Phonak Audeo M90 Marvel Hearing Aid (Premium) $2990 Delivered @ Harmony Hearing


New Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing Aids at a relatively very low price. For Example the Phonak Audeo M90 -312 only $2990 each

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    Don't you need the service of an audiologist to program it?

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    All sounds great, until I saw basic hearing test and "Remote fitting" which is not endorsed by any major hearing aid manufacturers, including Phonak!
    How ethical and what kind of professionalism do you have?! No more than a money grabbing mob. Disgrace to the industry.


    Anyone looking at hearing aids, check Costco first if you live near one. 1/2 price and good qualified audiologists. However, have to go to Costco to reprogram.

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      Costco only sells 1/2 grade hearing aids, and cheap. How do I know? Well known secrets in the industry. They don't even have Marvel M90 which is the latest from Phonak.

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