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Keylesskey KL-100S Digital Door Locks - $175 Delivered (Was $299) @ Digital Door Locks


Product Features
Built-in Bluetooth for unlocking with phone
RFID Card/ Passcode Access
Stylish, compact and slim external body.
Auto-locking functionality
Approx. 12 month battery life.
About the offer
This offer is limited to the first 100 customers.
Free shipping Australia wide included.
Product Specifications
Please click the product link for detailed specifications.

1-2 days delivery for metro cities.
3-7 days delivery for regional areas.
There will be no express postage, all shipping will be carried by registered couriers service with tracking.

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  • Anything for aluminum frame glass sliding doors. I need a few.

    • Hi tshow,

      We dont have a product for sliding doors at this stage, plese keep an eye on our website we always have new products.

      • I'm wanting to do the locks on my house but if I do them I want them all done (on the same system) - been looking for a sliding door option and they just don't seem to exist.

        • It's not necessary to go all the same. They're not connected to one another and the better stuff costs too much to justify for a house with many external doors.

          • @tshow: One app to manage all would be the goal, one brand would also be more likely give feature parity ie the same ~key~ can be set for all doors.

            • @Elijha: I avoid those that can be accessed via apps because it will mean wifi/bluetooth which drains battery quicker.

              Biometric is the must for me. The though of connecting to my door has never occurred as the door locks everytime it shuts.

              Also, logging entries is redundant as I have sensors and cameras like a fed max prison.

  • recommended installer?

    • +1

      Hi dt,

      This is a DIY product, if you need an installer, please contact us through the website, we have installers in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

      • Thanks - does the numberpad allow number pad entry - it wasnt that clear on website?

        EDIT - brochure says you can,

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          What would you use the number pad for, if not a PIN for entry?

      • How much does installation cost?

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          Hi flaminglemon ,

          This is a DIY product, send us a request via the website with your address and we will recommend.

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            @DDLAustralia: Can we get a rough estimate on the price please as i am interested as well?

            • +3

              @bghunter: I suspect their would be a difference depending on whether you are replacing an existing deadbolt (10min job) vs installing a new one which requires drilling chiseling etc. Honestly just ring around locksmiths who service your area for the best deal - My guess 120-250 depending on how much they want to gouge you. I suspect they're marginally better than plumbers.

              • @gimme: @bghunter

                What @gimme said is correct, it can be a 10 min job or call a locksmith and ask for a deadbolt replacement.

        • +16

          So… as safe as any other lock??

      • +17

        <Old El Paso music plays>

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    Buy 2-5 units get an extra 3% discount
    Buy 6-10 units get an extra 5% discount

  • Will the ID card reader work with things like the MYKI cards, or are they specific. Our current Samsung keyless works with our MYKI cards but we are looking for a key over ride in case of complete failure of the lock. Thanks

    • Thats a great question. I'd been keen to know if this can work with say a Bankwest payment ring, of even my car key I believe has a RFID tag inside it…. so I guess basically it needs to be able to identify the RFID ID without a need to write data to it.

      • They need to be using the same frequency range.

        • and protocol!

          Myki, Opal, and credit cards are all NFC, which is commonly used in these fancy door locks, not sure about this one specifically. I'd expect it to say "NFC" in the specs if it did…

          • @abb: The video on the page shows a Mastercard as an open to open it, so all credit cards (and payment rings) should work.

            • @puffinfresh: cheers for the info. It would be nice if the OP would confirm for me.

            • @puffinfresh: Hi Puffinfresh,

              Apology about the content, Mastercard/Visa/Amex are not supported, the video was taken prior to a change of firmware. Transportation cards such as Myki or Opal in Sydney might operation on different frequencies.

              You see most of digital door locks operates on 13.56 mhz rfid which is what we supply inside the package.

              The whole idea from digital locks is not to carry another card, instead you can use Mobile or password to gain access.

              Hope the above helps.

              • @DDLAustralia: Interesting. Why change the firmwear to exclude the use of these cards? We have found being able to use these type of cards helps, particularly if we give friends/family members access. Rightly, or wrongly, I’m a tad nervous about how secure an app is for getting access.

