1 Month Free Plex Pass (Worth $6.49) @ Plex


Received an email from plex at 1:25am this morning, not sure how long it's valid for

Doesn't seem to be targeted

Requires payment details

New subs only (maybe?)

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    Works for me cheers ;)

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    Here's a tip, the Infuse app lets you download Plex content for offline viewing, without this overpriced pass.

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    Requires payment details, and it looks like you'll have to manually cancel if you decide you don't want it, but a great trial, thanks!

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      Thanks, edited the post


      Can stop renewal instantly, don't need to set a reminder for one months time

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        Stop requiring a payment method to try and trick people into accidentally paying? (Sorry, offer people the ‘convenience’ of continuing service without annoying interruptions)

        Inb4 “but muh cancel, but muh email notification”

        Remember when you didn’t have to have an account to use even the free features? When that stopped so did me using the product.


          They need payment info so that they can verify users, otherwise people would just keep creating new accounts

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        Pretty combative here mate, I was just pointing out that it defaults to autorenew, that's all.

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    New subs only, just FYI.

    Plex pass is mainly (for me at least) content syncing to devices and multi user admin (kids accounts etc to limit content).

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    Thank you worked for me!

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    I have the lifetime pass when I got the deal on email, best thing about it is:

    • You can enable trailers and set how many of them you want to watch before a film (makes it just like the movies)
    • If you use the photo feature there's a cool timeline view, and a few others too like memories and creating photo albums
    • Music lyrics that auto scroll (karaoke), can match moods and similar tracks too, music part is pretty awesome
    • Parental controls and multiple users
    • Can sync photos and videos on mobile to Plex Server wireless
    • Setting bandwidth and transcoding options with hardware-accelerated streaming setting always ticked

    They're the main things I use.

    I like the extras, but they're short. Most movies have 30 second extras, but it's split, it's okay, nice to have, but could be done better.


    I've got the lifetime subscription.

    The Android TV app is horribly buggy though. It'll allow me to select a user than magically the server isn't found upon selecting one. Sometimes it'll show libraries and activity of a different user for no reason… I also had random files (200mb video) saying the server couldn't handle it with bandwidth issues, despite playing everywhere else flawlessly.

    So yeah, when it works its great. But they really need to tidy it up.

    Contemplating emby but would need to pay twice to increase device count too…


    Is plex safe? I am still fairly old school - still download torrents for movies and tv shows using PIA VPN. Then put onto usb stick and watch via dvd player. Extremely old school.

    Last week, I read a little about plex and decided to try out the free version. I created library and included all the illegally downloaded movies and tv shows. Access plex on Telstra TV and I love it. No need for the usb stick anymore.

    So my questions:
    Is plex safe?
    Is there a better way for me to stream those movies and tv shows that I want to watch? I have netflix, Stan and Foxtel….so I am not downloading the shows that are available there. I like Greys anatomy, call the midwife, blacklist etc. If there is a better way for me to stream…that would be great. At home, I have chromecast and Telstra TV1 and Telstra TV2.


      Out of curiosity, do you know what version of Plex is installed on your TV2? I'm curious if it gets the regular official updates from Plex, or if it's at the mercy of Telstra to push out the updates.

      But yes, Plex is safe :)


        The client version is "". Which I believe is the latest for Roku. I receive regular updates, as they come via the Telstra App Store, assume I am reliant on Telstra to release them.

        I have the same version of Plex on my TV1's.


      Try the "Remote Access" features. Mobile streaming is very efficient.

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      If you are already using VSOD (Video Subscription On Demand)services suchj as Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime Video etc, then you won't need PLEX.

      However the beauty of PLEX, for me anyway,

      1. I rip Blu-Rays & DVDs (MakeMKV, HandBrake) and store them on a media Server. That way, with only one Blu-ray player in the household, everyone in the household can view and play all media stored on the NAS box from their own tablets, smart TVs etc. Also to save space, the Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs etc can go into storage and retrieved when necessary.

      2. On Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc the number of times that TV series and movies on the we we were viewing (or on wishlists) have been removed and become no longer available is incredible.

      3. When we travel, we are able to view our media on the NAS from anywhere. With the right NAS hardware, trancoding will adapt automatically to whatever device we are using.

      4. Our own videos that we have created get stored in one place on the media server and again can be viewed from anywhere via Plex.

      My main negative with PLEX is that it makes a mess with TV series titles, & episode titles. which I have to manually correct a process that is time consuming and tedious.

      The movie titles, artwork thumbnails, metadata are accurate 99% of the time though.

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        Plex follows thetvdb/themoviedb/imdb listings.

        If your media is different, you will have to rename it.


        TV episode naming is fine, not sure your issues? Movies are right 99.9999% imo… Hardly ever an issue.

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        I use a paid program from the Microsoft store called "Filebot" (unassociated), have had great success naming TV Shows with that. Fetches Movie/TV show names from thetvdb/themoviedb and matches to the file.


    Got excited and then remembered I have a lifetime pass. Oops


    The fact that so many OzBargainers have gotten a lifetime Plex Pass (including myself when it was US$75) must be some sort of sign that this is a good product. That being said, it is of limited use if you do not have a fast internet connection. Eg I use Plex to stream UP my entire collection to my family and when I travel overseas I use the mobile sync functionality to grab the latest episodes of things I may have missed as well as transfer live tv recordings of things like AFL games or local shows I like.

    My NBN 100/40 connection is awesome and totally supports my needs but when I was on ADSL2, Plex was only good for the local network.


      I purchased my lifetime pass on the assumption its going to be useful one day because I had 50% off.

      So far… I haven't needed it.

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    Btw if you have a shieldtv you should be aware that plex randomly disconnects during streams now days, it's mostly unusable really. They know but no updates have occurred to the issue. Emby and jellyfish work fine. I'm a plex lifetime user plex is generally a good product so they'll hopefully solve it one day.


      Is that issue with the Shield as a server or client? I use the Plex client on Shield and don't have that issue (my server is on a PC).


    There's a 30 day free trial?

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    Signed up, stuck "Checking your current account status…"
    Anyone else get this?

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