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Coles MasterCard | Get 20,000 Bonus Flybuys Points with a Coles Reward Mastercard ($99 Annual Fee) or No Annual Fee Card


Got an email as well as in Flybuys app. Offer available through company website, so unlikely to be targeted.


Right now you can collect 20,000 BONUS POINTS if you apply and are approved for a Coles Rewards Mastercard by 28 February 2019 and make a purchase within the first 30 days.*

With the Coles Rewards Mastercard:
* Collect 2 points for every $1 spent+, which you can transfer to Velocity Points to fly sooner.~
* Choose from thousands of rewards online, including instant discounts at Coles Supermarkets checkouts.#
* Pay no international transaction fees on purchases when you shop online or overseas.◊

Offer is also available for the no annual fee card, however 1 Flybuys point per $2 spent.

Offer ends 28 February 2019.

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    The Coles card website is one of the worst I have dealt with, it is almost as though they intentionally make it confusing so you get payments mixed up and have to pay fees.

    • How so?

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        Purchases don't show until statement, so you don't see them online and therefore don't know when they are coming out of the balance. They also invoice at a random date now, it used to be every 27th of the month so timing payments to manage the interest free is difficult.

        • Are you talking about https://secure.coles.com.au?

          Our purchases show immediately under 'Pending' then under 'Transactions' when they've cleared.

          Our statement date is also consistent (we actually changed it to better suit our pay dates to maximise our offset for our home loan) and we just need to pay the full balance before the due date.

        • You can see your transactions in the App.

          • @nocure: Do you know what Loose Seal is referring to about not seeing the transactions on the website?

  • +1

    FYI, 20,000 flybuys points is only worth $100

  • +1

    Without starting a card war, which is the ozbargain’s favourite credit card at the moment?

  • -1

    is the points earned through the card additional to the flypoints when you scan your flybuy card?

  • -2

    is additional card a fee?

  • +4

    Certainly the best card to get flybuys points as you get 2 points for every dollar spend on everything, 3 points if spend on Coles group. I have this card and its been good so far, no overseas transaction charge and makes it handy for trips and online shopping. Additional card is free and both cards share the same flybuys account. That means more points to earn on daily basis.
    I was able to get more than 100k points last year and transferred all of them to Velocity (roughly 50k velocity points) when 15% bonus. That helped to get us free tickets to Singapore and Asia. So in my opinion this card is quite good.

  • @Ozbargain91,
    I might be interested in this offer, however the link does not work - "The link you clicked on is malformed. Contact the editor of the originating page." - Mac OS; Firefox & Safari.
    I've been to the Coles Mastercard site, and can see no mention of the 20,000 points offer.
    Also, no mention in my flybuys app.
    Are you sure this is not a targeted offer?

    • +1

      Looks like targeted offer. T&Cs states "You have been specifically selected for this offer and it is not transferable."

      • I think it does not matter. You will notice after you choose 20k points or $100 off, the referred link has got different offer codes. They are all different to standard no incentive application links.

      • I can confirm this offer is not targeted if one applies the credit card through the link here. Make sure you finish the application without opening other windows, pretty much like a cashback referral.

        I do not have this offer in my flybuys account and got 20k bonus points with my first purchase base points.

        • Hey, how long until the points show up after the first purchase?

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