                Given the video you might want to be more explicit in saying this option won’t work in the description field.

                • @try2bhelpful: What I found out is that they are in the same frequency but the protocol differs.

                  The door lock works with Mifare Classic 1k, or Mifare S50 1K. The opal and banks are Mifare desfire which is a different protocol within the mifare specifications.

  • I got the non keypad version of this and it works well. The app is basic but it opens the door which is what you want. Installation is very easy if you are replacing an existing deadbolt. Tip: Contrary to the instructions use the shorter screws first even if your door is within the longer screw spec. Only use the long ones if the short screws don't reach. Otherwise you risk having too much slack and overtightening.

    • Hi gimme,
      Thanks for the feedback. Will pass on the information to the support people.

      • Can you install the inside plate upside down on the kl100b? My push handle is about 95mm up from the middle of my deadlock and the only why I think would fit is if the inside plate was upside down.

        • +1

          Hi pieman08

          Will get back to you on this tomorrow.

        • Hi Pieman08,

          If the back plate is installed upside down then the whole lock will need to be installed upside down including the in body.

          The door lock will still work and can be installed but the lock isn’t designed to be installed upside down we wouldn’t recommend it.

          Plus the screen and numbers will be also up side down.

          I hope this helps.

          Kind regards,

          • @DDLAustralia: Thanks for the reply.
            I was looking for the kl-100b without the keypad, so it won't be as bad, just the lock and logo upside down. I was hoping the lock on the outside could still be up.

  • I am using the RIM Lock SHP-DS705 - GREAT Product! ,Easy to install.

    • Thanks for the feedback ozpopo

  • +3

    Hi OP
    Could you shed any light on the implications of using this type of digital lock to Home & content insurance (if any impact at all)?

    • I came to ask the same question if anyone knows

    • +3

      You should ask that question to your insurer.

      • +2

        Hi All,

        Good question, we get asked it a lot.

        First, we rang few companies that indicate to us that premium might be reduced due to the fact that these locks lock the door behind you.

        As for double locking, you can always argue that you are not willing to put a locking mechanism that could potentially trap people inside the house in case of fire.

        Large hardware suppliers in Australia are pushing against double Deadlock as it might cause people to be stuck inside the house in case of fire.

        This is our opinion, not an advice, but we have not came across residents getting insurance refused due to the use of Digital Door Locks. its here to stay.

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    Due to large traffic site is down now, please try again in few hours.

  • Is this fire-rated?

    • Hi nalgene,

      You never install a deadbolt into a fire-rated door as there is no latching mechanism. Contact us through the site if you have specif need.

  • +1

    Does the pin pad do 2 random numbers before pin?

    • Hi Laggie,

      Yes it does also auto locking if you install the sensor.

      • +1

        How much is the sensor, link?

        • Hi dt,
          Its included as part of the package.

      • Thanks. Can these be controlled remotely? Can I allow someone in over internet connectivity?

        • Hi Laggie,

          These are Bluetooth door locks, you can share keys via the mobile phone, people will get an invite from you to install the app and open the door for the time frame you selected.

  • +1

    Can this be rekeyed to existing keys? Gainsborough in particular..

    • +1

      Hi Yapa,

      Sorry we missed your comment, the cylinder can be replaced yes.

  • chuckles to himself

    2 Year – Return to base warranty

    • No lock while your lock gets fixed? How's that work?

      • +2


        Our repair policy is we send an installer to your house, check the issue if its a warranty we fix it but if its related to installation then charges will apply.

        We have been operating for more than 7 years and supplying different brands to the market including all the Samsung locks to Bunnings.

  • I have one of the $89 kwikset digital deadlocks from bunnings and it was super easy to install. this should be similarly easy, there are videos on youtube of people installing them in less than 10 mins (probably took me about 20 mins all up).

  • +1

    Can it be keyed alike to my other locks by a normal locksmith?

    • +9

      Also, can it be keyed alike by a weird locksmith?

    • +1

      Hi Sian72,

      Yes the cylinder can be replaced.

