's not very 'ozbargainy' to buy because it's cheap tech - but sometimes morals are important.

                  I don't concede anything about my original statement, it's a fair assumption that if global intelligence agencies don't trust them, then i probably shouldn't either.

                  It's much the same way as I wouldn't buy my next computer from North Korea…

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                    I don't really understand what the big deal is hereā€¦

                    You're making an accusation with zero evidence. You're basing the accusation simply on how you feel, rather than actual evidence.

                    When asked for evidence, you provide links to articles that don't support what you're saying. You then change the topic to the Chinese monitoring their population which has nothing to do with this phone.

                    it's a fair assumption that if global intelligence agencies don't trust them,

                    Don't forget that there's politics involved.

                    As I said before, it's totally fine if you don't want to purchase Huawei products because you don't agree with what the Chinese government is doing with its citizens. You could have just said that, rather than make broad statements with zero evidence. It affects your credibility.

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    I will wait for the P30 pro which is around the corner, unless there is a mate 20 pro deal under $1000.


    Is allphones eligible for the GT watch? I see it is not a part of the banner with Optus, Kogan etc


    How is the GT watch promo not open to abuse? Someone can easily buy the phone, not open it, and return it after 14 days?


    how does this phone compare to an s9+?


    Stupid question but is there any way I can get the watch if I bought the phone from mobileciti late December? Feel ripped off paying more + not getting any bonus items.


      Suck it up. A better promotion comes after purchasing all the time. Assume it has been opened and outside the change of mind return, otherwise buy this and return the new phone. Doubt it will work as phones have unique ids unlike clothing.

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      Maybe you can use photoshop modified the tax invoice date?

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      I purchased mine in early Jan, but thought I'd still submit a claim (I just put a later purchase date ob the form).

      I received an email to say that my claim has been approved - fingers crossed!

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    Do the phone manufacturers accept kidneys yet?

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          No phones have 'DSLR like' quality

          You'll be surprised at the quality of photos from the phone. In the right situations (e.g. outdoors in good light) and with a fair comparison (i.e. you can't compare a phone to a 5D MkIV with an 85mm f/1.2L lens at 100% crop) I won't be surprised if you would be unable to figure out if a photo came from this phone or a DSLR.

          Though all these functions are highly gimmicky in my opinion

          Phones, like lots of things, are quite subjective things. You might not find the excellent camera, very zippy performance (you should check out the reviews), and long battery life unimportant. But trust me, there are plenty of phone users out there who highly value those three features, which this phone absolutely provides.


    I signed up for this phone through optus a few months back and missed the promo they have had then, is there any way to register for this promo now?


    are you able to claim GST back when travelling overseas?


      Yes, buy within 60 days of travelling and have a full Tax invoice. Which is what I have just done.