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Samsung 860 QVO 1TB SSD $175 Delivered @ Centrecom


This deal was in a promotional email.

Not the best price if you take the cashback deals in to consideration for the EVO model (essentially same drive but is 3-bit and the QVO is 4-bit), but it has free shipping.

Major Differences between QVO and EVO
* QVO is 4-bit VNAND MLC and EVO is 3-bit VNAND MLC
* QVO 3 yr limited warranty or 360 TBW limited warranty, EVO 5 yr limited warranty or 600 TBW limited warranty
* Expect 4k read/write lower performance

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    Is that a new model?

    I heard that there is a new SSD technology can cause the price to drop a lot.

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    Hey guys!

    Centre Com rep here, free shipping is across Aus, excluding some rural postcodes for all orders above $79! This isn't a promo for shipping, it's permanent :)

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    Don't like the way OP took advantage of the meaning of MLC and the use of 4-bit and 3-bit.

    860 QVO - QLC. 860 EVO - TLC. 860 QVO relies on the SLC cache heavily in writes. Once exhausted, its write performance is quite bad. Read, however, is still pretty decent. Most people may not notice the performance issue (unless when you clone the drive from another SSD or you copy files from another SSD - both of which are not very common for most people).

    For OS install or games, yes - while it isn't that fast, the source media (USB flash disk) or source game data (i.e. from the Internet) tends to be even slower. Even NBN cannot download games from Steam / Microsoft / Sony fast enough to saturate a normal hard drive.

    The biggest issue, however, is price. Samsung priced this SSD at a price that's too high. People bought 860 EVO for $199 last year and Samsung offered $45 cashback.


    essentially same drive [3-bit EVO vs 4-bit QVO]

    Nothing can be further from the truth. Essentially different drives but Samsung assigned the same model number hoping people don't know better.

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