      Hope the above helps.

  • Hi OP.

    Any deals on Samsung SHS-3321 ?


  • +1

    Can finally make use of our deadlock again after a few decades of no use…

    Both the insides and outsides were just keyholes so we never end up using them as it had no knobs and was an inconvenience to grab a key each time.

    Based on the installation video on the site, it has a knob on the inside and a bunch of convenient methods for the outside :x

  • Does this work with iPhones? Edit: looks like there's an app available on the App Store … although, with poorly written english, and zero reviews. :-/

    • +1

      Yea the app is somewhat unpolished but it works. The only challenge is making sure that it always runs in the background if you want the shake to open functionality. I have the Android version and the OS seems to kill it off every now and again. The mobilekey app is in English with English instructions and all the user manuals built into it in pdf format.

      • What's the app?

        • Mobilekey

      • Check if it is using any battery optimisation, disable if so.

        • thanks, I've done all that. Even changed it to a system app. Android memory mgmt has a mind of its own. I suspect if you use it on a daily basis (which I don't) it may keep it alive.

  • is this better than Samsung versions?

    • +1

      Hi blackwalnut,

      This is just different application, mainly key sharing vie mobile phones, in terms of the structure its the same, deadbolt retro fit 60 or 70 mil interchangeable.

      Hope the above helps

  • Can you tap your phone to open by NFC for this one?

    • Tried with xiaomi lock once, no luck. Hope u will find a way

      • Hi elf888

        This is a Bluetooth lock not an NFC door lock, please check our website for more information regarding WiFi door locks that can support NFC.

    • I tried and yes you can, but then any phone with NFC will open it. So I had to reset the doorlock to delete all the saved cards.

  • If only it could lock/unlock over 4g

    • Hi laviosa,

      You mean connected lock via a Wifi?

      • I think that's what Laviosa means.

        It would be a nice feature if it was remotely manageable via the web. Ideally I could connect the lock to my home network to open the door remotely or monitor the status of the door (like with the August Smart Locks).

        From the brochure it would seem that you can only send access tokens to other people with the app, not just unlock the door for them remotely? Or can you remotely interrogate the door?

  • +4

    How does this compare to the honeywell locks? https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-16-...

    • Hi sachinruk,

      Your link suggests that its a Bluetooth, Our lock is complete remote management, Invite via email from app, monitor who is opening the door through the app and remove access.

      Hope the above helps.

  • Hey OP, just to confirm - this is the complete system, correct? Comes with the deadbolt and does it also come with the handle?

    • Hi Tempus Media
      This is a deadbolt door lock, you need to buy your own latching ( handle ).

      Hope the above helps.

  • If you sign up to their newsletter, they will also send you a "$20 Off your first order" promo code, I signed up during checkout, and got mine after rookie mistake

    • +1

      Not valid on sale items.

      Don't feel bad, keep your badge.

  • Any idea how long the pin code can be?. All I could find is the guest is 4 digits but if that is the max length I certainly dont feel that secure

    • Hi retailscrouge

      Passwords are 4 to 12 digits.

      Hope the above helps.

    • It says up to 16 digits in the manual.

      May be 12 but 16 would be better


  • I have a 127mm back set deadbolt that I recently replaced with a Kwikset digital keypad by reusing the old latch (the included one was only designed for 60-70mm). I'm considering replacing it again with this one to get remote management. Does this use a flat bar to engage the latch? Can you link to a photo or diagram of parts or an installation video?

    I need it to be like this (see the cross hole):

    Not like this (square hole):

    • +1

      Mine is the KL100B which I assume would be the same and it's the CROSS hole and a flat bar.

      • Thanks!

        Edit: There's a video on their website that I completely missed. It is the cross shape. It might not be what I'm looking for though, because it doesn't appear to have wifi for remote management. Only bluetooth s that allows you to remotely give some access. Ie, you send a file to their phone that allows their phone to unlock the lock, but you don't communicate directly with the lock remotely to unlock, change access, view logs, etc.

        • +1

          Naah if you want mgmt features this isn't for you. Very basic app.