25% off SKULL Dual Wall Borosilicate Glass Coffee/Liquor Cups, (75,150,200ml) - from $17.95 Each Delivered @ Specialty Coffee


These skull glasses are manufactured from borosilicate glass and can withstand -30℃ to 150 ℃ temperatures, making them suitable for your latte or chilled beverage of your liking as the time of day demands.

We have 3 sizes available 75, 150 and 200ml .

All my stock is personally inspected by me before shipping to you, some Skull glasses i have seen have a very thin inner wall and break with little effort.

Our stock is located in Noosa, Queensland ready for immediate dispatch.

Enter code " 25%OFF " at checkout and receive a discount of 25% off the final cart price.

Yes i know you can buy these glasses on ebay for a few dollars, but more than likely they dropshipped from china with no quality inspection and will probably take a few weeks to arrive, ours are here now and quality guaranteed.

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