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Gigabyte UD PRO 512GB SSD - $69 (Normally $149) + Free Shipping or Free Click & Collect @ Scorptec


Hi OzB,

Today we have a Gigabyte UD PRO 512GB SSD for only $69 with free shipping OR free pick up at one of our stores!

Limit of one per customer.

This price is valid whilst stock lasts.

Stock will be available for pick up or shipping early next week!

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  • oh boy , i've ran out of old systems for ssd replacement

  • Just as i was about to buy a 256gb for 45$ this came up thanks :)

  • https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gigabyte-ud-pro-ssd-sat...

    The review seems a bit harsh. Comes with a reputable controller and nand memory…so for a bargain basement price, it seems worthwhile!

    • The review found it to be "pricey for what you get". But if $69 was the ordinary price, I think that the review would be much more positive.

      To earn our recommendation, the UD PRO needs a price that reflects its value. At $105.99 for the 512GB model and $59.99 for the 256GB model, the UD PRO is pricey for what you get. The SSD uses an older controller that is likely cheaper than current-gen options, which surely leaves Gigabyte more room than their competitors to reduce pricing.
      Is the brand name tax worth it for the UD Pro? We don’t think so: Even some no-name brands are significantly cheaper at $70-$85.

  • This really is a new level of cheap.

  • Thanks! Picked one up

  • must resist already have 5 ssds……..

  • Awesome price, got one, don't forget to unselected shipping insurance.

  • I don't really understand what people use this for, what reasons are people buying it?

    Would you buy this to upgrade a laptops existing SSD? Or something totally different?

    • Who says you need a laptop? Xbox, ps4, desktop pc, other stuff with HDD… You name it.

    • Its great for upgrading older laptops which don't have an SSD. Alternatively, it can be used for a second hard drive if the laptop has a spare hard drive bay. Upgrading existing SSDs are unlikely as most use an M.2 slot for the primary SSD

    • i have 5 systems in the house. three i use daily. this week i bought my 3rd SSD. my first I bought years ago for my gaming PC, a 120 GB, is now the OS drive in my laptop. My gaming machine has a Samsung 850 evo 500GB, I bought about 5 years ago. This week I added a 1TB Samsung 860 QVO to my NAS as the OS drive.

      once you have used a system with a SSD you will really notice how slow a system without one is. it is a great quality of life upgrade for any system especially as they are getting so cheap now.

  • I have learnt not to buy tech stuff I don't need yet as prices and/or the technology will normally be better by the time you need it. Great deal though!

    • I'm kicking myself for not getting a spare 1TB Samsung 860 for ~$150 around Boxing Day. Price has gone up since

      • SSDs should continue coming down from what I hear. Regardless, do you need it now?

      • i bought a 1TB 860 QVO this week for $169 and there was deal on ozbargain from the stores ebay site for $157 + delivery. its reviews aren't quite as good as the 860 EVO but the price was right.

  • No money left this week, is this deal likely to be repeated op?

  • Rep can I place the order and ask to hold since I would like to buy one to my father in law but he is in other rtime location?

  • I do not need, but still ordered one!

  • damn, what should I do with my 128GB SSD that I bought for $25.

    • Buy a case for it and use it as a properly fast USB drive. That's what i do with my 128s and 256's. :D

  • OP, can we order online for pick up?


      Sure can! Just select the store you want to pick up from during the pick up process.

      Keep in mind stock won't be available until next week at some point!

  • so tempted but I am broke buying games at steam last week

  • Sorry might be a stupid question but I have the gigabyte aero 15x original, is this what the additional SDD storage slot should be used for?

  • sold out back ti $149

  • annnddd its gone

  • +1 vote

    Looks like it's been Ozbargained! Already says this deal has sold out.

  • That was sold out way too quick :\

  • Sold out as of now.

  • Damn just missed it. I’m still hoping for a 1 tb sub $150

    • Pfft. Talk about moving your goals!

      A few months ago 1tb was $300. You can't tell me that, back then, you expected to wait until sub $150 pricing?

      Your comment is probably the only "I'll wait" comment I've ever seen on OzB that was just total absurdity. Price changed downward DRASTICALLY. Stop waiting and get on it.

    • These Chinese drives are just over $100 - not a brand name so never know good or bad but the reviews on the site seem genuine enough - I ordered a couple to try - Controller SM2258XT / Memory chips Hynix H27QFG8VEC8R according to one of the reviews and displays in device manager as 115гб according to another review it these things mean anything to anyone..


      • Thanks. With tax hits about $130. I want one for the ps4 it still has to be more reliable than spinning drive right?

        • Not necessarily.

          IMHO the SSD controller will die far before the nand does. You'd want to check who else uses the SM2258XT to see if it's a reliable one.

          There is no such thing as data recovery from an SSD (although your PS4 stuff might be on the cloud?)

          I'd pay extra for a known brand if reliability is your main criteria. But frankly, there's nothing wrong with a HDD for reliability in a console as it's stationary.

          Some people say you get a speed increase with SSD on PS4, most say that the drive interface doesn't support such speeds. The OS could benefit (lots of small files) but I've never noticed the OS to lag anyway. And I think I heard the PS4 pro has a SATA3 connection so it would be faster, but I'm not sure you'll need to check all this.

          TBH there isn't much reason to put one in a ps4 IMHO, unless you're upgrading your capacity I think you're better saving your money.

          • @justtoreply:

            Some people say you get a speed increase with SSD on PS4, most say that the drive interface doesn't support such speeds

            Some people measure it and actually know.

            TBH there isn't much reason to put one in a ps4 IMHO

            You must like loading screens.

            • @Diji1: I think you were one of the people that commented +ve for doing it.
              Plenty of people against it in those same threads, in fact I'd say you were outnumbered, they were referring to articles backed up by data too.

              Frankly I don't care. What I've said makes sense on a fundamental level (interface bandwidth & OS not being laggy anyway). I don't mind you having an opinion too. He's welcome to do his own research. And maybe he doesn't care about speed anyway (according to his comment)

        • I don't know technically how the interface of the PS4 transfers data (would take research) but generally speaking throughput is a lot higher on SSD's so I would expect a noticeable performance increase. The SM2258XT chipset as mentioned appears to be used in Crucial ssd's - again checking models would be the issue but I work for a fairly big organisation which uses a lot of crucial sasd's in the fleet of 1000+ machines so as far as reliability is concerned they are ok… Many manufacturers do not manufacture their own goods - they contract to other factories, so I would not be surprised if they are rebranded similar drives - again just speculation…. ShopBack have 5% off aliexpress which would bring it down slightly $104.81*1.1=$115.29 or $109.53 after shopback in a few months! Their sale ends soon I believe..

  • Nice deal OP

  • Aasrgh sold out while arguing with my wife whether we needed one, by the time I won they are all Gawn!!

  • Grabbed one for my non existant future PC.

  • missed =(

  • +1 vote

    Gone in under 30 minutes.

    Still it shows where ssd prices are going in the shortterm.

  • Bummer, missed out.

  • Wondering how many units they had?

  • Daam missed out. Awesome deal REP, please do another if possible!

  • Am I missing something? 512GB SSD for $69! Aren't 240GB ones normally close to that?

  • Mooooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… you won't doooo it! ;)

  • where was the amazon price match pml

  • very fast sold out

  • Oh I'm sad I missed this…

  • I bet no other company could ever do this kind of deal. ;)